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37 Best Baked Chicken Recipes for Dinner

These quick and easy baked chicken recipes make scrumptious, protein-packed dinners the whole family will enjoy.

So bookmark this list and thank me later!

Healthy Baked Chicken Fillet with Peppers and Asparagus
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If you’re looking for quick and easy chicken dinners, you’ve come to the right place.

Because these delicious dishes are proof you don’t need to deep fry chicken to make a winning meal.

From ham and cheese stuffed breasts to simple shake & bake legs, these baked chicken recipes are guaranteed to please everyone at your table.

Easy Oven Baked Chicken Breasts and More!

1. Shake and Bake Chicken

I love the concept of a shake and bake: put chicken quarters and homemade seasoning in a bag, shake it, then bake it!

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it results in crispy skins, juicy meat, and all that jazz.

Plus, because you’ll make your own seasoning blend, you can play with the flavors.

I use a blend of salt, paprika, sage, and pepper, which really gives the chicken a perfect mix of salty, earthy, and spicy.

Use my recipe as a guide, and feel free to make it your own.

2. Baked Chicken Breasts

While I agree the name of this dish doesn’t sound too exciting, don’t knock it until you try it.

And yes, chicken breasts are prone to drying out.

But, as long as you season it well and cook it right, you won’t have to worry about bland and rubbery meat.

The key is to keep a close eye on the temperature of the oven and the chicken. A simple oven thermometer will do the trick.

3. Melt In Your Mouth Chicken

Melt-in-your-mouth chicken is the solution to the most common chicken breast problem: dry meat.

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The best part is there’s no rare, expensive ingredient needed to make it happen.

Just slather a mix of mayo and Parmesan over chicken breast halves and pop them in the oven.

It’s that simple.

The mayo dressing seals in the juices, so it stays nice and moist as it bakes. And the Parmesan brings a lovely cheesy finish.

4. Chicken Cordon Bleu

Try this amazing chicken Cordon Bleu recipe if you’re looking for a chicken dish that even picky eaters will enjoy.

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. This trifecta is too good to resist.

Bathed with a creamy, buttery, and cheesy sauce, this chicken is the stuff of legends.

5. Cajun Chicken

Jazz up the humble chicken breast with a bit of cajun seasoning, and you’ll have a dinner fit for royalty.

With this vibrant spice blend (plus a hint of brown sugar), the chicken will be far from plain and boring.

Baked in butter, it’s about as tasty as chicken can get.

6. No-Peek Chicken (Just 5 Ingredients)

No-peek chicken is one of the first recipes I featured on my page. And to this day, it gets thousands of views, which is a testament to how good it is.

It’s a simple, five-ingredient recipe, but it’s absolutely show-stopping.

A combination of wild rice, chicken, and creamy soups, this dish is hearty, luxurious, savory, and everything you can ask for in comfort food.

7. Lemon Garlic Greek Yogurt Marinated Chicken

A quick mix of Greek yogurt, lemon, and garlic makes this chicken rich, tangy, and delish.

The yogurt doesn’t only give the dish a creamy sauce, though. It also works as a tenderizer, making the meat extra juicy and moist.

It’s the same concept as marinating in buttermilk. However, this version is slightly more fresh (in my opinion).

8. Greek Lemon-Garlic Chicken (Kotopoulo Skorthato)

Bring the bright, fresh flavors of Greece to your dinner table with this recipe! And don’t worry, the dish is easier to make than to pronounce.

In case you’re wondering, though, it’s “koh-toh-poo-loh skor-thah-toh.”

Featuring chicken and potatoes roasted in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and oregano, it’s simple but scrummy.

In fact, it’s so good that it’s traditionally served on Greek holidays and special occasions.

9. Sheet Pan Hot Honey Mustard Chicken and Crispy Brussels Sprouts

I’m drooling just looking at that picture. But to be honest, the title is just as mouthwatering.

Hot honey mustard chicken is just as sticky, sweet, and spicy as you’d hope. And the mustard in the mix is such a fun, earthy blend.

You’ll coat the chicken in finely crushed corn flakes, so it’s super crunchy.

Bake the meat with the sprouts, then pour the sauce over for the last few minutes in the oven.

One bite, and you’ll be hooked!

10. Easy Cheesy Baked Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms

You can’t go wrong with chicken and cheese. It’s my go-to combo when I’m just not in the mood to be inventive with dinner.

I mean, how can you beat juicy chicken with ooey-gooey, stringy mozzarella?

Add earthy and woodsy mushrooms to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

11. Rotel Chicken Spaghetti

This pasta bake is outrageously rich, creamy, and lip-smackingly delectable. 

Here, the chicken and spaghetti are bathed in a decadent sauce of cream of mushroom soup, tomatoes, chilies, and lots of cheese.

If comfort food is what you’re craving, this recipe is calling your name.

12. Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushroom Chicken & Bacon

Chicken, cream, Parmesan, bacon, and mushrooms in one drool-worthy dish? I’ll take the biggest plate you’ve got!

With a wildly rich and creamy sauce, you only have two serving options here: with pasta or rice.

This dish needs carbs to soak up all that glorious sauce.

13. King Ranch Chicken Casserole

If you need an easy, delectable dish that can feed a crowd, this chicken casserole is for you.

With a whopping 11 layers that include corn tortillas, shredded chicken, cream sauce, and ooey-gooey cheese, this bake is, without a doubt, epic.

Fun fact: this dish is named after King Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the country.

The ingredients have nothing to do with the ranch, though! They’re just delicious.

14. Deviled Chicken

You’ll start this dish by marinating chicken in spicy buttermilk. From that alone, you should be able to guess how impressive it is.

But then, you’ll brush the chicken with a blend of mustard, honey, and chipotle and top it with bread crumbs and butter.

You’ll then pop it in the oven, where it’ll cook into a golden brown beauty.

The result is spicy, smoky, and a little bit sweet and tangy. And that crunch on top is too good for words.

15. Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Most enchilada recipes call for a ton of ingredients. Not this one, though.

With just four simple ingredients – chicken, enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, and shredded cheese – this casserole is effortless to whip up on a busy weeknight.

More importantly, it tastes incredible.

Tortillas filled with chicken and cheese and smothered with enchilada sauce are always a winner.

16. Chipotle Chicken

Save yourself a few bucks, skip the line at Chipotle, and make your own version of their signature dish!

You’ll marinate chicken thighs in a blend of chipotle, ancho chile peppers, herbs, and spices, and then bake.

Despite the spices, this dish isn’t spicy. Instead, it has some heat but is still considered very mild. So even the kids will love it!

17. Cheesy Provolone Baked Chicken

For this oven-baked recipe, you’ll rub the chicken with herbs and spices and smother it with mayonnaise and sour cream.

That’s heavenly enough. But you’ll take it one step further and top it with Provolone and Parmesan.

Hello, ooey-gooey cheesy chicken!

18. Chicken Divan

Here’s a blast from the past!

Chicken Divan is a dish from the 1930s that combines chicken, broccoli, and creamy béchamel sauce.

It’s finished with cheese and buttered bread crumbs before baking until golden brown.

Umami-rich and highly delectable, no wonder this dish has never gone out of style.

19. Roasted Chicken And Vegetables

This dish is one of the few on this list that doesn’t come with cheese or a creamy sauce.

Despite that, it still manages to be one of my favorites.

Combining juicy roasted chicken and crunchy vegetables creates mouthwatering flavors and textures. 

It’s hearty, wholesome, and simply delicious.

20. Campbell’s Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food! 

Who can you say no to a rich and creamy chicken filling enveloped in a crumbly, flaky crust?

Even though it’s super hearty, limiting yourself to one slice is hard.

21. Bruschetta Chicken

If fresh flavors are what you’re craving, this bruschetta chicken recipe will absolutely deliver.

Loaded with juicy chicken, bright red tomatoes, and stringy mozzarella, this dish transforms the classic appetizer into a light yet satisfying dinner. 

22. Crisco Fried Chicken

This recipe makes golden, crispy fried chicken without the need for oil!

Just follow the recipe as instructed, but pop it in the oven instead of deep-frying. Simple and delish!

23. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Make fajitas for a crowd with this easy-peasy sheet pan recipe!

A colorful medley of onions, bell peppers, and chicken, fajitas are simply the best.

The ingredients are simple and inexpensive, but they’ll be almost unrecognizable once they’re seasoned with a blend of spices.

Serve fajitas with tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, and cilantro, and enjoy.

24. Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken is a fun way to prep a whole chicken.

You’ll set the bird upright using a can of half-filled beer and then bake it in the oven.

Aside from lending its nuanced flavors, the beer also helps keep the chicken moist during baking.

Feel free to use coke or another soda. I’ve tried it with all kinds, including orange soda, which gave the meat a pleasant citrusy flavor.

25. One Pan Baked Lemon Chicken and Artichokes

This next recipe bakes chicken and artichoke hearts in the same pan. So it’s quick, easy, and makes clean-up a breeze.

Coated in butter, lemon juice, honey, garlic, and Italian seasoning, this chicken dinner is sweet, earthy, and tangy with a spicy kick. 

26. Marry Me Chicken

This dish is so darn good, you’ll say “yes!” a thousand times and more.

A creamy pasta dish filled with chicken, bacon, and cheese, this is the recipe to make when you’re hoping to impress.

27. French Onion Chicken Bake

Can’t decide between chicken casserole and French onion soup? Why not make both?

It’s juicy baked chicken on the bottom and sweet caramelized onions with cheese on top.

The resulting dish is soft, crunchy, and melty. And it’s way more filling than a bowl of soup.

28. Italian Baked Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts seasoned with paprika, thyme, oregano, and lemon sounds yummy, right?

Now picture that with juicy tomatoes and onions!

Filled with vegetables and earthy Italian flavors, this baked chicken is healthy and scrumptious.

29. Coca-Cola Chicken

If you’ve never used soda to flavor meat before, consider this is the sign to do it.

Like the beer can chicken recipe above, you can use various kinds of soda as a marinade.

But for this recipe, we’ll use Coca-Cola.

Coke lends sweet, caramelized flavors to the protein and helps it bake into a moist and juicy dish.

30. Two Ingredient Crispy Oven BBQ Chicken

Chicken thighs and your favorite BBQ sauce are all you’ll need to pull this off.

Simply coat the chicken with the sauce and bake it in the oven. Nobody could mess that up!

That said, you’ll need to take the chicken out of the oven a few times to baste it. But other than that, this dish barely requires any work.

31. Ritz Cracker Chicken

The concept is nothing new, but this dish will still blow your taste buds away.

Breaded in crushed Ritz and baked to golden perfection, this dinner has the perfect textural variety of crunchy, crispy, moist, and juicy.

Using Ritz instead of the usual breadcrumb coating gives the chicken more personality, too.

32. Bacon Mushroom Stuffed Chicken

There’s Cordon Bleu, which is chicken stuffed with ham and cheese.

Then, there’s this bacon and mushroom chicken that takes stuffed chicken recipes to a whole new world of yum.

The combination of earthy mushrooms and smoky bacon makes this dish insanely delish.

Cooked in a creamy honey mustard sauce, it’s absolutely a show-stopper.

33. Bisquick Chicken Tenders

You don’t need fancy ingredients to make an appetizing chicken dinner. And these Bisquick chicken tenders are proof.

All it takes are chicken strips, eggs, cheese, paprika, salt, and Bisquick.

I’m pretty sure you have all of those in your kitchen already. So I guess we know what you’ll be having for dinner tonight!

34. Curried Baked Chicken Thighs and Potatoes

Chicken thighs and potatoes join forces to make a ridiculously hearty and addictive dish.

There’s just something so mind-blowing about the combination of chicken and potatoes.

From the flavors to the textures, they complement each other so well.

Throw in a curry sauce, and this deliciously spicy Indian dinner will quickly become a household fave.

35. Santa Fe Baked Chicken

As a die-hard fan of Tex-Mex food, I knew I had to try this recipe. And I’m so happy I did because it’s become a part of my weekly meal rotation.

You’ll add black beans, corn kernels, salsa, and cilantro to a casserole dish and give them a quick stir.

Meanwhile, the chicken needs a quick rub with salt, pepper, and taco seasoning.

That gets baked until almost done, then you’ll throw over some green chilies and shredded cheese.

Bake until it’s bubbly, and enjoy!

36. Oven Baked Chicken and Rice

I am beyond obsessed with this oven-baked chicken and rice! The thought of it alone is already making my mouth water.

This dish features white rice baked in butter and garlic. That’s then tossed with baked chicken thighs seasoned with paprika, thyme, onion, and garlic.

As they mix, the rice absorbs the chicken’s juices and flavors. Delicious is an understatement.

37. Easy Balsamic Chicken

Last but not least is chicken marinated and baked in balsamic vinegar.

When mixed with honey, tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, the vinegar transforms into a sweet, tart, and sticky glaze.

And it’s so good you’ll want to bathe in it.

This recipe comes together in just 30 minutes too. So it’s perfect if you’ve left dinner to the last minute.

37 Best Baked Chicken Dinner Recipe Collection

These quick and easy baked chicken recipes make scrumptious, protein-packed dinners the whole family will enjoy. So bookmark this list and thank me later!


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Baked Chicken Recipes

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