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25 Best Chicken Pasta Recipes to Make for Dinner

These chicken pasta recipes make quick and easy dinners you should definitely add to your weekly rotation!

Chicken and pasta: they’re both fantastic on their own, but together, things get even greater. 

Penne Pasta Grilled Chicken and Herbs
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I made this Cheesecake Factory Louisiana Chicken Pasta at the weekend, and it reminded me how much I love chicken pasta recipes.

So today, I’m gladly sharing my favorites with you.

Whether you’re craving something creamy and cheesy or earthy and spicy, I have you covered.

From spaghetti and Alfredo to marsala and pesto, this list will fill your days and nights with chicken pasta delights.

1. Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta (One Pot)

If the name didn’t tip you off, this creamy mushroom chicken pasta is ridiculously creamy.

When you combine mushrooms, cream, chicken, and pasta, there’s really no chance it won’t taste divine.

This dish won’t just satisfy. It will exceed expectations.

As a bonus, this dish doesn’t use heavy cream! I still won’t call it a healthy dish, but at least it’s not as high in calories as a classic creamy pasta is.

2. Chicken Spaghetti

Loaded with cream cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella, this chicken spaghetti will give you cheese for days.

Worried this dish will be way too rich? Relax, as this dish is also packed with tomatoes to balance out the decadence.

They also give the otherwise purely white pasta a nice pop of color. 

Pro-tip: this recipe uses regular spaghetti noodles, but try using angel hair pasta. Its thinner strands add such a nice texture.

3. Mom’s Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

When you’re looking for a dish that’s guaranteed to please everybody, look no further than fettuccine Alfredo.

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Al dente pasta, cream, mushrooms, and chicken, now, that’s a flavor combination no one will say no to.

From the creamy sauce to the savory chicken to the woodsy mushrooms, this alfredo dish gets at least three gold stars.

It’s one easy dish your whole family will beg you to make again and again.

4. Easy Chicken Penne Pasta

This chicken penne pasta is the perfect solution to busy weekdays. This easy dish comes together in as fast as 30 minutes!

Al dente penne noodles are coated with a rich marinara sauce flavored with garlic and red pepper flakes.

Shredded rotisserie chicken beefs up the dish, while a mix of cottage cheese and mozzarella adds richness. 

A finishing flourish of parmesan makes the dish even more satisfying.

5. Chicken Primavera (Creamy)

If you’re looking for hearty comfort food that’s also nutritious, congrats, you’ve just found it.

This chicken primavera is super creamy and cheesy. But unlike other cream-based pasta, this one also features a medley of vegetables.

I’m talking broccoli, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. That’s what the recipe says, at least.

If I were you, though, I won’t just settle for these veggies. Go the extra mile and check your fridge for other vegetables you have on hand!

See, this is what I love about this dish. No matter what vegetable you add, the cream sauce will cover up their taste. 

So even if there’s a particular vegetable you or your kids don’t like, it won’t matter. The dish will still be awesome.

6. Chicken Marsala

Chicken marsala is a classic Italian dish known all over the country because, well, it’s amazing.

With a sauce made of marsala wine, sherry vinegar, and balsamic, this high-protein pasta recipe is quite unique. 

Besides the pasta, chicken, and the heavenly sauce, this dish also features sauteed mushrooms, shallots, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

The wine makes it so fancy, but if you look at the recipe closely, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to make.

7. Caprese Chicken Pasta

Just in case you don’t know what Caprese is, it’s an Italian salad made of mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.

Now, imagine all those colors and flavors in a pasta dish. That’s what this next recipe makes.

As you can probably tell, this pasta is lighter than most of the ones featured here today.

It’s not just the mixings, but the noodles themselves. Instead of regular pasta, this recipe calls for whole grain.

8. Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells

This recipe gives a fun twist to classic chicken Alfredo.

Sure, chicken Alfredo is already pretty flawless. But this version has large pasta shells stuffed with cheese and chicken.

Let me say that again for emphasis: pasta shells, stuffed with cheese and chicken. Mind blown.

And then, it gets better. The pasta shells get bathed with the traditional creamy Alfredo sauce and baked to perfection.

Even if you’re perfectly happy with just the regular chicken Alfredo, this is still a must-add to your recipe rotation.

9. One-Pot Chicken Parmesan Pasta

This one-pot chicken parmesan pasta has everything you love about a classic chicken parm.

It has sweet and tangy marinara, juicy chicken, and lots of melted cheese on top.

The only difference is that this one comes together in no time! It’s a one-pot dish that requires very little effort.

Oh, and there’s another thing, too: the pasta. Because this chicken parm is also loaded with carbs, it’s a complete meal in one bowl.

10. One-Pot Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta 

Every forkful of this dish is an explosion of happy flavors.

I never thought that I would be such a sucker for a sauce that’s made primarily with leafy greens. 

But here I am, singing nothing but praises to this creamy chicken pesto.

This dish is rich and creamy, as can be expected from most pasta dishes. 

What makes it extraordinary is the basil pesto, which adds not just a nice pop of color, but an incredible punch of flavor as well.

11. Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

Lemon and basil together make a bright and flavorful pasta sauce.

This dish is filling, but also light and refreshing. It’s the perfect entree for the summer.

This dish is flavored with simple ingredients that pack a punch. So, even without a heavy cream sauce or marinara, this pasta will still be a huge hit.

12. Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Chicken and mushroom make a heavenly combination. I think these two should stick together, all the time.

You’ll love how the savory chicken and mushrooms complement each other so well.

Lemon zest is also added to give the dish a bright, citrus flavor.

It does a fine job at cutting through the umami-ness of the chicken and mushrooms.

13. Chicken Florentine Pasta 

Chicken Florentine is an Italian pasta dish that contains spinach and a Mornay sauce, which is a creamy white sauce with shredded cheese.

If you think the spinach is out of place in this pasta, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Besides the color, the leafy green also adds nutrition and flavor.

14. Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Chicken and Mozzarella

While some people can’t stand sun-dried tomatoes, I can’t get enough of them.

What’s not to love? They’re sweet and mildly tangy, and oh so chewy.

They give this creamy chicken pasta dish not just added flavor and texture, but a lovely color, as well.

15. Garlic Chicken & Kale Spaghetti

If you’re the type who uses an entire knob of garlic when the recipe only calls for one clove, I feel you. 

I’m a sucker for garlic, too! And I’m sure you’ll love this garlic chicken and kale spaghetti, as well.

This dish gets most of its flavor from the garlic, so you want to be liberal with this spice. Use love as a measurement guide.

16. Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake

This next chicken pasta dish will shower your tastebuds with flavors from garlic, chicken, parsley, and lots of cheese.

Regular cream-based pasta dishes are good, but this pasta bake is in a league of its own.

This pasta is covered with shredded cheese and baked until bubbly. The simple process morphs the dish from plain to absolute perfection.

17. Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

This is your classic chicken or shrimp Alfredo, but with a pretty twist!

If you’ve never had bowtie pasta, you’re in for a treat.

These shells’ ribbon shape gives them quite an extraordinary texture. It’s still tender, but with a bit of extra chew.

Garnish this pasta Alfredo with shavings of parmesan for the perfect nutty finish.

18. Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Like your pasta with a bit of a kick? Cajun chicken, it is!

It’s marinated in an incredible spice blend of paprika, oregano, thyme, garlic, onion, cayenne, and pepper.

The chicken in this pasta dish is spectacularly delicious, even on its own.

The pasta sauce is quite exceptional, too, though, with a mix of cream cheese, onions, and fire-roasted tomatoes. It’s definitely something you’ll never forget.

19. Chicken and Bacon Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes in Garlic Cream Sauce

Because of the abundance of bacon and an irresistible garlic cream sauce, even kids won’t mind the spinach leaves in this pasta dish.

This dish is on the indulgent side, for sure.

But since the tomatoes and spinach dial down its richness, you’re left with a dish with a well-balanced flavor.

20. Creamy Chicken Pasta in White Wine Parmesan Cheese Sauce

Any dish that infuses wine in its sauce or broth is already a winner in my book. 

No, the wine doesn’t make the dish taste like alcohol. Also, no, it won’t get you drunk.

As most, if not all of the alcohol evaporates during cooking, this pasta dish is alcohol-free. So relax, it’s safe for kids.

Once the alcohol evaporates, all that’s left are the sweet, floral notes of the white wine. They impart a wonderful flavor to the sauce. 

21. Spicy Chicken Pasta

I love this dish so much that I’m featuring two different recipes for it. I can’t pick between the two, so I’ll just let you decide.

This first recipe uses a luscious sauce made with cream and tomatoes. It’s like eating a spaghetti bolognese and alfredo in one bite!

Flavored with smoked paprika, cayenne, and chili flakes, this pasta dish is definitely hot, but not too much it’ll burn your tongue.

22. Spicy Chicken Pasta

On to spicy chicken pasta number 2!

With a rich, tomato-based sauce spiced with garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne, this pasta packs a more intense punch.

The sauce is infused with white wine, as well, which adds another layer of nuanced flavor.

It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and absolutely delightful.

23. Lemon Butter Garlic Chicken Pasta 

If you’re looking for a pasta dish that’s filling yet light and refreshing, ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Flavored mainly with lemon, butter, and garlic, this pasta dish is rich and peppery with a tart, citrus twist.

24. Butter Chicken Pasta

If you enjoy Indian food, you’ll go gaga over this butter chicken pasta!

Essentially, it’s spaghetti noodles tossed in butter chicken. I never thought a mash-up between Italian and Indian cuisines could be this epic.

25. Family Night Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake

Last on the list is this chicken and broccoli pasta bake.

With its rich sauce and crisp and melted cheese crust, this could just be your family’s newest favorite.

Featuring cream cheese, parmesan, and mozzarella, this pasta is so incredibly cheesy that your kids won’t mind the broccoli!

25 Best Chicken Pastas to Make for Dinner

Wondering what to make for dinner? Try these easy chicken pasta recipes! Your family will love spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, and more tasty pasta dishes.


  • Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta (One Pot)

  • Chicken Spaghetti

  • Mom’s Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

  • Easy Chicken Penne Pasta

  • Chicken Primavera (Creamy)

  • Chicken Marsala

  • Caprese Chicken Pasta

  • Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells

  • One -Pot Chicken Parmesan Pasta

  • One Pot Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta

  • Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

  • Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

  • Chicken Florentine Pasta

  • Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Chicken and Mozzarella

  • Garlic Chicken & Kale Spaghetti

  • Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake

  • Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

  • Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

  • Chicken and Bacon Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes in Garlic Cream Sauce

  • Creamy Chicken Pasta in White Wine Parmesan Cheese Sauce

  • Spicy Chicken Pasta

  • Spicy Chicken Pasta

  • Lemon Butter Garlic Chicken Pasta

  • Butter Chicken Pasta

  • Family Night Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake


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  • Prep a chicken pasta recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Chicken Pasta Recipes

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