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10 Best Chicken and Chorizo Recipes

Forget mac and cheese and chicken pot pie because nothing is more comforting and flavorful than these chicken and chorizo recipes.

From hearty ragu and chili to spicy jambalaya, they will not disappoint.

Baked Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Chorizo Sausage
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Chorizo packs a ton of incredible flavor (and color) into every bite, so a little goes a long way.

And when you cook it with juicy, tender chicken, you’re left with something pretty special.

These chicken and chorizo recipes are easy enough for a night at home but bright and delicious enough for dinner parties.

Plus, they’re family-friendly and super versatile to boot!

Easy One-Pot Chicken and Chorizo and More!

1. One-pan Chicken And Chorizo With Cherry Tomatoes 

This one-pan dinner is lightning fast and only requires a few simple ingredients. So it’s just what you need if you’re short on time. 

Rich chicken thighs and spicy chorizo cook in a garlicky tomato base. Toss it all in one pan, and the flavors meld into something spectacular.

It’s a perfect Mediterranean meal that goes great with toasted bread or over creamy mashed potatoes.

Better yet, leftovers heat up like a dream.

2. One Pan Spanish Chicken with Chorizo, Tomato and Potatoes 

What I love most about this super easy one-pot dinner is that it doesn’t require much prep time. 

The veggies get a fast rough chop for a rustic look, and you’ll use canned tomatoes for the base of the sauce.

Of course, you’ll need to add some seasonings, including lemon, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

Other than that, the chicken thighs go in whole, and it all cooks in one pot. 

3. One Pan Spanish Chicken and Rice Recipe (Arroz con Pollo) 

Arroz con pollo is a quick one-pot meal that doesn’t shy away from bright flavors. It’s simple, filling, and ensures no one goes to bed hungry. 

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The rice cooks right in the rich tomato sauce, so there’s no need to bust out the rice cooker. Plus, it ensures every bite is super tasty.

Hearty chicken thighs and spicy Spanish chorizo infuse massive flavor into the tomato base. And there’s a slightly sweet lift from bell peppers and onions. 

4. Spanish Chicken One Pot 

Just look at all those bright colors! This is one mouthwateringly impressive dish. And believe it or not, it only takes ten minutes to come together.

For maximum flavor, you’ll pair bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs with chorizo, potatoes, bell peppers, and onions. 

Ensure you give it a quick drizzle of fresh lemon juice before serving to lift those hearty and smoky flavors off the plate!

5. Chorizo Chicken Jambalaya  

I know jambalaya sounds intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy!

And it’s the perfect dinner for when you’re cooking on a budget because most of the ingredients are pantry staples. 

Tender chicken thighs and zippy chorizo provide tons of meaty flavors. Meanwhile, the toasted rice and chicken stock ensure it’s balanced and rich.

6. Chicken Chorizo Chili 

If you want to take the ultimate comfort food and make it even better, it’s time to rethink your protein. 

There are a ton of tips and tricks to make basic chili blue-ribbon-worthy. But my favorite hack is swapping ground beef for chicken and chorizo.

This recipe also includes a creamy cilantro, lime, and sour cream sauce that adds a wonderfully creamy finish.

That hit of zesty lime and sour cream cuts right through the richness of the meat.

7. Chicken and Chorizo Paella 

Traditional paella usually incorporates seafood in a rich rice and tomato base, but it isn’t for everyone.

Luckily, you don’t need seafood to capture the bright flavors of paella. 

Swap out the shrimp for chicken and chorizo, and it’s just as bright and maybe even tastier.

The rich proteins simmer in a bright tomato, saffron, and garlic stock with hearty paella rice and tons of fresh veggies. 

When it’s ready, you’ll have a table full of smiles!

8. Chicken & Chorizo Ragu 

This chicken and chorizo ragu is brimming with smoky, meaty flavors but still manages to keep the ingredient list short.

You’ll cook chorizo and chicken thighs with garlic, paprika, and red onion in a rich and hearty tomato sauce.

Every bite is impossibly rich and robust with a lovely bright lemon juice finish.

Serve this hearty dinner with roasted veggies, potatoes, or pasta. You really can’t go wrong.

9. Creamy Chicken and Chorizo Pasta 

Creamy chicken with bright, spicy chorizo and pasta? I’m so here for this!

This one-pot dish only takes 30 minutes to come together but packs in so much yumminess, your family will think you spent hours in the kitchen.

While the chorizo is a little spicy, the heavy cream ensures it’s not overpowering.

Plus, it neutralizes the acidity from the tomatoes, making it super balanced, silky-smooth, and even kid-approved.

Oh, and as if it isn’t creamy enough, you’ll add grated Parmesan cheese over the top for good measure. Delish!

10. Smoky Chorizo Chicken Salad 

Chorizo dishes have a reputation for being heavy and nap-inducing. But this bright summer salad is ideal for a light lunch or dinner.

It pairs grilled chicken breasts with just a touch of chorizo for added smokey and hearty flavors.

Pair those proteins with cannellini beans, colorful summer veggies, and sun-dried tomatoes to ensure it fills you up without weighing you down.

Finally, no salad is complete without a good homemade dressing. This one features smokey chorizo and garlic!

10 Best Chicken and Chorizo Recipe Collection

Nothing is more comforting and flavorful than these chicken and chorizo recipes. From hearty ragu and chili to spicy jambalaya, they will not disappoint.


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Chicken and Chorizo Recipes

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