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16 Best Side Dishes for Chicken Tenders

Chicken Strips
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Chicken strips, chicken tenders, chicken fingers… It’s a simple yet delicious dish that everyone loves and is sure to be a hit on the dining table!

There are several ways to enjoy this dish. Whether you’re making it extra crunchy and coated with panko or in a smoother, more tempura-like batter, having the perfect side dish to serve with your tender and juicy chicken tenders makes all the difference.

Transform your chicken tenders into a complete meal with these 16 tasty side dishes.

French Fries

1. French Fries

Here’s a classic side dish: French fries! Who doesn’t love them, right? Whether you like them hand-cut, thin and crispy, or even in chip form, this side is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, go ahead and add some barbecue or cheddar seasoning. Yummy!


2. Coleslaw

Another classic you can serve with your chicken tenders is coleslaw. With chicken, I like to serve it with a rich slaw with more mayo.

It’s also a great way to have your veggies, especially when the cabbage has a good crunch to complement the tenderness of the chicken.

Asparagus Fries

3. Asparagus Fries

Speaking of veggies, asparagus is one that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. I like to bake my asparagus fries: just drizzle some olive oil on top and pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and you’ve got a crunchy, healthy side dish even the kids will enjoy!

Pesto Sauce

4. Pesto Sauce

I love pesto! This one isn’t exactly a side dish but ever since I had chicken tenders with pesto, I’ve been addicted! I like to make a pesto bruschetta with some tomatoes with my chicken.

If you’re looking for just a dip, a simple creamy pesto will add so much flavor. This one is definitely worth a try!

Sweet Potato Fries

5. Sweet Potatoes

If you’re looking for a healthier substitute for french fries, why not try sweet potatoes? They’re rich in fiber and Vitamin A; truly a guilt-free and delicious side dish.

Cut them up into thin strips if you want that added crunch and bake in the oven. Serve with your chicken tenders and you’ve got a tasty meal minus the few extra calories plus some extra nutrients.

Zucchini Pasta

6. Zucchini Pasta

Speaking of nutrients, did you know that zucchini is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C? Yup! So for another guilt-free side dish, try some zucchini pasta with your favorite sauce.

I usually like to go with an oil-based sauce that’s a little tangy to cut through the savoriness of the chicken.

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7. Cornbread

Here’s a true Southern favorite and something everyone will love. Cornbread! It’s filling, with just the right amount of sweetness.

I personally like mine with lots of corn kernels but whatever way you choose to make them, you can never go wrong with chicken and cornbread!

Glazed Carrots

8. Glazed Veggies

For something healthy but also a little sinful, you can try glazing some veggies and serving them with your chicken strips. To make the glaze simply cook butter, sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice together and pour over your vegetables.

I like to do this with broccoli, carrots, and celery. The added sweetness will balance out the savoriness of the chicken for an extra tasty meal!

Pasta Salad

9. Pasta Salad

I love a good salad, but pasta salad is next level! For chicken, I like to go with a vinaigrette dressing on a mix of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, some chopped parsley, and rotini pasta.

Of course, any short pasta of your choice will do. This will make a healthy and refreshing side dish to your savory chicken.


10. Biscuits

Few Southern side dishes can rival a soft and fluffy biscuit. A little sweet and a little savory, this will definitely go well with your chicken. If you feel like indulging, why not pour some gravy on top too? 

Fried Dill Pickles

11. Fried Pickles

One of my most favorite sides: Fried Pickles! This will add some acidity to that tender and juicy chicken plus some added crunch.

Dip them in ranch or sesame dressing and you’re sure to have a mouth-watering side dish to go with your chicken tenders. Simply delicious!

Baked Beans

12. Baked Beans

For a hearty, filling meal, serve your chicken strips with baked beans. For this meal, I like to go with baked white beans and a runny fried egg on top… breakfast any time of the day!

You could also try serving this with cornbread because, well, two side dishes are better than one right?

Fried Apples

13. Fried Apples

Here’s one that might surprise you but trust me, this is super delicious and definitely worth trying!

For the best fried apples to match your chicken strips, melt some butter in a pan. Add in your apples and some sugar and drizzle with apple pie spice.

Think of it as a mini apple pie with your chicken. Sweet and savory? Yes, ma’am!

Mac & Cheese

14. Mac and Cheese

This one is a no-brainer. Mac and cheese is a sure crowd pleaser, kids included!

Whenever I make this as a side for my chicken, I make sure to go with sharp and full-flavored cheeses with some mozzarella for that stretchy, gooey goodness. Fail-safe and super yummy!


15. Waffles

Here we’ve got another classic and probably my number one favorite on this list. A proper chicken and waffles meal is the perfect comfort food!

Drizzle over some maple syrup or honey and you can even have this for breakfast. If you’re more of a pancakes person, that will make a great combo too.

Peach Cobbler

16. What’s for Dessert? Peach Cobbler!

I don’t know about you, but there’s always room for dessert. After enjoying your chicken tenders and a side dish of your choice, wrap up your meal with a classic Southern PEACH COBBLER.

This sweet, tangy, mouth-watering dessert is not only easy to make but is also the perfect way to end a hearty meal.

16 Best Sides for Chicken Tenders


  • French Fries

  • Coleslaw

  • Asparagus Fries

  • Pesto Sauce

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Zucchini Pasta

  • Cornbread

  • Glazed Veggies

  • Pasta Salad

  • Biscuits

  • Fried Pickles

  • Baked Beans

  • Fried Apples

  • Mac and Cheese

  • Waffles

  • For Dessert: Peach Cobbler


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious side dish!
What To Serve With Chicken Strips

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