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27 Best Apple Cinnamon Recipes (Fall Faves!)

Autumn is in the air, so it’s time for some scrummy apple cinnamon recipes.

They’re sugar and spice and everything nice – not to mention delicious!

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Caramelized Apples with Cinnamon in a Skillet

Apple and cinnamon is the ultimate fall flavor combo.

They’re a match made in heaven and bring to mind cozy fires, soft blankets, and snuggly flannel shirts.

And whether you’re on the hunt for a tasty sweet breakfast, a quick snack, or even a hearty dinner dish, you’ll find it here.

Seriously, these apple cinnamon recipes are as good as fall cooking gets.


25+ Warm Apple and Cinnamon Recipes To Make This Fall

1. Cinnamon Apple Cake

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cake wafting through the house. And when that includes the enticing aroma of cinnamon, it’s drool-worthy.

This cinnamon apple cake packs the best of fall into every forkful. And it’s super buttery, too, so you don’t need any glaze or frosting.

This cake is so good, it’s hard to stop at one slice!

Homemade Cracker Barrel Fried Apples in a Bowl

2. Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

If you’re looking for a quick fall treat, these fried cinnamon apples are just the thing!

You’ll cook apple wedges in apple juice to boost the flavor. It needs to simmer for a while until nice and syrupy.

Then, you’ll add a slurry of apple juice, spices, cornstarch, and sugar. Once that hits the hot pan, it’ll thicken beautifully.

The result is an ooey-gooey apple treat that’s perfect for snacking.

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Better yet, add them to your morning pancakes or serve them with a big scoop of ice cream. Yum!

3. Deep Dish Apple Pie

Warm, flaky crust. Plump apples. Cinnamon and sugar. That’s what you need to make the best apple pie.

And this deep-dish apple pie has all that and more!

It’s impossibly thick and fruity, with so much filling, a small slice is more than enough.

This pie recipe is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, and gooey. And the warm, buttery flavors will coat your tongue with absolute delight!

Applesauce Cake

4. Applesauce Cake

This applesauce cake is so good, you’ll want to make it every day. It’s rich, soft, and chock-full of warm spices, raisins, and walnuts.

I like to use a mix of chewy raisins, currants, and sultanas. And they’re extra special soaked in rum!

Of course, that’s optional, and the cake will taste amazing either way.

Homemade Apple Brown Betty

5. Apple Brown Betty

Crunchy, sweet, and deliciously fruity, apple brown betty is like a cross between cobbler and apple crisp.

Apple crisp usually features oats in the topping, but this version is more like a streusel.

You’ll blend flour with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, then mix in butter until it forms a rough dough.

I like to add cinnamon to the apples too, but it’s not mandatory. It’ll still be nice and spiced with just the topping.

6. Easy Baked Cinnamon Apples

Craving a healthy, hearty snack that’ll warm your soul and fill your stomach? Then preheat your oven and bake these easy cinnamon apples!

These apples are so easy to make, you don’t even have to peel them!

Just cut them in half and remove the core. Then, add a layer of cinnamon sugar, a chewy oat topping, and bake until crisp and gooey.

Add caramel sauce and ice cream if you want extra decadence. Yum!

7. Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

It’s time to get cozy. And by ‘cozy,’ I mean ‘warm and delicious.’

Apple cinnamon pork chops are insanely comforting and deliciously filling. Plus, they’re a breeze to make, so they’re ideal for busy weeknights.

The apples and cinnamon add a sweet, warm flavor that perfectly complements the savory, salty chops. 

This recipe also calls for brown sugar and heavy cream, which makes a thick and rich sauce you’ll want on everything.

The best part? This dish is ready in just half an hour!

8. Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

There’s no better way to experience fall than with these caramel apple cinnamon rolls!

They’re warm and gooey, with a delicious cinnamon-apple center that leaves you wanting more.

But that’s not all! They’re also drizzled with decadent caramel sauce until they’re sticky and to die for.

The sweet, buttery scent of fresh-baked rolls is genuinely enticing.

And when you take a bite, the crisp, browned exterior unravels to reveal the soft, chewy interior.

Heavenly is an understatement.

9. Apple Strudel Muffins

Make fall mornings extra delicious with these apple strudel muffins.

Made with the classic apple and cinnamon combo, it’s the ultimate fluffy fall treat. And that strudel top is the best part!

There’s sour cream and apple chunks right in the batter, so they’re wonderfully moist and sweet.

And the cinnamon is in the sponge and the strudel, so every bite is fragrant and warm.

10. Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

Kick off your day with a warm, hearty treat that’ll fuel you all the way until lunch.

This breakfast dish combines oats, apples, eggs, milk, and a dash of cinnamon. It’s then popped in the oven and baked until it’s soft and chewy.

Think of it like a warm, thick oatmeal cookie bar. Delish!

11. Amish Apple Dumplings

Amish apple dumplings always come to mind when it’s crisp outside, and I’m craving something sweet.

These little bundles of doughy goodness are the perfect way to warm up on a chilly night.

The tender crust and gooey apple filling are pretty hard to resist. But soaked in a buttery cinnamon-sugar syrup? I’m a goner!

12. Apple Coffee Cake 

Make this coffee cake when you need a bit of extra encouragement to get out of bed.

It’s delightfully moist, flavorful, and packed with apples, cinnamon, and buttery crumb topping.

It’s everything your taste buds have been craving and then some!

Each bite of this treat is fall-apart delicious and melts in your mouth with delight.

It’s the perfect partner for a hot cup of joe in the morning. So make a big batch when you know the weather is turning.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

13. Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Skip the store-bought apple butter and make this easy slow cooker recipe instead!

Just dump some chopped apples into the pot and add cinnamon, cloves, salt, and sugar.

Leave it on high for an hour, give it a stir, then cook on low for 9 to 11 hours. After that, it’ll be dark and deeply flavorful.

It may sound like a long time, but all you have to do is stir it every once in a while.

After that, you’ll have a jar of decadent apple butter that’ll last for months in the refrigerator.

Homemade Glazed Apple Fritters

14. Apple Fritters

Crunchy on the outside, tender in the middle, and loaded with sweet apple flavor through and through, these apple fritters are a fall dream come true.

Fried doughnuts infused with sweet, tart apples in every bite? Yes, please!

And once they’re golden brown, you’ll toss them in cinnamon sugar for good measure.

Best served warm, they’re extra special if you drizzle over some glaze. Just mix cinnamon with powdered sugar and water until it’s thin enough to pour.

15. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

A stack of pancakes is enough to make any day bright. But these delightful apple and cinnamon pancakes will make your whole week!

These fluffy, buttery pancakes are drenched in maple syrup and laced with cinnamon. Then there’s a scrummy diced apple topping that’s warm and sticky.

This is the kind of breakfast that makes waking up easier.

16. Homemade Apple Cider

Fresh apple cider smells like a warm hug on a cold day. It’s so hearty, tangy, and sweet, every sip will soothe your soul.

And thanks to this easy recipe, you can make apple cider at home! Better yet, it’s a slow cooker recipe, so the prep is minimal.

It’s super easy, yet the flavors blend beautifully. Add some cinnamon sticks for a richer, more comforting taste.

17. Air Fryer Apple Chips

These crispy little chips are sure to become your new favorite snack.

Thinly sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and baked to crispy perfection in the Air Fryer is just as scrummy as it sounds.

Use a mandolin to ensure they’re as thin as possible. Oh, and give them a pat with paper towels, so they’re not too wet going in.

After a quick spin in the Air Fryer, they’re like little slices of apple pie but in chip form!

18. Cinnamon Apple Bundt Cake

Nothing beats the simple beauty of a bundt cake. And when you infuse it with classic fall flavors, it gets even more delightful.

This cake is moist and fluffy, with a hint of cinnamon and sweet, tart apples. You’ll love how each bite crumbles and melts in your mouth.

It’s the perfect dessert for dinner parties or even just a cozy night by the fire.

19. Glazed Cinnamon Apple Donuts

How incredible do these cinnamon and apple donuts look? From the fluffy middle to the dreamy glaze on top, they’re insanely decadent.

The batter features Greek yogurt, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple cider, and shredded apple.

So every mouthful is like a trip to the orchards!

They’re so tender, you don’t really need the cinnamon glaze. But let’s be honest – it makes them a million times better!

20. Cinnamon Apple Babka

Looking for something you can serve at your next fall brunch? This cinnamon and apple babka is just the ticket!

This sweet braided bread is packed full of cinnamony apples. Add a fluffy, rich dough that’s baked to golden perfection, and you’ve got a winner.

Babka never fails to impress, whether you eat it for breakfast or dessert.

21. Apple Pie Monkey Bread

What’s better than sticky monkey bread? Freshly-baked cinnamon and apple monkey bread, of course!

The fluffy dough is coated with cinnamon and brown sugar, and there’s a heavenly apple filling to keep things nice and moist.

Once you try this monkey bread recipe, you’ll want to add it to your holiday menu.

22. Caramel Apple Puff Galette

If you love caramel apples, you’ll go gaga for this galette.

The crust is simple puff pastry (use store-bought), and it’s filled with a gooey caramel apple filling.

It’s warm, sweet, and deliciously buttery. Better yet, it’s best when it’s a little rustic looking. So don’t worry about trying to make it pretty!

Serve this pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate sweet treat!

23. Apple Cinnamon Scones

Nothing compares to freshly baked scones. And as much as I love original recipes, these warm and fluffy scones are my newest obsession.

They have a slightly crisp exterior that holds a soft and moist interior.

The chunks of apple bring bursts of sweet, tart flavors that contrast the warm cinnamon just right.

Serve these with some of that apple butter, and you’re all set.

24. Homemade Cinnamon Apple Strudel

Are you in the mood for something sweet and delicious? If so, you’ll love this cinnamon apple strudel.

I mean, what’s better than tender, flaky pastry with sweet and warm cinnamon apples in the middle?

It’s topped with a decadent maple syrup glaze that ties all the flavors together.

The best part? You can make this treat in about 30 minutes!

25. Crustless Apple Pie

If you love pie but hate pastry, this recipe is for you.

It has layers of warm, tender apples infused with cinnamon. But instead of pastry, it’s topped with a simple batter that becomes crisp on top as it bakes.

Just the thought of this pie is enough to make me drool.

26. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Imagine a cookie that tastes like the best parts of fall, packed into one chewy treat.

That’s what these cookies are like!

The apples, cinnamon, and oatmeal blend together beautifully. They’re sweet and hearty, with just enough spice to keep you coming back for more.

27. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Who said you have to wait for the holidays to enjoy a slice of apple pie?

With these salted caramel apple pie bars, you can enjoy holiday flavors anytime!

Between the shortbread crust, apple filling, and salted caramel streusel, it’s like apple pie meets apple crisp – they’re the best of all worlds!

27 Best Apple Cinnamon Recipes (Fall Faves!)

Autumn is in the air, so it’s time for some scrummy apple cinnamon recipes! They’re sugar and spice and everything nice – not to mention delicious!


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Apple Cinnamon Recipes

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