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20 Easy Pie Bars for Your Next Party

Forget the pie dish and complicated pastry and make these stunning pie bars instead.

They’re just as sweet and bright, but they’re way easier to make.

Sweet Strawberry Pie Bars with Fresh Fruits

If you love pie but don’t have the time to make one from scratch, you’ll go nuts for these super simple pie bar recipes.

Between the cookie crumb bases and scrumptious fillings, you’ll want to make them all.

I adore the key lime bars, and the mud pie squares are my go-to for parties.

But whichever of these pie bars you choose, just be sure to make enough. I guarantee they won’t last long!

20 Best Pie Bar Recipes From Cherry to Pecan

1. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Covered in butter, brown sugar, caramel, and more, these caramel apple pie bars are a study in decadence.

They’re full of all your favorite fall flavors, including a warm, spiced apple filling and a crumbly streusel topping.

You’ll start with a shortbread crust to keep things easy and add some luxurious salted caramel to make them unforgettable.

2. Cherry Pie Bars

These cherry pie bars are ready to go with just seven ingredients and under 60 minutes.

They’re buttery, light, and chock-full of sweet and tangy cherry flavor. 

Super easy to make and only mildly messy to eat, you’ll like them, even if cherry pie isn’t your favorite.

They’re just too yummy not to! 

3. Blackberry Slab Pie Bars

These thin, flaky pastries may not look as appetizing as others on the list. But don’t let their slight appearance fool you – they are heavenly

The blackberry filling is gorgeous and tasty, and the sugary glaze is delectable. They aren’t hard to make, either. 

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However, you’ll need to refrigerate the dough for a couple of hours. So be sure to prepare for that before you start.

4. Easy Blueberry Pie Bars

These one-pan blueberry pie bars are perfect for summer.

They’re light, bright, sweet, and zingy and make a beautiful addition to any dessert table.

You’ll make them from scratch, but the process isn’t complicated. And you can use fresh or frozen blueberries (though fresh ones are easier to work with). 

Either way, these are moist, juicy, and super sweet.

5. Best Ever Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan pie is one of my all-time favorites. You just can’t beat that mix of sweet, nutty, chewy, and crunchy.

It may not be the food of the gods, but it certainly tastes divine. And these pecan pie bars are no exception.

They have the same unique consistency and rich, decadent taste. But then, anything combining brown sugar and maple syrup is excellent.

Add in some vanilla and pecans, and it’s unbeatable. These will have everyone coming back for seconds.

6. Lemon Pie Bars

Do you prefer bright and zesty to sweet and sugary? If so, check out this recipe for lemon pie bars.

Every bite is a zingy burst of yummy delight.

The filling is silky smooth, and luscious, and the Graham Cracker crust is buttery and crumbly. Top them with powdered sugar for extra sweetness.

And don’t be afraid to toss in a handful of raspberries or blueberries, either. They add a burst of color and more fruity flavor.

These are ideal if you need an easy-to-make summer brunch dessert.

7. Pumpkin Pie Bars With Shortbread Crust

Speaking of silky smooth, luscious fillings: check out these pumpkin bars. They’re so unbelievably soft, they’ll practically melt in your mouth. 

They have all the amazing pumpkin pie flavor, just in a different form.

Honestly, besides the square shape, these are indistinguishable from the real thing.

8. Strawberry Pie Bars

The ingredients for these strawberry pie bars are simple. You’ll just need fresh strawberries and standard baking ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, etc.

That’s it, and you can have them ready in about an hour.

They’re sweet, fruity, and fun, and their indulgent streusel topping is out of this world.

9. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bars

And if plain strawberries aren’t enough for you, try adding some rhubarb into the mix.

These crumbly, crusty bars feature both, and they’re incredible. 

The strawberries are sweet, while the rhubarb is sharp and tart. The combination is epic, especially sandwiched between rich, buttery layers of crust.

Top them off with a sweet, sticky glaze for a little extra oomph.

10. Key Lime Pie Bars

Here’s another zesty option for those who prefer tart to sweet.

And like the pumpkin recipe above, these key lime bars are simply key lime pies in rectangular form.

They have the same rich cracker crust and the same lime-enhanced filling. Plus, the cinnamon and sugar keep them from being too tart. 

They’re an excellent choice if you want something refreshing for the summer months.

11. Gooey Coconut Pie Bars

These pie bars are just what their name implies: gooey and extremely coconutty.

They’re chewy, sweet, and have a buttery shortbread crust. 

Do you remember eating Neapolitan Coconut Slices as a child? That’s what these will remind you of, especially in consistency and texture.

As long as you like coconut, you’ll appreciate them.

12. Mud Pie Bars

Don’t worry, chocoholics! I didn’t forget about you!

These mud pie bars are full of chocolatey goodness – three whole layers of it! 

You’ll start with a crunchy base made of Oreos (or chocolate wafers). Then, there’s the fudgy chocolate cake layer, topped with silky chocolate mousse. 

Add a layer of whipped cream and chocolate shavings to the top, and you’re all set.

It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

13. Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Chocolate pecan pie bars are another indulgent chocolate dessert I know you’ll love.

They’re sweet and tangy with a cream cheese pie crust and nutty chocolate filling. 

I adore the chewy/crunchy consistency since it’s what I love most about pecan pies.

However, the addition of chocolate makes them something entirely different.

Break them out for any special (or not-so-special) occasion. People will love them.

14. Peaches and Cream Pie Bars

Peaches and cream pie bars are a sweet and peachy southern treat. And if you love desserts with plenty of crust, they’re the right option for you.

These doughy sweets are a flawless combination of sweet and tangy. The tasty homemade glaze makes them even better. 

You can have them ready in just 45 minutes, but you may want to double the recipe.

One or two pieces may not be enough for most people…they’re somewhat addictive.

15. Sweet Potato Pie Bars

Turn everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving pie into pie bars with this simple recipe. 

You’ll need fewer than ten ingredients and about an hour to prep them. And even though they taste like ‘the real thing,’ they aren’t. 

These are much healthier!

You’ll make them with no refined sugar, no oil, and no gluten. They’re also vegan-friendly and perfectly spiced.

So basically, they’re as close to guilt-free pie bars as you’re likely to get. Enjoy! 

16. Banana Cream Pie Bars

I love the light sweetness and pillow-like consistency of banana cream pies. And luckily, these banana cream pie bars are just as good. 

They’re light, fluffy, and will melt on your tongue. Biting into these is like biting into a banana flavored cloud.

It’s safe to say that these are some of my all-time favorite pie bars. 

17. Cranberry Crumble Pie Bars

Want to know the only thing better than making delectable desserts? Making delectable desserts and only messing up a single bowl! 

These one-bowl, one-pan cranberry pie bars are insanely good.

They combine tangy cranberries with tart and citrusy orange juice. Then, you’ll mix in some almonds and cinnamon for a nutty, warm contrast.

The result is spectacular and perfectly suited for the holiday season. 

18. Mardi Gras Moon Pie Bars

These are an over-the-top sugar high waiting to happen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them. On the contrary, they’re far too tasty to pass up.

Just be sure you indulge in them infrequently and in moderation!

That said, the marshmallow creme, gooey chocolate, and delicious crust make that challenging. Best of luck!

(Don’t worry; I can never stop at just one, either. Shhh… It’ll be our little secret.)

19. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie Bars

I don’t know why people don’t pair chocolate and raspberries more often. They taste absolutely, unbelievably, insanely fantastic together.

(Yes, all those adverbs were necessary!)

If you don’t believe me, give this recipe a try.

Plus, they’re stunning! They’re sure to brighten up any dessert table. And to delight the taste buds of anyone who tries them.

20. Toll House Pie Bars

Can’t decide between cookies and pie? Why not try these super thick Toll House pie bars instead?

They’re somewhere in the middle of both and definitely delicious.

I’m not sure how something with so few simple ingredients can taste so good. But these do.

They’re sweet, chocolatey, and buttery and will ensure you return for more.

With or without the optional chopped nuts, they’re incredible. They’re sure to be a hit no matter where you serve them.

20 Easy Pie Bars for Your Next Party

Forget the pie dish and complicated pastry and make these stunning pie bars instead. They’re just as sweet and bright, but they’re way easier to make.


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