Home Recipe Roundup
Homemade Beef and Burrito Wraps

25 Easy Recipes with Tortillas

Have a fiesta with these tasty Mexican recipes with tortillas! From quesadillas to chips to burritos and more, tortillas are versatile, healthy, and delicious!


Homemade Venison Goulash with Pasta and Chili Peppers

25 Best Venison Recipes

If you’re a fan of venison, you’ll want to keep these incredible venison recipes handy! From stew to tacos to chili, these hearty dishes make the most of the meat.


Refreshing Patriotic Slushie Vodka Cocktail

25 Fun 4th of July Cocktails

Red, white, blue, and boozy, these amazing 4th of July cocktails are all you’ll need to get your Independence Day party rockin’.¬†From blueberry coladas to root beer floats, you’ll love these drinks.


Bowl of Cabbage Soup with Tomatoes

20 Best Weight Watchers Soup Recipes

These Weight Watchers soup recipes are easy on the waistline but satisfying for the belly! From vegetable to potato to lemon chicken, you won’t regret adding these soups to your meal rotation.


Homemade Baked Chicken Thighs with Roasted Lemons in a Dutch Oven

30 Best Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes

Comfort food just doesn’t get much better than these Dutch oven chicken recipes. You’ll love making dishes like chicken and dumplings, jambalaya, chicken stew, pasta, and more classic meals.


Fried Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura with Soy Sauce

10 Authentic Japanese Shrimp Recipes

Try these Japanese shrimp recipes when you want something quick and easy! From tempura to salad to sushi bowls and hibachi shrimp, these dishes are so good, you’ll want to make extra.


Boozy Classic Daiquiri in a Wine Glass

10 Easy Daiquiri Recipes

Take a virtual trip to a secluded beach with these easy daiquiri recipes! From strawberry to banana to pineapple and mango, these tasty drinks are always a hit.