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25 Cinnamon Recipes To Spice Up Your Life

Are you looking for a delicious way to add spice to your cooking? These cinnamon recipes are for you!

Cinnamon is a flavorful all-around-er that works in sweet, savory, and spicy recipes. And these cinnamon-infused treats will transport you straight to flavor heaven.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze
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Easy and Delicious Cinnamon Recipes

From breakfast staples to sweet snacks and delectable cakes… these recipes celebrate cinnamon’s aromatic warmth.

Ready? Read on and dive into a world of cinnamon delights!

1. Easy Cinnamon Cookies

Nothing beats the enticing, homey scent of cookies baking in the oven. And when you infuse them with aromatic cinnamon? It takes you back to your childhood home.

These sweet and crumbly cookies burst with warm cinnamon undertones. Each bite offers a perfect blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

The best part? You can bake these cookies in just 30 minutes!

2. Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Transform your breakfast into a comforting treat with a loaf of freshly-baked bread!

This fluffy loaf is a delightful fusion of plump raisins and aromatic cinnamon. It boasts a heavenly scent and taste, filling your mornings with coziness. 

Each slice is a perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and spice.

3. Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie

Wonder what happens when you combine Dutch apple pie and cinnamon rolls?

This recipe happens.

It’s a culinary marvel that combines the best of both desserts into one delightful dish.

It features a cinnamon roll crust, sweet apple filling, and buttery pecan streusel. This is a sweet treat you shouldn’t miss.

4. Cinnamon Babka

Cinnamon babka is like a cross between bread and cake. And it is a feast for the senses. 

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Swirls of sweet cinnamon are beautifully encased in a golden, flaky crust. It creates a visually stunning and delicious treat perfect for brunch or afternoon tea.

Every slice of this soft delight packs buttery sweetness that complements the warm cinnamon spice.

5. Cinnamon Cupcakes

Imagine a fluffy, moist cupcake infused with cinnamon’s warming flavors. Sounds like a dreamy treat, right?

Thanks to this recipe, you can make a hearty batch of cinnamon cupcakes! The fluffy cupcakes are topped with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buttercream.

Each bite is a delightful explosion of sweet, spicy, and buttery notes.

6. Cinnamon Pancakes with Cinnamon Roll Glaze

Treat yourself to these fluffy, cinnamon-infused pancakes. They are lavished with a drizzle of sweet cream cheese glaze. That’s my favorite part. 

Each bite is a comforting blend of classic breakfast flavors stacked and loaded with decadence.

Trust me – you’ll want to wake up to the enticing aroma of these pancakes!

7. Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Delight in the heavenly combination of gooey caramel, crunchy pecans, and tender cinnamon rolls. 

It’s sweet, nutty, and buttery with a hint of spice. Every bite coats your taste buds with delight.

And the smell? It’s just as delightful. 

This dessert is a symphony of textures and flavors, each element complementing the next. It’s simply irresistible – I guarantee you’ll reach for seconds!

8. Viral TikTok Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Cream

These are not your average cinnamon rolls. Rich, and packed with cinnamon goodness… these rolls have taken the internet by storm. 

Packaged cinnamon rolls are bathed in heavy cream and baked to gooey perfection. Once it comes out of the oven, it’s guaranteed to taste homemade!

Experience the taste-phenomenon that has captivated foodies worldwide. And indulge in a piece of viral deliciousness.

9. Easy Cinnamon Muffins

Looking for something quick and easy but doesn’t skimp on flavor? These simple yet delightful muffins are the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. 

Each muffin is tender and moist, filled with the inviting aroma of cinnamon. As you sink your teeth into the moist, tender crumb, it’ll fill you with comfort.

They’re the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

10. Cinnamon Waffles

Take your breakfast game to the next level with these enticing cinnamon waffles. 

Made with pantry-staple ingredients and minimal prep, you’ll want to make these waffles every morning.

Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and infused with the aromatic flavors of cinnamon. Yes, please! You can’t get much better than that.

These waffles are a fantastic twist on a classic favorite.

11. Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

Enjoy a cozy morning with a slice of this heavenly coffee cake. 

Layers of fluffy, moist cake intertwine with crunchy cinnamon crumbs. It’s sweet and buttery with the perfect amount of spice.

It creates a harmonious blend of textures and flavors guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

All you need now is a steaming mug of coffee.

12. Cinnamon Butter

Elevate your bread and pastries with this creamy, aromatic cinnamon butter. 

This spread features creamy butter balanced with the warm, aromatic spice of cinnamon. 

Its smooth texture melts into baked goods, enhancing each bite with deliciousness. This cinnamon butter is a sublime fusion of simplicity and elegance.

13. Cinnamon French Toast

Indulge in the timeless breakfast classic – cinnamon French toast.

Thick slices of bread are soaked in a sweet, cinnamon-infused batter. Then, they are pan-fried to perfection. 

The exterior is slightly crisp, perfectly contrasting the soft interior. This French toast is the ultimate comforting breakfast.

14. Stovetop Cinnamon Apples

Charm your senses with these stovetop cinnamon apples. The apples are simmered in a luscious cinnamon syrup until tender. 

Enjoy them alone or as a delightful accompaniment to your favorite desserts or breakfast dishes. They taste fabulous with pancakes or waffles- and even ice cream. 

Not to mention the intoxicating aroma of tart apples simmering in caramelized cinnamon is decadent.

15. Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix

Transform your hot chocolate experience with this cinnamon-infused cocoa mix. 

The irresistible blend of rich cocoa and aromatic cinnamon creates a comforting beverage. 

With one sip the flavors will envelop your senses in a cozy blanket of deliciousness.

It’ll warm you from the inside out, offering a moment of pure indulgence and relaxation.

16. Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes

If you love sweet AND savory dishes, this recipe is for you! 

Chunks of sweet potatoes are tossed in cinnamon, olive oil, and sea salt. The warm spice of the cinnamon enhances the natural sweetness of the potatoes. 

As they roast in the oven, the potatoes caramelize and soften. This allows sweet cinnamon to seep inside. And the result is one utterly delicious side dish. 

Serve with honey mustard chicken and your favorite veggies.

17. Homemade Cinnamon Roll Cake

Step into a world of sweet comfort with this homemade cinnamon roll cake. It features swirls of cinnamon sugar nestled within moist, fluffy cake layers.

Each slice boasts the gooey, sweet allure of cinnamon rolls. But in cake form. 

It’s a heartwarming fusion of two beloved desserts. This cake is the epitome of comfort, ideal for breakfast or an afternoon snack. 

18. Cinnamon Ice Cream

This cinnamon ice cream is an enchanting dessert you will love.

It balances cold, velvety ice cream with cinnamon’s warm, spicy allure. Each spoonful offers a delightful contrast of sensations.

It’s a unique and indulgent treat perfect for cooling down on a hot summer’s day. Plus, you can enjoy it as a delightful accompaniment to your favorite desserts.

19. Cinnamon Bread

As this cinnamon bread bakes, a delightful scent will waft through your home. 

Its fluffy texture and the aromatic swirl of cinnamon make it irresistible. The crust bakes to a light golden brown revealing a soft, airy interior. 

This delightful loaf will make you appreciate life’s simple, heartwarming pleasures.

And it makes really yummy toast. 

20. Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake

Are you hunting for a treat to curb your sweet tooth cravings? Then, crank up your oven and bake this hearty Snickerdoodle coffee cake!

This delicious confection is truly the lovechild of a snickerdoodle cookie and classic coffee cake. 

The cake is light and fluffy, run-through with cinnamon swirls. And a cinnamon-sugar topping completes the cake. 

It’s a deliciously indulgent treat to accompany your morning coffee or midday snacking.

21. Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies

Relish the sweetness of these snickerdoodle cookies, a classic treat with a twist. 

The chewy center paired with a sugary cinnamon crust gives every cookie a delightful contrast. Each bite is an exciting taste adventure.

22. Cinnamon Pie

Indulge in a slice of pure bliss with this luscious cinnamon pie.

Flaky crust cradles a creamy filling made with cinnamon-infused cream cheese. 

Each bite is full of warmth, sweetness, and utter satisfaction.

23. Cinnamon Cream Syrup

Elevate your breakfast game with this heavenly syrup. It’s so much better than maple syrup. 

This syrup is made with milk and cinnamon, boiled and whisked to thick, creamy perfection. 

Drizzle it over pancakes, waffles, or French toast to experience sweet, velvety cinnamon goodness. It’s also pretty fantastic over ice cream. #decadent

The silky texture and irresistible aroma will make your mornings unforgettable.

24. Hot Apple Cider

Are you feeling under the weather? Then, sip on the comforting warmth of this hot apple cider. 

It’s a sweet, tangy, and spicy concoction infused with the aromatic goodness of cinnamon. This soul-soothing beverage will envelop you in a warm hug. 

This cider is the perfect beverage to warm up those chilly autumn evenings. All you need is a soft blanket and a roaring fire. 

25. Cinnamon Scones with Cinnamon Chips

Start your day off right with these delicious cinnamon scones. These delectable pastries are a cinnamon lover’s dream come true.

The scones are tender and flaky, with pockets of heavenly cinnamon chips. 

Enjoy them fresh from the oven, accompanied by a steamy cup of tea or coffee. You’ll be swept off your feet to scone paradise.

25 Cinnamon Recipes To Spice Up Your Life

Love cinnamon? Then these cinnamon recipes are a must-try! From cookies to scones to apple cider, each recipe is delectable & loaded with cinnamon.


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  • Cinnamon Babka

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  • Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

  • Cinnamon Butter

  • Cinnamon French Toast

  • Stovetop Cinnamon Apples

  • Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix

  • Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes

  • Homemade Cinnamon Roll Cake

  • Cinnamon Ice Cream

  • Cinnamon Bread

  • Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake

  • Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies

  • Cinnamon Cream Syrup

  • Hot Apple Cider

  • Cinnamon Scones with Cinnamon Chips


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Cinnamon Recipes

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