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10 Easy 5 Spice Recipes You Need in Your Life

These 5 spice recipes are full of fantastic flavor. It’s a culinary powerhouse that guarantees sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami goodness in every bite.

Make it yourself with a combination of cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel seeds, and peppercorns, or go ahead and buy a pre-made blend.

10 Easy 5 Spice Recipes You Need in Your Life featuring Spicy Chicken with Herbs and Garlic
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Either way, it will liven up your dinner routine! I happen to think it shines best in an Asian chicken dish.

But as you’ll see from this list of 5 spice recipes, it works well with everything from pork and salmon to duck.

10 Best Recipes That Use Chinese Five-Spice Powder

1. 5-Spice Chicken with Vegetable Stir-Fry

This stir fry hits all five taste sensors, but that isn’t the only thing it has going for it!

It’s also low-carb, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. Oh, and it takes just 30 minutes to make!

As if all that wasn’t enough, it tastes phenomenal. The chicken is tender and saucy, and the veggies are fresh and crunchy. 

This simple dinner tastes like your favorite Chinese takeout dish. But kudos to you for saving money and making it at home!

2. Soy Honey Salmon Meatballs

These may be the most unique meatballs you’ll ever try. In fact, they’re like salmon patties, only smaller, juicier, and in meatball form.

They’re hearty and healthy and are only worth a single Weight Watchers point per serving!

They’re also super saucy, and you can add them to practically anything. 

Whether you’re craving stir fry or a simple rice dish, these meatballs can add lots of flavors. Of course, they’ll give you plenty of protein, too!

3. Chinese Five-Spice Cake with Ginger Frosting

As I’ve already mentioned, five spice powder covers all the taste bases. As such, you can use it in practically anything – sweet or savory. 

This rich, fragrant cake is an excellent option for the sweet side of things. It’s moist and fluffy and smells every bit as good as it tastes. 

You’ll get notes of every single spice I mentioned in the intro, including the pepper!

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And believe it or not, it works.

Top it with the ginger frosting for an added kick of heat, or try something cooling, like cream cheese.

This spiced cake is genuinely delightful, no matter what frosting you choose (or don’t choose – it’s just as yummy without!). 

4. Air Fryer Butternut Squash

There are so many ways to cook butternut squash. But I think this Air Fryer recipe has to be my favorite.

It’s so quick and easy. 

You can whip up a delectable sweet and savory side dish in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, you’ll only need four ingredients. 

The brown sugar gives the squash its signature warm sweetness. Then, the 5-spice powder comes in behind it and shakes things up.

It’s a beautiful combination.

5. Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

The first thing you’ll notice about Taiwanese popcorn chicken is how crunchy it is.

Next, you’ll notice the unique spice blend. It’s spicy, earthy, herby, sweet, salty, and more.

It’s good enough on its own; you likely won’t need any dipping sauces. However, if you can’t eat chicken without sauce, I recommend onion sauce.

Spicy ketchup works, too!

6. Five-Spice Roasted Duck

No list of Asian cuisine is complete without a roasted duck recipe. And this gorgeous, golden-brown bird is one helluva duck.

In fact, this one might be the only duck recipe you’ll ever need. It’s succulent with crispy, herby skin and juiciness in every bite. 

And the 5-spice is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this bird’s flavor. The tea and soy sauce glaze you’ll make is so good it’ll make your knees weak.

You may love it so much that you decide to serve this at your next Thanksgiving feast.

7. Grilled Five-Spice Chicken

This chicken is crazy delicious. Plus, all you need to make it is the chicken and some dry rub.

You don’t have to worry about marinating it or anything.

Simply mix up the dry rub blend. Then, cut and salt your chicken and spread the rub generously over the surface.

Once it’s ready, which takes less than an hour, you won’t believe the taste.

It’s so flavorful – sweet, spicy, and savory all at once. It also has the most fantastic texture.

The skin is thin and crispy, but the insides are so juicy. The only thing dry about this chicken is the rub.

8. Chinese Beef Noodle Soup

This hearty, comforting recipe has everything you could want from a Chinese soup.

There’s soft, chewy mushrooms and juicy braised beef, along with tender noodles, healthy veggies, and the flavorful five-spice powder.

Together, these ingredients make a mouth-wateringly delicious dish in just 30 minutes. 

It also packs a lot of protein, so it should certainly keep you full.

9. Five-Spice Sticky Pork Tenderloin

“Sticky pork tenderloin” sounds like a mess waiting to happen. 

Here’s my question: Who cares?

When something tastes this good and is this convenient to make, the answer is no one.

This eight-ingredient main course is the ideal family meal. It’s sweet and savory and takes less than an hour to whip up.

Plus, it pairs perfectly with starches or green, leafy veggies. And there isn’t anyone who won’t enjoy it. 

In fact, you may want to double down on the recipe because I bet everyone around the table will want seconds.

10. Chinese Five-Spice Chocolate Truffles

Biting into one of these indulgent truffles will make you groan with pleasure.

The powdery, dusty coating hides a rich, creamy, decadent chocolate center. And the five-spice powder is what makes them so amazing. 

All chocolate truffles are excellent; don’t get me wrong. I would never turn one down!

With these, though, you get a complex sweet, spiced, savory flavor. It makes them so much better.

If you’re someone who enjoys chili-infused chocolate, you’ll adore these.

10 Best Ways to Use Chinese 5 Spice

These 5 spice recipes are full of incredible flavor. It’s a culinary powerhouse that guarantees sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami goodness in every bite.


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5-Spice Recipes

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