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25 Keto Avocado Recipes for a Low-Carb Life

These light and easy keto avocado recipes will help you add delicious variety to your day.

Plus, you’ll be satisfied and energized all day long.

Homemade Keto Avocado Boats with Eggs and Bacon
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Along with avocado toast, the keto diet has been all the rage recently.

So if you like to start your day with something nutritious and keto-approved, this list is for you. 

Avocados are crazy versatile and can be sweet or savory.

They’re also ideal for the keto lifestyle because they’re nutrient-dense and full of healthy fats to keep you feeling full.

In fact, after just one bite of these keto avocado recipes, I bet even non-keto’ers will ask for more.

1. Keto BLT Stuffed Avocado 

This recipe is basically a BLT in a bowl. Only that bowl is made out of an avocado!

It has salty bacon, acidic tomato, and creamy avocado. Talk about a perfect (and easy) keto lunch! 

Move over pasta salad! This dish is the new favorite at any BBQ or picnic. 

2. Avocado Smoothie (3 Ingredients!) 

I’m always up for a new green smoothie recipe. I promise, once you get past the thought of drinking something green, you won’t go back! 

This smoothie is made with avocados, your milk of choice, and sweetened condensed milk.

Just add ice and blend to enjoy a sweet and creamy keto smoothie. 

3. Easy Chopped Avocado Caprese Salad 

I think we can all agree that you can add avocado to almost anything, and it’s an instant upgrade.

This tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad is no exception. It’s even tastier with the easy addition of avocado.

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This dish is the perfect side for any keto-friendly summer gathering. 

4. A Keto Avocado Breakfast Burger 

Just because you’re living that keto life does not mean you have to sacrifice your cravings.

This recipe is the perfect breakfast – sandwiched between two avocado halves instead of bread.

 Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and peel the outer skin off to make the “buns.” It’s genius, a little bit messy, and oh-so-delicious!

5. Avocado Egg Salad 

Egg salad is not for everyone, but I think some could be swayed by this recipe.

Avocado gives it a creamier texture and wonderful added flavor. The red onion is a tasty addition, too, that brings a hint of crunchy pepper to the mix.

Enjoy this avocado egg salad in some lettuce cups to keep it keto, or try it in a sandwich or a wrap. 

6. Keto Avocado Fries with Chipotle Mayo 

Nothing on this earth could keep me from eating French fries. Luckily, even keto’ers can indulge with these avocado fries.

Kids and adults will love these salty, crispy avocado slices. They’re flavorful and super easy to make. 

Avocado slices are coated with seasoned and, get this, crushed pork rinds. The result is creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and finger-lickin’ good!

Pair them with the recipe for chipotle mayo, and you have a perfect side dish. 

7. Strawberry Avocado Keto Smoothie 

This strawberry smoothie is so sweet and delicious that it could be called a milkshake.

The strawberries are bright and sweet, while the avocados provide a mellow creaminess that’s just heavenly.

This recipe also uses monk fruit which is a keto-friendly sweetener.

This is a keto recipe so good, the kids will love it too!

8. Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa 

This delicious keto recipe is full of flavor and ready in just 20 minutes.

Cook the salmon any way you like, and then top it with this chunky avocado salsa. 

This recipe suggests grilling the salmon to give the fish a charred flavor. But you can oven bake if it’s easier.

Either way, it’ll be your new favorite salmon dish. 

9. Keto Chicken Salad with Avocado and Bacon 

Chicken salad is one of my go-to, leisurely lunches. And this recipe is a scrumptious and healthy twist on the classic.

The avocado makes the salad super creamy, and the bacon adds a savory, salty crunch. 

If you use rotisserie chicken, you’ll save a ton of time and get extra flavor to boot.

However you choose to prepare your ingredients, you won’t be disappointed when you’re done.

Keto or not, this salad deserves a gold medal. 

10. Avocado Chips 

I never would have thought you could make chips out of avocados. But this recipe turned me into an instant believer!

Combine creamy avocado with parmesan cheese to create a melty pool of goodness that turns exceptionally crispy when baked.

The lemon and garlic flavors make these chips extra tasty. 

Dip them in any keto-friendly sauce, and you’ll be in keto snack heaven. 

11. Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad 

Mediterranean veggies are especially yummy when mixed with avocado and fresh herbs.

The lemony dressing is simple yet tasty and enhances the flavors just right.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado are smothered in the delicious dressing along with herbs like parsley and dill. 

This dish is another keto recipe that won’t leave you disappointed. Serve as a side with kabobs, or enjoy this as a vegetarian main dish. 

12. Pulled Pork Stuffed Avocado Boats 

This recipe is low-carb, but you won’t miss the bread at all.

It’s rich and full of (sugar-free) BBQ sauce, pulled pork, and topped with a drizzle of Ranch dressing. 

Stuffing avocados with pork feels a little rebellious, and I love it! Plus, it looks terrific!

13. Cold Shrimp and Avocado Salad 

This chilled seafood salad is super refreshing and filling. 

Shrimp is chopped into cubes and mixed with chunks of avocado, tomato, and cucumber. The dressing is light and fresh with flavors of lime and basil.

The fresh vegetables and savory shrimp create a dish that is perfect for warm summer days.

14. Avocado Tuna Salad 

Tuna salad is a phenomenal lunch option for anyone looking for a quick meal.

Add avocado and some veggies for a nutrient-dense recipe to keep you satisfied and full.

This recipe combines tuna with avocado, cucumbers, celery, and red onion. 

It’s so good that you can serve it in lettuce wraps instead of sandwich bread, and the whole family will love it!

15. Loaded Avocados Stuffed with Eggs, Bacon, & Cheese 

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, you have to try this low-carb breakfast recipe.

Avocado halves stuffed with egg, bacon, and cheese is like a perfectly packaged breakfast gift. 

The eggs are cracked right into the avocado and then baked in the oven until they’re cooked to your preference.

Top that off with some cheese and melt until it’s gooey. Yum!

You definitely won’t be able to recognize this as a keto dish.

The salty, cheesy, and creamy flavor combination is so good that you might want to lick the plate. 

16. Bacon Avocado Soup 

Creamy bacon and avocado soup is so indulgent and yummy, it’s hard to believe it’s “diet” friendly.

Plus, this recipe only uses seven ingredients, and it’s so easy to make.

Just blend cilantro, avocados, lime juice, and garlic powder with chicken broth. Then top it off with crunchy bacon pieces for a hit of salty goodness.

If you have leftovers, this soup freezes fantastically! 

17. Healthy Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados 

This recipe is an even lighter take on keto chicken salad.

Instead of mayonnaise, you’ll use Greek yogurt, which has that delectable tangy flavor without all the extra fat.

Add carrots, celery, or cabbage for some extra crunch. 

This healthy chicken salad is the ultimate filling for stuffed avocados. After all, creamy avocado and tangy Greek yogurt are a match made in keto heaven.

18. Keto Avocado Toast 

This is the recipe you’ve been waiting for.

It stars a waffle that’s literally made out of cheese and then topped with everything bagel seasoned avocado. Need I say more?

To make the waffle, just mix cheese and almond flour with egg whites to make the batter. They’ll get super crispy in the waffle iron.

Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or just a snack. You will not regret making this keto avocado toast. 

19. Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa (Keto) 

I’m always trying to find delicious and healthy ways to make chicken for dinner. And this low-carb option is a new favorite. 

Fresh tomato and luscious avocado chunks are an unrivaled topping to the cilantro-lime chicken. 

This entree is keto-friendly and will go well with any side dish. Since it only takes 30 minutes to make, it’s ideal for busy weeknights. 

20. Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries 

This dish is the most delicious and simplistic recipe on the whole list.

You only need two ingredients: avocado and bacon. That’s it!

Wrap the uncooked bacon around wedges of avocado and bake until it gets nice as crispy. Serve them with a low-carb Ranch dressing for extra flavor!

This recipe is unapologetically simple and delectable. And I have a feeling you’ll come back to it again and again.

21. Stuffed Avocados with Chicken Bacon Salad

These avocados are stuffed with another chicken salad, but this one is all about the bacon.

This dish is also a much lighter version of chicken salad. 

Instead of a traditionally creamy dressing, you’ll use tangy lemon dressing. It balances perfectly with the salty bacon. 

If you’re still missing the creaminess of a classic chicken salad, top with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

These chicken salad stuffed avocados will be a hit at your next keto picnic in the park. 

22. Loaded Twice Baked Faux-Tato with Cauli & Avocado 

I never thought I would suggest any side to replace mashed potatoes, but this one might do the trick! 

Avocado is blended with tender cauliflower to create a smooth texture that’s similar to mashed potatoes.

Spoon the mixture back into avocado shells, and you have a delicious faux-tato. 

Oh, and did I mention that these babies are loaded? So pile on your favorite toppings for a side dish that’ll leave you wanting more. 

23. Keto Grilled Avocado Bruschetta 

I had no idea that you can grill avocado. But you can, and it’s marvelous! 

It’s also quick and easy, and this recipe gives you cravable bruschetta with a healthy twist.

Red and yellow tomatoes are mixed with olive oil and basil. That’s piled on top of grilled avocados and then topped with mozzarella and balsamic glaze. 

These avocados are a tasty take on a classic Italian appetizer that’s filling enough to be a main dish.

24. Taco Stuffed Avocados 

Are you ready for Taco Tuesday, keto edition? This is your new weekly recipe.

Mexican spiced chicken gets stuffed into avocado shells instead of tortillas. (Use a different protein if you prefer ground turkey or beef.)

As with regular tacos, half the fun of this recipe is adding your favorite toppings.

So, sprinkle on some cheese, Greek yogurt, jalapeños, and cilantro for fantastic flavor. You can even add guacamole for an extra dose of avocado yumminess.

Whatever you choose, these are great for the whole family!

25. Keto Avocado Lime Dressing 

This dressing is a super versatile flavor bomb. It can be used for topping, dipping, or mixing and tastes terrific with any protein you like. 

That said, the cilantro and lime give this dressing a bright, tangy flavor that goes particularly well with chicken or fish. 

It’s easy to make too. Just add all the ingredients to a food processor or blender and blitz until smooth. Then, adjust the consistency with a bit of water.

This dressing will give any of your favorite keto meals a burst of flavor.

25 Best Keto Avocado Recipe Collection

These light and easy keto avocado recipes will help you add delicious variety to your weekly menu. Plus, you’ll be satisfied and energized all day long.


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Keto Avocado Recipes

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