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23 Best Keto Donut Recipes (Low-Carb Treats)

Try these keto donut recipes for low-carb treats to enjoy any time!

Eating healthy can be a challenge. No doubt with the keto diet sweeping the nation, we can find recipes to make it easier!

I firmly believe that knowing what to cook is half the battle of a successful diet. 

It is important to occasionally give your body what it’s craving, and sometimes, that’s a sweet donut.

Thankfully, there are countless recipes to help you with those cravings. 

Chocolate Glazed Donuts in a Plate
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Best Low Carb Keto Donuts

The key to making a low-carb donut is a few key substitutions. Understandably, flour and sugar are the two biggest keto no-nos.

These recipes substitute flour with primarily almond or coconut flour. There are a variety of low-carb sweeteners to replace granulated and confectioners sugar. 

You don’t have to cave for over-processed, store-bought donuts with these 23 keto donut recipes.

Your sweet tooth will be satisfied, and these are all kid-approved, too!

1. Keto Donuts With Chocolate Glaze

You know I had to start out with an ultra-sweet and rich chocolate donut! These are so easy to make with just a few keto ingredients. 

You’ll find this recipe is like a low-carb chocolate cake batter. Load your batter into a silicone donut pan and bake away.

Top it with chocolate glaze, or enjoy it as is! 

2. Keto Glazed Donuts

There’s something about a simple glazed donut that hits the spot every time.

With added protein powder and monk fruit sweetener, these are a healthier alternative. Thankfully, you can go back for more and not feel bad about it! 

You can even keep these in the freezer and warm them up later. This is one recipe you’ll make over and over again!

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3. Powdered Keto Donuts

The only bad thing about these donuts is the evidence they leave on your shirt.

You know what I’m talking about. But really, low-carb never tasted so good!

This is a classic donut that never gets old! Nobody will believe you when they find out these are totally keto-friendly.

Eight ingredients are all you need to have healthy powdered donuts for breakfast. 

4. Keto Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Is it just me, or are cinnamon sugar donuts totally irresistible? Made with almond flour, these are so moist and delicious!

The key to that perfect cinnamon sugar coating is all in the sweetener you use. Monk fruit sweetener is a great alternative for granulated sugar texture. 

5. Keto Krispy Kreme Donuts

Mmm, Krispy Kreme takes the award for the best glazed donuts. These donuts are fluffy and warm, and they taste just like Krispy Kreme!

Because these donuts are fried, they mimic the warm fluffy texture of Krispy Kreme.

Grab a hot cup of coffee and settle in for some morning delight!

6. Sugar-Free Keto Donuts

It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but sugar-free sugar donuts are definitely a thing. 

These donuts are beautifully baked, cakey, and satisfying. Warm vanilla and sugar are two peas in a pod when it comes to donuts.

They’re even better when they’re ready in just 20 minutes!

7. Keto Blueberry Donuts

I’m not sure what it is, but blueberry donuts are so much better than muffins!

Maybe it’s the hole in the center, or maybe it’s the glaze. Who knows, but these donuts don’t last long in my house.

Fresh blueberries burst with flavor in every bite. They’re low-carb, gluten-free, and delicious. Who knew healthy food could be so good?

8. Keto Donut Holes

I’m a firm believer that donut holes are around to allow us to keep us coming back for more.

Honestly, you can never just have a couple. With this recipe, you won’t feel bad about having a second serving. 

Using coconut and almond flour makes a sturdier dough, as it’s perfect for forming little donut balls.

The caramel dipping sauce is better than any glaze you’ll ever have. 

9. Keto Jelly Donut Bites

Have a hankering for some jelly-filled donuts? Look no further! Make your own jelly, and you’re ready for low-carb-filled donuts. 

They might be shaped like muffins, but these are donuts in disguise. You’ll feel just like you walked out of the bakery with a box of happiness!

10. Keto Krispy Kreme Raspberry Donuts

Some donuts are just too messy to eat on the go. Then, there are these sturdy raspberry-filled donuts that are healthy and portable. 

Thick donut batter makes for a tasty shell for sugar-free raspberry jelly. Oh, and don’t forget to let them take a swim in the creamy glaze!

11. Keto Strawberry Donuts

When princesses eat donuts, these are the donuts they eat. They’re low-carb, pretty, and so easy to make.

Sure, sugar-free Jell-O is dirty keto, but they’re still healthier than others!

Cream cheese, lemon, and pureed strawberries add the perfect tang to this recipe.

The creamy strawberry glaze is the final touch you’ll add to have these breakfast ready!

12. Keto Lemon-Glazed Donuts

Some prefer rich donuts, and others prefer light and fresh flavors. This recipe definitely fits the latter group!

A bright lemon flavor compliments the warm vanilla batter.

This recipe uses coconut flour and almond flour for a sturdy, cake-like donut.

You dip the baked treats in a sweet lemon glaze after they’ve cooled. These are one way to start the day out right!

13. Keto Coconut Mocha Donuts

Everyone knows that a cup of coffee is best with sweet donuts. This recipe brings the two together with instant coffee and cocoa powder. 

This recipe doesn’t have a glaze. The donuts are delicious on their own, but they’re also great with a light coffee glaze, too!

14. Chocolate Cinnamon Keto Donuts

This recipe uses new flavors and great baking alternatives. Rather than almond flour, these are made with green banana flour.

Warm and nutty with cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon spice, the flavor is unlike any other. There are also healthy ingredients like avocado and apple cider vinegar.

They’re delicious, healthy, and new to the breakfast scene!

15. Low-Carb Blueberry Cake Donuts

If blueberries are your berry of choice, you won’t want to miss out on these very-blueberry donuts.

Blueberry batter and crisp blueberry glaze make these sweet and scrumptious.

This recipe is nutritious in so many ways. Not only are they low-carb, but they’re vegan and dairy-free, too! Guilt-free sweets are all the better.

16. Keto Pumpkin Donuts

Feeling like your sugar-free pumpkin spice latte is missing something? It’s probably these donuts.

Warm fall spice is baked into your favorite breakfast treat.

Pumpkin puree makes these moist and tender. The recipe calls for a chocolate glaze, but I prefer a cinnamon sugar dipping instead.

Try them both and see what you prefer.

17. Keto Apple Cider Donuts

I can never say no to a hot cup of apple cider. Now, I can add apple cider donuts to that list.

Thankfully, these are sugar-free, so I won’t have to feel bad about having two.

First, you bake your spiced cake donuts. Then, roll the donuts in sugar, spice, and everything nice! These donuts are sweet, tart, and full of fall flavor.

18. Keto Mint Chip Donuts

These donuts are so rich, they feel like dessert for breakfast. Most bakeries won’t have a donut of this stature.

Chocolate donuts are covered in a keto mint chip frosting. Are these mini-cakes or donuts? I’m not sure, but who cares when they taste so good?

19. Keto Chocolate Chip Donuts

The best diet food tastes nothing like diet food. These chocolate keto donuts meet that criteria and then some!

You’ll never believe these are low-carb with how tasty they are. Gooey chocolate glaze and chocolate chips? You know what that means!

Double chocolate in every bite.

20. Mini-Keto Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate donuts are easy to make, and they’re a popular pick for all ages. Chocolate cake and a firm chocolate shell will satisfy any sweet tooth.

You bake your chocolate donuts, then dip them in the chocolate glaze. They’re keto-friendly, low-carb, and totally delicious.

Make a big batch and freeze some for later!

21. Keto Boston Cream Donut

Are you more of a jelly-filled or custard-filled donut person? If you said custard, give this recipe a try! The pastry cream is delicious enough to eat on its own. 

Cream-filled, chocolate-covered donuts are easily made low-carb and gluten-free.

Because the dough is sturdier, you cut the donuts in half to fill with custard. 

22. Keto Sour Cream Donuts

If you’re not baking with sour cream, you’re missing out! It adds a little tang and a whole lot of moisture to cake donuts. 

Mix up a warm nutmeg batter, bake, and smother it in vanilla icing. The hardest part of this recipe is letting the donuts cool after baking. 

23. Keto Raspberry Cream-Filled Donuts

If you’re familiar with Polish culture, you know paczki are essential on Fat Tuesday! There’s no need to miss out on this Polish staple due to dieting. 

These donuts have a creamy raspberry filling and are rolled in powdered sweetener.

With a little extra effort and the right alternatives, these are ready to serve!

23 Best Low Carb Keto Donuts Recipe Collection

Try these keto donut recipes for low-carb treats to enjoy any time! From glazed to cinnamon sugar to chocolate chip, you won’t be able to resist these donuts.


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  • Keto Glazed Donuts

  • Powdered Keto Donuts

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  • Keto Blueberry Donuts

  • Keto Donut Holes

  • Keto Jelly Donut Bites

  • Keto Krispy Kreme Raspberry Donuts

  • Keto Strawberry Donuts

  • Keto Lemon-Glazed Donuts

  • Keto Coconut Mocha Donuts

  • Chocolate Cinnamon Keto Donuts

  • Low-Carb Blueberry Cake Donuts

  • Keto Pumpkin Donuts

  • Keto Apple Cider Donuts

  • Keto Mint Chip Donuts

  • Keto Chocolate Chip Donuts

  • Mini Keto Chocolate Donuts

  • Keto Boston Cream Donut

  • Keto Sour Cream Donuts


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a keto donut in 30 minutes or less!
Keto Donut Recipes

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