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20 Mardi Gras Appetizers (+ Fat Tuesday Recipes)

Mardi Gras is all about indulging before a lengthy fast. And these incredible Mardi Gras appetizers can help you do just that. 

From spicy and savory to something sweet, they’re sure to satisfy a crowd.

Muffuletta Mini Sandwich
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Mardi Gras is a time for celebration. And there’s no better way to start a party than with food.

So, I’ve got a whole bunch of seafood appetizers for you today. Plus, you’ll find plenty of dips, chicken dishes, cheese balls, and even fried okra!

It’s Mardi Gras, after all!

That said, these Mardi Gras appetizers are so good, you’ll crave them all year.

Now let’s get to it! 

1. Mardi Gras Hot Muffuletta Dip

If you’ve ever visited New Orleans, you’ve probably had the savory muffuletta sandwich.

This dip version is just as tasty but much less carb-heavy since there’s no bread.

It’s a cheesy, chunky dip with plenty of salami and fresh veggie flavor.

Serve it with chips, toasted baguettes, vegetables, or anything else you like. No matter what you use, everyone will love it. 

2. Cheesy Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya Hot Dip

This cheesy Cajun appetizer is proof that you can turn anything into dip. In this case, it’s jambalaya. 

It combines chicken, sausage, and shrimp for a hearty, meaty dish. Also, the three types of cheese and Cajun spices ensure there’s plenty of flavor. 

It takes less than an hour to make and tastes best fresh from the oven.

3. King Cake Cheese Ball for Mardi Gras

This colorful cheese ball is ideal for an appetizer or a dessert. It has the thick, creamy consistency of any good cheese ball. However, it’s quite a bit sweeter. 

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It features the flavors of cinnamon, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Plus, there’s a light tanginess from the cream cheese. 

Top it with multi-hued sprinkles for a beautiful, festive treat. 

4. Mardi Gras Snack Mix

The wonderful thing about appetizers is how easy they can be.

This spectacular snack mix requires no cooking and takes 15 minutes or less to pull together.

You’ll simply coat your favorite salty snacks in a ranch dressing and olive oil mixture. That makes them even saltier and more flavorful. 

Then, top them with your favorite sweet candies. It’ll give you a sweet-n-salty mix that’s incredibly addictive.

5. Muffuletta Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always a popular appetizer, no matter the holiday. Nevertheless, these muffuletta deviled eggs are ideal for Mardi Gras.

They feature the same smooth and zesty centers. The only difference is that you’ll also throw in some salami, cheese, green onions, and more. 

They’re the most filling deviled eggs you’ll ever try. And if you don’t typically like deviled eggs, try them anyway.

You might be surprised to find that these are the exception. 

6. Muffuletta Pinwheels

These pinwheels have flaky, buttery crusts and tons of Italian seasoning. They’re super cheesy and come with olives, red peppers, and more. 

It takes 30 minutes to whip up a dozen. You might want to double the recipe, though, because everyone will want at least a few. 

7. Glazed Chicken Minis

These are the perfect mixture between sweetness and savoriness. 

The crescent roll crust is buttery and tender, while the chicken is flavorful and filling. Everything else is just icing on an already delicious cake. 

The whole dish is unbelievably yummy. Plus, you’ll need a mere seven ingredients and 35 minutes to make it.

8. Oysters Rockefeller

Most people know of oysters Rockefeller, but few know the history behind the name. 

These decadent oysters were so rich, the chef named them after the richest person alive at the time.

That happened to be John D. Rockefeller. 

And that tells you practically everything you need to know about them. They’re rich and overly indulgent.

Of course, that’s what makes them so good. 

9. Mardi Gras Grilled Oysters

Grilled oysters are buttery and will melt in your mouth. These are smoky and tangy, with a bit of New Orleans heat thrown in for good measure. 

They’re also creamy, and they go down super smooth.

10. Smoked Andouille Sausage and Cream Cheese Rolls

Think of these as a combination of sausage balls and cinnamon rolls. They aren’t sweet, but otherwise, that’s a good description. 

They’re thick, savory rolls with juicy sausage and cream cheese fillings.

Finally, the garlic butter on top takes them to a whole other level of deliciousness. 

These make great appetizers, but I enjoy them for breakfast just as much.

11. Crawfish Beignets With Cajun Dipping Sauce

Whatever image of beignets you have in your mind, get rid of it. These are super crispy little balls of umami yumminess.

They’re shaped a bit like hush puppies but are crunchy like fritters. They have a delightfully golden crust and an unbelievable amount of flavor. 

Serve them with some spicy horseradish sauce for an extra kick.

12. Cajun Pork Boulettes with Spicy Dip

These are even more like hush puppies than crawfish beignets.

Of course, unlike hush puppies, you’ll stuff these with herb pork and veggie filling.

The outside is golden-brown, deep-fried, and wonderfully crunchy. There’s also a ton of Cajun spice.

Think Scotch eggs, only without the eggs!

The spicy dip adds even more heat, so proceed with caution. 

13. Cajun Sausage Bites With Spicy Dipping Sauce

I know, I know! I’m going a bit overboard with the spicy dipping sauce. But Cajuns love their heat, and Mardi Gras is extremely Cajun. 

With or without the sauce, these bite-sized sausage treats are phenomenal.

You’ll need just three ingredients to make them: crescent roll dough, sausage, and an egg wash.

They’re like tiny corn dog slices, only much spicier.

14. Mardi Gras Mustard Dipping Sauce

While we’re on the subject of dipping sauces, here’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s creamy, spicy, and packs a wallop of Creole flavor. 

It’s basically extra spicy mustard. It has a sweet and tangy flavor similar to honey mustard, but it’s more complex.

It tastes fantastic on chicken of any kind. But I love it on salmon and other fish dishes, too.

15. Easy Creamy Crab Mornay Dip

This chunky, creamy dip is salty, cheesy, and earthy. Surprisingly, though, the taste of the sherry comes through, as well. 

It gives it drier, slightly nutty notes that are hard to describe. It’s a genuinely decadent dip that’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks. 

It’s one of those appetizers that would easily cost over $15 in a restaurant. Luckily, you can whip it at home for a little of nothing.

16. Cajun Shrimp and Corn Cakes

You can make a dozen or more of these appetizers in just 20 minutes. They’re crispy and full of shrimp and sweet corn. 

They’re simultaneously sweet, savory, and spicy, and everyone will love them. 

*Pro Tip: If you’re making these for a gathering, go ahead and double (or triple) the recipe. Trust me. You won’t have to worry about dealing with leftovers.

17. Fried Okra

Fried okra is a comforting, heartwarming snack that practically screams southern cuisine. You can serve it as an appetizer or a side dish. 

Either way, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to make. Plus, it uses only eight ingredients, all everyday pantry staples. 

If you need a way to get your kids to eat more green veggies, this is it. 

18. Spicy New Orleans Shrimp

The tender shrimp in this recipe is delicious. However, it takes a backseat to the superb sauce you’ll cook it in. 

It’s a robust mixture of butter, garlic, Tabasco, Worcestershire, chili sauce, and more. And oh my goodness. It’s divine. Seriously.

It’s smoky and hot, spicy and a bit tangy, buttery, and delightful. You want to serve this shrimp with lots of bread.

That way, you can sop up every last drop of that scrumptious sauce.

19. Cajun Turkey Meatballs

Meatballs are another all-occasion appetizer. They’re easy to make, use few ingredients, and always taste great. 

These have a distinctly Cajun flair, making them perfect for Mardi Gras. You’ll bake them instead of frying them, so they’re a healthy option, too. 

They’re thick, succulent, and have a tangy bite from the Louisiana hot sauce.

These are so good that you won’t even need dipping sauces! (You can still have them, of course.)

20. Shrimp Remoulade Lettuce Cups

Tender, well-seasoned shrimp, crisp lettuce, and creamy remoulade sauce make up these cups.

You can add some eggs, olives, and other garnishes if you like. But trust me, all anyone will care about is the flavorful sauce-covered shrimp.

Everything else is just a bonus.

20 Mardi Gras Appetizers To Celebrate Fat Tuesday


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