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30 Fun Super Bowl Dips

The Super Bowl needs chips, chips need dips, and you need this list of 30 awesomely tasty Super Bowl dips for your game day party.

This is dip heaven. No matter what you’re looking for – chunky, smooth, savory, sweet – there’s a recipe for the dip of your dreams.

Buffalo Chicken Dip with Tortilla Chips
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Fancy something filling and meaty? Try Velveeta sausage, buffalo chicken, or bacon and cheese.

Have vegetarian friends coming over? Serve them French onion, dill pickle, or tomato and butter bean.

Need something sweet and refreshing after all the Superbowl snacks? Scoop up some fruit dip, whipped feta, or apple.

With all these delicious dips on offer, you won’t care if your team takes the trophy. You and your belly are the real winners here.

1. Pizza Dip

This fun recipe crams all the amazing Italian-inspired flavors of pizza into a dip.

Made with cheese, sour cream, oregano, pizza sauce, and oregano, this really does taste like a pizza in a bowl.

With a heaping topping of mozzarella, it’s melty, gooey, and totally irresistible. Kids will love this one, too.

Serve it with plenty of chips or bread because they’ll need something to soak up all that cheesy goodness.

Cheesy Queso Dip with Tortilla Chips

2. Hormel Chili Dip

With just three ingredients, this cheesy chili dip is ideal if you’re in a rush to get snacks on the table before kick-off.

Cream cheese, chili, and cheddar. That’s it. That’s all it takes to whip together a bowl of heaven. 

This versatile recipe can also be customized for a crowd. If you want to make things a little more fiery, add a few jalapenos or top it with hot salsa.  

3. French Onion Dip

The next time you’re tempted to buy French onion dip at the store, don’t.

It’s so easy to make this creamy, dreamy dip right from your own kitchen with just a handful of ingredients.

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The secret to this dip is the onions.

Choose a sweet variety like Vidalia, and then gently sautee them in butter and oil for 30 minutes until perfectly silky and sweet. 

Let the onions cool then mix with mayo, sour cream, and seasoning. The result is a salty, sweet blend of beautiful flavor. 

Cheese Dip

4. Velveeta Sausage Dip

Gooey Velveeta cheese is just begging to be transformed into a delicious dip. 

Especially when that dip also features juicy chunks of sausage, diced tomatoes, and fiery chili.

This one’s a time-saver too. If you’re in a rush, just use canned tomatoes and pre-cooked breakfast sausage to serve it up in seconds.

5. Dill Pickle Dip

Tangy yet creamy, this dill-flavored dip is a treat for your tastebuds.

Made with cream cheese, chopped pickles, fresh dill, and pickle juice, it’s piquant and briny in all the right ways.

If you make it ahead of time, be aware that this dip will thicken as it sits in the fridge.

Simply stir in some more pickle juice to loosen it right before serving.

Seven Layer Taco Dip

6. Seven-Layer Dip

If you’re expecting a big crowd on game day, you’re going to need a dip that’s up to the challenge.

Enter this mighty seven-layer dip, the ultimate meal-in-a-bowl. 

With so many layers, there’s a lot of textures and tastes going on here.

It has beans, salsa, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and onions – all flavored with a spicy taco seasoning. 

If I were to eat one dip for the rest of my life, it’d be this healthy, tasty, filling recipe.

7. Blue Cheese Dip

Any blue cheese will work in this tangy dip, but if you can get smoked blue cheese, you’re in for a treat.

Smoky, tangy, and creamy, this is a flavorful dip that works best with fresh veggies.

Serve it with baby carrots, celery sticks, or sweet bell pepper slices for a healthy but addictive snack.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

8. Spinach Artichoke Dip

A true classic in the dip niche (yes, that’s a thing), you can’t go wrong with a good spinach and artichoke blend.

This foolproof recipe features a mix of artichoke hearts, cream cheese, spinach, and bacon.

If you want to punch it up, use garlic cream cheese and/or stir in a spoonful of mustard.

But it’s delicious as-is. Serve hot so the cheese turns into melty goodness and watch this dip disappear.

9. Jalapeno Popper Dip

This incredible recipe is more casserole than a dip, and that’s a very good thing because your guests will want extras.

Soft cream cheese, spicy jalapenos, and sharp cheddar are mixed together and spread in a dish.

Top with breadcrumbs and bake until the center is gooey, and the topping is golden and crispy.

If you’re using fresh jalapenos, roast them first to unlock all their wonderful flavor. If you’re short of time on game day, no worries!

You can make this one up to three days ahead of time and just heat briefly before serving.

Chipotle Guacamole

10. Guacamole

Guacamole is a South American classic. Made with heart-healthy avocados, it’s rich, creamy, and very satisfying.

This copycat recipe models itself on the legendary Chipotle guac, so if you’re looking for restaurant-quality guac, look no further.

With fresh cilantro, spicy jalapenos, zesty lime, and sharp red onions, this dip is perfect for both sports fans and food fans.

11. Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip

Sometimes you read a recipe and start drooling before you even get to the instructions. This is one of those times.

Addictive, cheesy, and salty, this dip proves a theory I’ve been working on for a while – everything is better with bacon.

Cheesy Dip with Nachos

12. Cowboy Crack Dip

Cowboy crack dip is so good it’s sinful. And once you start dipping, you won’t be able to stop (hence the name).

There are a few different tastes and textures here – creamy cheese, spicy sausage, sweet corn, and Rotel tomatoes.

Saddle up for the Super Bowl with this cowboy crack! 

13. Apple Brickle Dip

We don’t generally think of dips as a sweet treat, but this dessert-style dip is a must-try (and a must-devour).

It’s made with chunks of toffee, brown sugar, and vanilla.

The cream cheese base stops everything from getting too sickly and the result is a sweet, smooth delight.

Despite the name, there’s no actual apple in this dip, but one of the best ways to eat it is on thick apple slices.

Clam Dip with Green Onions

14. Clam Dip

Seafood lovers will go crazy for this hearty clam dip.

Made with cream cheese, canned clams, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic, this is a bright summer appetizer for fish-loving foodies.

Serve with a simple green salad and/or fried chicken for a memorable, mouth-watering game day.

15. Sour Cream Veggie Dip

One for the vegetarians, this healthy dip may also convert a few carnivores.

This is a simple but scrumptious mix of sour cream, mayo, and herbs. It’s quick, easy, and the perfect companion to a platter of veggie crudites.

Cheesy Dip with Tomatoes and Tortilla Chips

16. Queso

This mind-blowingly dip will make your guests think they’re in a Mexican restaurant.

Serve it with a pitcher of margaritas if you really want to lean into the illusion.

With four different types of cheese, this is deliciously decadent and creamy.

Poblano peppers offer a mild heat, but if you want something a bit more fiery, just throw in some jalapenos too. 

This easy dip is a set-and-forget type snack. Just toss everything into the slow cooker and let it bubble away until game time. 

17. Bean Dip

This Crockpot bean dip is basically a leveled-up version of refried beans.

There’s virtually no prep work involved in this one. Get your slow-cooker, fill it with beans, sour cream, salsa, cheese, and spicy seasoning then press ON.

Within an hour you’ll have a bubbly, hot dip just waiting to be introduced to your belly.

Melted Garlic Butter Sauce

18. Garlic Sauce

Serving garlic at parties is a risky move. On the one hand, it’s amazingly delicious. On the other, there’ garlic-breath. 

The only solution is to get everyone in the room to dive in, and that won’t be a problem with this crowd-pleaser. 

As a sauce, it’s a little thinner than your average dip so it’s best served with bread that can soak up the delicious juice.

Alternatively, you can thicken it up by stirring in cream cheese or sour cream.

19. Beer Cheese Dip

Grab one of those game-day beers and tuck it away for this tasty recipe.

This pub-style dip is a tempting blend of two types of cheese, beautifully paired with a hit of malty beer.

Use a rich, dark ale if you want more depth of flavor, pick a light lager if you want it a bit sweeter.

20. Baked Three-Cheese Onion Dip with Chive and Pepperoncini

This is an upscale version of the classic cheese and onion dip.

It’s basically what would happen if French onion dip started a whirlwind romance with queso, producing a marriage of decadent flavors.

Thick, velvety, and very rich, this dip is extremely filling, so it’s guaranteed to keep guests happy from kick-off to the final touchdown.

21. Frito Pie Dip

This is a skillet dip that’s a bit like a pie, a bit like Frito chips, and entirely delicious.

Made from crumbled chips, chili, and cheese, it’s spicy, creamy, and crave-worthy.

22. Whipped Feta Dip

Bursting with Mediterranean flavor, this light feta dip will transport you from the Super Bowl to a sunny Greek island (metaphorically speaking).

And it’s really easy to pull together. There’s no actual whipping involved, thankfully.

Just toss the ingredients – feta, mayo, sour cream, lemon, herbs – into a blender and process until smooth.

Drizzle with honey, then serve with toasted pita chips and a fresh parsley garnish.

Who says game day snacks can’t be classy?!

23. Tomato and Butter Bean Dip

This chunky dip hits the sweet spot between healthy and tasty with protein-rich beans and heart-healthy spices like paprika and garlic.

Stewed in a rich tomato paste and served warm, this is somewhere between a dip and a stew.

But don’t get hung up on labels, just grab some tortilla chips and dive in!

24. Salsa

Every cook needs a reliable salsa recipe. A dip that’s spicy without being fiery, chunky without being too thick, and sweet without being sickly.

This is that salsa. Fresh, bright, and vibrant, it’s full of fresh flavor.

Serve this one alongside the classic game-day snacks for a refreshing antidote to the usual fried and greasy fare.

25. Smoked Salmon Dip

Salty, savory, and creamy, smoked salmon dip is a special treat.

This elegant dip is made with fresh herbs, capers, cream cheese, sour cream, lemon, and smoked salmon. 

This can easily be made ahead of time and refrigerated until needed.

On the very slim chance you have leftovers, just chill it for up to 2 days and enjoy in sandwiches, on toast, or crackers.

26. Fruit Dip

If you’re sick of savory, add a little sweetness to your Super Bowl party with this dessert dip.

Made with marshmallows and cream cheese, it’s the ideal accompaniment to a bowl full of fresh fruit. 

Serve with your favorite fruits – pineapple, apple, berries, melon, grapes – anything goes with this creamy goodness.

27. Mexican Corn Dip

Loaded with juicy, bright corn, this is the perfect summer snack.

Made with mayo, lime juice, chili powder, and cotija (or feta) cheese, it’s a tangy, chunky dip with just a hint of spice.

If you’re planning a Mexican-themed party for your Super Bowl, you can’t go wrong with this divine dip full of South of the border flavor.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

28. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Creamy and spicy, buffalo chicken is one of my top three tastiest dips of all time.

This recipe is swiftly pushing buffalo chicken into the top spot, with roasted rotisserie chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, and cream cheese.

So simple, so satisfying, so hard to stop eating. 

29. Bacon Cheese Dip

Game day guests knocking at the door? Don’t panic. You can make this salty, creamy dip in just 5 minutes and instantly serve it up to hungry hordes.

If you’re not in a rush, however, let it chill for a bit first as this will help it thicken. Thick or thin, this divine dip is simply scrumptious. 

30. Hissy Fit Dip   

I don’t know about you, but I definitely get the grumbles when I’m hungry. Ward off tantrums and keep your guests happy with this tasty hissy fit dip.

Made with sausage, sour cream, cheese, Worcestershire sauce, and parsley, it’s perfect for the big game.

30 Fun Super Bowl Dips

These Super Bowl dips will be the hit of the big game! From pizza to chili to spinach artichoke, serve these dips for your party, and the crowd will go wild.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Super Bowl dip in 30 minutes or less!
Super Bowl Dips

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