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30 Best Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes

Gearing up for the big game and need some vegetarian Super Bowl recipes? No problem! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to a plant-based diet or just looking to mix things up this season.

Maybe you have lots of vegetarian buddies. 

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Dipping Sauces
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Either way, these delicious, nutrient-packed recipes will have your guests begging for more.

The hearty appetizers and delicious dips pack a big flavor and are sure to satisfy. 

Just don’t be surprised if the snacks overshadow the game itself.

These vegetarian Super Bowl recipes will help you throw the ultimate game day party!

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Fries are an excellent appetizer or side dish for any occasion. But sweet potato fries are even better. 

They still have that appealing crunch on the outside. (And the melt-in-your-mouth softness at their centers.)

But they’re a step above regular fries in many ways. 

They’re healthier and far less greasy, for one thing.

Plus, their skin gets extra crisp. Try them any time you get tired of normal fries. 

2. Qdoba Queso

If you’ve never had it, Qdoba’s queso is some of the best you’ll ever try.

It’s thick and creamy. It also features three different cheeses and has just the right amount of heat.

The heavy cream gives it a phenomenal texture, and it’s absolutely addictive.

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Serve it with freshly baked tortilla chips or your favorite dippers. 

3. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

They might look like saucy buffalo chicken wings, but they aren’t. Instead, they’re saucy buffalo cauliflower wings. 

They feature the same bold, tangy buffalo flavor but are 100% vegetarian-approved.

They’re also nutritious, and you can make them with fewer than 10 ingredients. 

4. Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

Never buy those over-processed frozen mozzarella sticks again. Make these scrumptious homemade ones instead. 

They have perfectly crisp outsides and gooey, cheesy insides. And don’t forget the marinara for dipping.

No mozzarella sticks taste quite right without that. 

5. Homemade Vegetarian Chili

It doesn’t get much more filling, warm, and comforting than homemade chili.

And despite what some think, you don’t have to put meat in it to make it good. 

You can easily whip up this vegetarian chili in an hour or less. The ingredients list is long but full of simple pantry staples.

Even a beginner chef can make this chili. 

And your non-vegetarian friends will also appreciate how yummy it is. 

6. Spinach Artichoke Dip

Thick and cheesy spinach artichoke dip is one of my favorite appetizers.

Unfortunately, the pre-made stuff from the grocery store never tastes as good. 

Lucky for me (and you), making it at home isn’t tricky. You need only seven ingredients and about 30 minutes. 

And the result will be just as good as any restaurant spinach artichoke dip you’ve ever tried. 

7. Chipotle Guacamole

When it comes to guacamole, no one makes it better than Chipotle.

You know what they say about that. If you can’t beat them, copy them! (That’s the saying, right?) 

It definitely is when it comes to this recipe.

Follow it if you want to make the best copycat Chipotle guacamole possible. You can have it ready in about 15 minutes. 

8. Toasted Ravioli

Ravioli doesn’t have to be a complete (and messy) meal.

They also make superb appetizers. The next time you make ravioli, don’t saute or bake them and cover them in sauce. 

Instead, dust them in breadcrumbs and fry them. Then, serve them individually with marinara or another favorite dipping sauce.

Trust me, they’ll be a massive hit with everyone. 

9. Mini Grilled Cheese Appetizers

Grilled cheese is an American classic. Just about everyone, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, loves them.

Use that to your advantage at your next Game Day party. 

Make plenty of mini grilled cheese sandwiches with yummy honey chili sauce.

Just be sure you make enough for everyone to have two (or three or four). No one will want to stop at one. 

10. Loaded Veggie Nachos

Crunchy chips covered in veggies, cheese, and salsa. That’s what you’ll get with these loaded veggie nachos.

They are heavenly, and every bite delivers an insane amount of flavor.

Stick to the recipe or experiment with your favorite nacho toppings.

Either way, these will be a delicious treat for your guests. 

11. Homemade Extra Crispy Onion Rings

Onion rings are another thing you no longer have to buy frozen. Try making them from scratch instead. (It’s not all that hard.) 

You need only a handful of ingredients and about half an hour. Each batch yields almost two dozen onion rings.

And each one is crispier and more flavorful than the last. 

12. Homemade Vegetable Egg Rolls

Making homemade egg rolls may seem complicated, but it isn’t.

You just need egg roll wrappers, coleslaw mix, and some seasonings. 

You should be able to pull them together in about 45 minutes.

Just be careful when frying them, as the oil tends to pop. 

13. Easy Veggie Quesadillas

These veggie quesadillas are more than cheese, onions, and a few peppers.

They also contain sweet potatoes, beans, jalapenos, and more. 

You can enjoy them alone or with your favorite toppings or dips.

They make excellent appetizers, but they’re filling enough for a complete meal. 

14. Vegetarian White Bean Buffalo Dip

The actual name of this dip is vegetarian three-cheese white bean buffalo dip.

As you can tell from that, it has a lot going on. 

It’s super cheesy and extremely hearty, thanks to the white beans and yogurt.

It’s also a tasty source of protein and doesn’t have too many calories per serving. 

15. Vegetarian Pizza Rolls

I’m not a snob. I love Totino’s pizza rolls as much as the next person.

Still, they have nothing on these homemade vegetarian versions. 

You’ll make the dough from Greek yogurt and flour.

Then, you top it in tomato paste and whatever pizza toppings you like best. Then, slice the dough and roll it up. 

Finally, you’ll bake them or cook them in the air fryer.

The process shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes from start to finish. 

16. Beer Cheese Dip

Beer cheese dip is another good option for appetizer dips.

It features the earthy, robust flavors of, you guessed it, cheese and beer! Of course, there’s more to it than that. 

You’ll also notice other flavorful ingredients in the list. Worcestershire sauce, garlic, Dijon, cayenne, etc. 

The cheeses you’ll use aren’t just any old cheeses, either.

You use both cheddar and Gruyere for a fuller, richer flavor. And let’s not forget the butter! 

Yeah, I could talk about this delectable dip all day. Suffice it to say, it’s insanely good, and you should try this recipe. 

17. Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

And there’s nothing more perfect for dipping into beer cheese than soft pretzels!

This recipe will show you how to make them from scratch, too. It’s remarkably easy. 

With or without the beer cheese, these pretzels will satisfy all of your guests. 

18. 7-Ingredient Veggie Sliders

It’s hard to believe you can make something so scrumptious with just seven ingredients.

(Plus salt and pepper, of course!) It’s true, though. 

These hearty, veggie-packed sliders are out of this world.

They’re packed with garden-fresh flavor and are just as filling as meat-based sliders. 

Plus, they’re entirely gluten-free (with the correct buns). Give them a try at your next game day party or another occasion.

Your meat-loving friends won’t even miss the meat.

19. Best Veggie Sandwich Board

Quick! Picture a sandwich board! What do you see?

Probably a few types of bread, lots of cheeses, and tons of deli meats, right? 

Not on this sandwich board. 

There are still plenty of breads and cheeses, but you won’t find any meat.

Instead, it has loads of veggies and tons of veggie- and cheese-based sauces.

Don’t try to make something for everyone at your next gathering.

Make one giant sandwich board, and let them make things for themselves. 

Plus, this is a spectacular option for a mixed crowd of guests.

If you have non-vegetarians over, you can offer them a meat selection on a separate tray.

20. Zucchini Tots

Move over, tater tots. Zucchini tots are here, and they’re making a massive splash.

These crunchy, cheesy treats are a fun way to get everyone to eat more veggies. 

Everyone who tries them will love them.

Whether you have kids or big kids watching the Super Bowl, they’ll dig them. 

21. Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries

Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries are one of their most popular items.

Unfortunately, Super Bowl Sunday means Chick-fil-A is out of the question. 

With this recipe, their fries are back on the menu, though.

Best of all, you only need three ingredients to make them. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

22. Cheesy Garlic Monkey Bread

Sweet monkey bread is one of my favorite desserts, but have you tried cheesy monkey bread?

It’s every bit as delicious, only in a savory way. 

It’s supremely cheesy, extra garlicky, and 110% awesome. It’s so gooey and buttery that it doesn’t even need extra sauces for dipping.

It’s entirely addictive all by itself. 

If you want dipping sauces, I suggest marinara or extra garlic butter.

23. Easy Hummus

For years, I would pick up a container of hummus for our Super Bowl parties.

Hummus and pita bread was a staple combo in our game day appetizers

Then, I discovered this recipe and realized it’s just as easy to make it. (And it tastes better, too!)

You can whip up this robust, garlicky hummus in just 10 minutes. It’s so easy that a child could make it. 

Now, if you want to make homemade pita bread, too, you’re a champ. I still buy that at the store. 

24. Vegetarian Mezze Platter

This mezze platter is a smorgasbord of delights. Of course, it’s an appetizer platter, so you can add whatever you like.

But if you aren’t sure where to start, check this recipe. 

There are tons of options. Many of them don’t even require any cooking.

That’s the kind of simplicity I enjoy in a game-day appetizer. 

25. Crispy Baked Eggplant Fries

I’ve loved baked, roasted, and fried eggplant since childhood.

However, I never considered making eggplant fries. I only recently discovered this recipe, and boy, have I been missing out!

These crunchy, flavorful, well-seasoned fries are incredible. 

They knock French fries right out of the water. They might even be better than sweet potato fries!

You must try them. Your tastebuds and your stomach will thank you. 

26. One-Pot Cheesy Vegetarian Chili Mac

Vegetarian chili is one thing, but have you tried vegetarian chili mac?

It’s hearty, tasty, and packed with protein and fiber. 

You can also make the entire dish in a single pot in just 35 minutes.

Forget Super Bowl Sunday, this is a superb weeknight dinner option. 

27. Veggie Supreme Pizza

Pizza is another common choice for Super Bowl parties.

Unfortunately, buying several veggie-packed pizzas for everyone can get pretty pricey. 

Save some money on delivery fees by making your pizzas at home. 

This recipe tells you everything you need to know. You can make pizzas that are even better than delivery.

28. Vegetarian Empanadas

Empanadas are some of the most underrated Mexican dishes.

They have the most amazing crusts, almost like homemade hand pies. 

Plus, it’s always good no matter what you put in the filling. These empanadas are packed with veggies and seasonings.

They’re fresh, filling, and fantastic. 

I can eat nearly an entire tray of them by myself. Be sure you make enough for everyone to have at least two. 

29. Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and cheese is one of those classic comfort foods that everyone adores.

It doesn’t make a great or easily shared appetizer, though. 

That’s where these mac and cheese bites come in.

You turn mac and cheese into single-serve treats with a crunchy, flavorful outer crust. The insides are still gooey and cheesy, though. 

It’s hard to make mac and cheese any better than it already is. But these bite-sized morsels just might do the trick. 

30. Creamy Whipped Feta Dip

Whipped feta dip is light, creamy, and full of tangy feta goodness.

It’s full of tart and herby flavors and will remind you of a lighter version of hummus. 

Serve it with toasted pita bread or fresh veggies. You’ll be surprised at how popular it is. 

30 Best Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes

Enjoy the big game with these vegetarian super bowl recipes! From dips to chili to nachos, this list has all of your favorite snacks.


  • Sweet Potato Fries

  • Qdoba Queso

  • Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

  • Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

  • Homemade Vegetarian Chili

  • Spinach Artichoke Dip

  • Chipotle Guacamole

  • Toasted Ravioli

  • Mini Grilled Cheese Appetizers

  • Loaded Veggie Nachos

  • Homemade Extra Crispy Onion Rings

  • Homemade Vegetable Egg Rolls

  • Easy Veggie Quesadillas

  • Vegetarian White Bean Buffalo Dip

  • Vegetarian Pizza Rolls

  • Beer Cheese Dip

  • Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

  • 7 -Ingredient Veggie Sliders

  • Best Veggie Sandwich Board

  • Zucchini Tots

  • Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries

  • Cheesy Garlic Monkey Bread

  • Easy Hummus

  • Vegetarian Mezze Platter

  • Crispy Baked Eggplant Fries

  • One -Pot Cheesy Vegetarian Chili Mac

  • Veggie Supreme Pizza

  • Vegetarian Empanadas

  • Mac and Cheese Bites

  • Creamy Whipped Feta Dip


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Super Bowl recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes

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