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17 Veggie Pinwheel Recipes Everyone Will Love

Healthy and delicious, these veggie pinwheel recipes are ideal for anyone seeking a satisfying snack!

Whether you’re hosting a party, looking for a quick lunch or just need a mid-day pick-me-up, veggie pinwheels are a treat.

Vegetarian wheel with Tomatoes and Greens
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They’re a great way to sneak some extra veggies into your diet, and with a wide variety of fillings, you’ll never get bored. 

Not only are veggie pinwheels delicious, but they’re also incredibly easy to make.

All you need is some tortillas, your favorite fillings, and a little bit of creativity. Easy-peasy! 

1.  Veggie Pizza Pinwheels

Party food alert! Veggie pizza pinwheels are here to steal the show.

Packed with veggies and a ranch mix, these little bites are irresistible.

Trust me, if you love veggie pizza, you’ll love these pinwheels even more!

They’re hand-held and easy to make, taking all the goodness of a pizza and rolling it up into one bite. 

Even veggie-hating kiddos can’t resist these tasty treats. Give them a try at your next gathering!

2. Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels

These rainbow veggie pinwheels give lunch a colorful upgrade! And they’re great for families on the go. 

They’re made with fresh veggies and ranch cream cheese, all rolled up in a spinach tortilla wrap.

No more boring turkey sandwiches, it’s time for a tasty and healthy change. 

Just grab a large tortilla, spread on some ranch, and stack on a rainbow of thinly sliced veggies. Yum!

3. Vegetable Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups

Roll into lunch with the yummiest pinwheels ever!

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Veggie and cream cheese tortilla roll-ups are the perfect school lunch or appetizer. 

These little bites are packed with veggies, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. Making them is a breeze! 

Simply spread cream cheese on a tortilla, top it with veggies and cheese, roll it up tight, and chill.

Cut it into pinwheels and serve with all your favorite fixings.

4. Vegetarian Mexican Pinwheels

These pinwheels are the life of the party, full of flavor and easy to travel with.

You can make them up to 24 hours in advance and wrap them tightly to keep the tortillas from drying out.

They’re filled with a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, chilies, green onions, cheese, red bell pepper, and spices.

These pinwheels are a delicious bite for any occasion.

Don’t wait until the last minute, plan ahead and make them 12-14 hours in advance for the perfect party snack.

Just wrap them well to keep those tortillas fresh and soft!

5. Vegan Veggie Pinwheels with Broccoli and Carrots

Looking for a fun and flavorful appetizer that’s perfect for any occasion? Try this amazing veggie roll-up recipe! 

Mix together creamy all-vegan cream cheese, mayo, cheddar, herbs, and spices, then add in fresh broccoli and carrots.

Roll it all up in a tortilla, chill it for a bit, and voila! 

Pro tip: Use a mini chopper to chop the veggies to save time.

Mix the creamy sauce, fold in the veggies and cheese, and spread on the tortillas.

Roll ’em up, wrap, chill, and slice. Perfection!

6. Veggie Ranch Pinwheels

These veggie ranch pinwheels are perfect for lunch, appetizers, and more.

They’re easy to make and always a hit with guests and family. 

They’re also a great way to sneak in some veggies and keep everyone happy.

They’re vegetarian, kid-friendly, and have a yummy cream cheese and ranch spread. 

Plus, they’re simple to prepare and budget-friendly.

So, you can share them with everyone and make them for various occasions. Let’s get pinwheeling!

7. Broccoli and Spinach Vegan Pinwheels

Say hello to a fun, delicious, and nutritious meal that the whole family will love.

These pinwheels are perfect for getting your kids involved in cooking and are packed with healthy ingredients. 

These pinwheels are made with a delicious buttery pastry and can be adapted to suit your tastes.

They’re quick to cook, making them a perfect weeknight dinner option. 

Plus, they’re great for lunch boxes and are full of goodness. The kids won’t even notice the green inside. Yum!

8. Broccoli and Cheese Pinwheels

Love leftovers? Make ’em fun with pinwheels! These broccoli and cheese rolls are a breeze to whip up for lunch or dinner.

The whole fam will love them.

Pinwheels are the ultimate customizable dish.

Use up any leftover meats and veggies from previous meals, or try something new each time. The possibilities are endless!

You won’t be disappointed, seriously. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredient.

The more unique, the tastier.

9. Cheesy Zucchini Pinwheels

Jazz up your zucchini and make pinwheels! These veggie rolls are a classic side dish and oh-so-yummy. 

Fresh basil adds flavor, but balsamic vinegar? Not so much. Opt for a balsamic glaze instead. Trust me, it’s the way to go.

Not just for everyday meals, these pinwheels make a stunning addition to any dinner party.

With their vibrant colors and summery taste, they’re sure to impress!

10. Vegan Mushroom Pinwheels

Prepare to indulge in some seriously scrumptious vegan mushroom pinwheels!

The perfect party snack or lunch, these pinwheels are quick to make, filling, and versatile. 

Whether you’re a vegan or not, these pinwheels are sure to please.

Made with mushrooms, vegan cheese, garlic, onions, and spinach, these pinwheels pack a flavorful punch. 

Garlic lovers rejoice! It pairs perfectly with mushrooms. Give these pinwheels a try!

11. Mushroom Puff Pastry Pinwheels

Prepare to amaze your guests with these impressive mushroom puff pastry pinwheels! 

These bite-sized treats are packed with mushrooms and will have everyone begging for seconds.

This cheesy creation is packed with a delicious combo of garlic, mushrooms, and cheese.

Plus, you can make them hours ahead of time, which is great for meal prep.

12. Vegan Spinach Cheese Pinwheels

Spice up your snack game with vegan spinach pinwheels!

Creamy vegan cheese spinach dip is spread on puff pastry, rolled, sliced, and baked to perfection.

Just blanch the greens, mix in some cream cheese, herbs, and spices, spread over the pastry, roll, and bake! How easy is that?

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or just looking for a tasty snack, these pinwheels are a delicious choice.

So, give them a try and enjoy the creamy, cheesy goodness!

13. Spinach Dip Pinwheels

Love spinach dip? Then you’ll adore every bite of these spinach dip pinwheels! 

Made with spinach, veggies, and seasoned with Knorr Vegetable Dip Mix, these pinwheels are so delicious. 

Water chestnuts bring a crunch and green onions add a mild kick.

And the veggie-based tortilla adds a lovely touch of color. Delish!

14. Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pinwheels

When it’s the peak of summer, you can forget about turning on the oven.

It’s too hot for that! Let’s make some cool and easy summer appetizers instead. 

Just eight ingredients and 15 minutes, that’s all you need. Stir up the filling and roll it in a tortilla, then slice and serve.

Sun-dried tomatoes and basil are a match made in heaven.

And garlic and vegan parmesan cheese give a big punch of deliciousness. Yum!

15. Caprese Pinwheel Roll-Ups

Caprese pinwheel roll-ups are the perfect party finger food with a burst of traditional Caprese flavors.

These bite-sized appetizers are packed with cream cheese, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and Parmesan.

Add as much filling as you like. More tortillas, more pieces, more fun!

16. Holiday Pinwheels Appetizer with Kale and Red Pepper

Make your holiday parties extra special with these tasty Holiday pinwheel appetizers. 

They’re packed with veggie goodness from kale and roasted red pepper, adding a little color to your festive spread. 

Plus, they’re so easy to make, which is perfect for those busy holiday kitchens.

They’re guaranteed to be a hit at any family meal or special occasion.

17. Hummus Pinwheels with Cucumber and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Step up your appetizer game with these hearty and healthy hummus pinwheels! 

They’re packed with garlic hummus, spinach, cucumber, and sun-dried tomatoes.

These plant-based treats are the perfect party finger food or lunch option. 

Made in under 15 minutes with only four ingredients, they’re creamy, delicious, and a great source of fiber and protein.

Roll them out, stuff them, and enjoy! No fuss, no muss, just a whole lot of yum.

17 Veggie Pinwheel Recipes Everyone Will Love

These tempting veggie pinwheel recipes are so much fun to eat! From pizza to cream cheese to cheesy zucchini, you’ll love all of these cute sandwiches.


  • Veggie Pizza Pinwheels

  • Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels

  • Vegetable Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups

  • Vegetarian Mexican Pinwheels

  • Vegan Veggie Pinwheels with Broccoli and Carrots

  • Veggie Ranch Pinwheels

  • Broccoli and Spinach Vegan Pinwheels

  • Broccoli and Cheese Pinwheels

  • Cheesy Zucchini Pinwheels

  • Vegan Mushroom Pinwheels

  • Mushroom Puff Pastry Pinwheels

  • Vegan Spinach Cheese Pinwheels

  • Spinach Dip Pinwheels

  • Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pinwheels

  • Caprese Pinwheel Roll-Ups

  • Holiday Pinwheels Appetizer with Kale and Red Pepper

  • Hummus Pinwheels with Cucumber and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a veggie pinwheel recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Veggie Pinwheel Recipes

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