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21 Best Puff Pastry Desserts

They may look complicated, but puff pastry desserts are SO easy to make.

Twist them, roll them, and fill them with fruits, nuts, or sweet, syrupy goodness, and voila! You’ll be a master of pastry dessert-making. 

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Sticky Buns with Pecan Nuts

As a kid, I’ve always been intrigued by puff pastry treats sold at dessert shops. 

I mean, how do you get those buttery, flaky crusts that match so well with different fillings and ingredients? 

Puff pastry is made with hundreds of layers of butter and dough through repeated rolling and folding.

While making homemade puff pastry is possible, you wouldn’t want to mess with this French staple if you’re a beginner baker.  

The alternative is to use the store-bought version to make easy, crave-worthy puff pastry desserts.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are 21 puff pastry recipes that require minimal effort but yield fantastic desserts!

1. Chocolate Puff Pastry Twists

These braided puff pastry treats are golden, literally and figuratively.

Chocolate hazelnut is generously spread on thawed puff pastry, then rolled up into a log and cut in half lengthwise. 

They’re twisted together, forming an extra-large braided puff pastry dessert. 

A quick egg wash gives these chocolate braids the golden brown edges, while the sanding sugar adds extra crunch.

2. Puff Pastry Fruity Cream Cheese Danish

You can make this Danish dessert in a snap, thanks to the convenience of frozen puff pastry.

The sweet cream cheese and the red fruity filling are married together at the center of each Danish pastry.

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You’ll love the fresh-tasting bits of red fruits!

This creamy and fruity dessert is already gorgeous and delicious by itself.

Take it to the next level by adding a drizzle of homemade icing or powdered sugar on top.

3. Blueberry Galette

A galette is a sweet, free-form crusty cake hailed from France. It’s like a pie that’s easier to make, so much so that you won’t mess it up.

Just like a pie, this blueberry galette is buttery, flaky, and full of fruity flavors.

A galette traditionally uses homemade or store-bought pie crust, but puff pastry works just as well. 

If you don’t like blueberries, you can try making the galette with strawberries, apples, peaches, kiwi, or a combination of fruits!  

4. Cherry Pastry Pies

Have you ever had a Pillsbury toaster strudel? These cherry pastry pies are just like that, but better.

For one, they’re homemade. And second, they’re made from real fruit!

These handheld delightful pies are filled with summer sweet cherries and baked until crisp and golden brown.

Cherries are the star of the show, so be sure you get the best ones.

For a flavor-packed filling, mix the fruit with lemon juice, sugar, salt, and vanilla extract.

5. Mini-Peach Puff Pastry Tarts

Small but mighty, these mini-tarts will leave you in awe first, and wanting more second.

The sweet, juicy peaches meet the buttery and crisp puff pastry, creating a combination of flavors and textures like no other. 

The peaches are flavored with honey and vanilla, so you’ll get more deliciousness besides the natural fruity taste. 

These peach tartlets are a perfect summer treat when served with some ice cream! 

6. Toaster Strudel

This is a copycat recipe of the famous boxed version of toaster strudel. It’s semi-homemade if using frozen puff pastry.

Another great shortcut is to use a store-bought jam for the filling.

Despite the shortcuts, this recipe yields a sweet treat with a fresh homemade taste.

The addition of salted butter and almond extract to the icing makes all the difference. 

7. Kouign Amann

Don’t be put off by the fancy name. This classic French dish can be made with minimal prep time and effort.

Best of all, you’ll still get the ultimate pastry experience!

These rolls are crusty, buttery, and sugary, with a caramel-y outer crust.

This cheater recipe will only require you to use three ingredients to get all that flavor and texture.

Bring out your puff pastry, sugar, and melted butter. With a little dipping, rolling, pressing, and baking, you’ll be done in less than an hour.

8. Cream Horns

Also called trubochki, these cream horns are an impressive treat for any occasion. They’re like waffles, but crisp and creamy. 

For this Russian dessert, you’ll need molds to make the crispy horns. Pipe in the cream cheese filling, dust everything with powdered sugar, and devour!

9. Strawberry Puff Pastry Tart

Who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re juicy, fruity, and sweet, with a subtle tangy kick.

These vibrant red berries are best when fresh and placed on a buttery, creamy puff pastry. 

For maximum buttery flavor, you’ll want to use the all-butter puff pastry.

Mix the fresh berries with strawberry jam to make gorgeous glazed tarts.

10. Apple Turnovers

Apple turnovers are like portable apple pies. Pick them up on a lazy afternoon to indulge in warm, fruity flavors.

The apple filling goes into the crisp puff pastry with a glaze on top.

Top tip: refrigerate the turnovers before baking to reduce leaks filling out from the crimped edges.

11. Apple Pandowdy

Apple pandowdy is a favorite fall dessert at home. A juicy bite from the sliced apples and crunchy taste from the sugar-rolled puff pastry is the BEST combo!

Don’t forget to press the dough pieces down after baking. That’s how they soak up all the delicious fruity juices. 

12. Peanut Butter Chocolate Pop Tarts

Chocolate and peanut butter make a heavenly duo, and you’ll love them in these crisp golden brown pop tarts.

The best part is, you’ll only need five simple ingredients and less than 30 minutes of baking time.

Have fun making variations using other nut butter and chocolates.

13. Puff Pastry Almond Croissant

This is a faux croissant made with puff pastry yet unbelievably flaky and flavorful.

The croissant is both crisp and soft and is brushed with almond syrup for a tasty bite.

The toasted chopped almonds on top add a nice, extra crunch. Take the sweetness up a notch by filling the croissant with almond pastry cream.

14. Tarte Tatin

Tarte tatin is a French-style upside-down tart made with a pastry crust, butter, sugar, and apples.

Of course, you can make things easier by using store-bought puff pastry. 

But unlike other puff pastry desserts where the fruits are tucked in, this tart boldly displays its caramel-y sweet apples.

The soft fruity top makes a lovely contrast to the crisp, flaky base.

15. Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe made me fall in love with cinnamon rolls all over again! It’s SUPER easy to make, and you’ll only need three ingredients: puff pastry, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

These rolls wouldn’t be complete without the vanilla icing on top. Make it fancier by adding some raisins if you like. 

16. Puff Pastry Sticky Buns

Unlike the time-consuming traditional sticky buns, this recipe will free you up more time and energy. 

Save them for devouring these puff pastry sticky buns or making another batch because the whole family will love them!

Sweet and zesty, the filling is made with white and brown sugar, orange zest, and cinnamon.

Add pecans and raisins to load up the buns and create an impressive texture combination.

17. Banana Puffs

Making these mini-banana puffs can be a fun bonding time with the kids. They’re easy to make, but don’t expect to have a no-mess kitchen area! 

Serving these banana tarts to the kids is a great way to include fruits in their meals.

Adding nutmeg or cinnamon makes these puffs extra delicious and fragrant!

18. Puff Pastry Cheesecake Fruit Pizza

There’s beauty in simplicity, and this dessert pizza proves it.

This fancy-looking treat combines fresh fruits and cream cheese, infused with vanilla for an extra flavor boost.

This versatile recipe allows you to use any fruit you have on hand. Some great options include plums, apples, peaches, and different kinds of berries. 

If you always keep some puff pastry, you can make this indulgent dessert anytime. A little cutting, filling, and baking, and you’re done!

19. Puff Pastry Palmiers

Even the elegant French palmiers can be made with puff pastry — how awesome is that? Very.

Because puff pastry palmiers can hit the table in 30 minutes or less!

If you want the classic palmiers, simply dress them up with sugar. For a next-level filling, you can add dried, chopped fruits or shredded cheese.

20. Fig Brie Pastry Pops

Fig and brie pastry pops are lollipops for the grown-ups. They’re not overly sweet, with a bonus of savory taste. 

Create fun-looking desserts by turning these pastry pops into any shape you like. Serve with your go-to jam for a simple afternoon snack.

21. Chocolate Filled Pastry

If you like dessert for breakfast, this easy and quick recipe is for you. Your mornings will instantly brighten up with some chocolate-filled pastries!

These crispy rolls with melted chocolate inside are incredibly delicious, even when you eat them plain.

I’ll bet they’re insanely good with a scoop of ice cream.

21 Best Puff Pastry Dessert Recipe Collection

Puff pastry desserts are indulgent, sweet, and so easy to make if you use store-bought pastry! From danishes to strudel, you’ll feel like a pro baker with these simple treats.


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Puff Pastry Desserts

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