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20 Vegetarian Pizza Toppings (+ Recipes)

As much as I love pepperoni, these vegetarian pizza toppings are too good to miss.

They’re colorful, fresh, and so filling, you won’t miss the meat one bit!

Vegetarian Pizza with Tomatoes, Basil and Black Olives

From radicchio and walnuts to jackfruit and Brussels sprouts, veggie pizza recipes go way beyond the usual mushrooms and pepper.

In fact, you can pretty much top a pizza with anything you like! And that includes potatoes, eggs, and even pumpkin.

So if you think vegetarian pizza recipes are boring, think again!

Because once you add pesto, caramelized onions, creamy goat cheese, and buttery nuts to the mix, there’s no need for any meat!

20 Best Veggie Pizza Recipes and Toppings

1. Ultimate Veggie Pizza 

When this recipe claims it’s the “ultimate veggie pizza,” they aren’t kidding.

With bright and colorful pizza toppings, it’ll disappear in a flash.

It includes red onions, bell peppers, and spinach, along with a few inventive additions such as sliced almonds and artichoke hearts. 

Feel free to add or subtract ingredients to your liking. For example, I like it with chili peppers!

2. Supreme Vegetarian Pizza with Mozzarella and Feta 

This isn’t your average supreme pizza, folks. 

It incorporates meaty veggies like mushrooms, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes that melt in your mouth.

Meanwhile, feta cheese adds an elevated salty, creamy kick to all those fresh veggies. 

The flavors are so bright and savory that you won’t miss sausage or pepperoni for one second. 

3. Goat Cheese Pizza with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Pine Nuts

Sun-dried tomatoes are meaty, smokey, and the perfect pairing for a vegetarian pizza. 

And how great do they look against the white cheese?

I love that this recipe uses sun-dried tomato oil instead of heavy tomato sauce. And the pine nuts are a terrific touch of crunch I know you’ll love.

4. Goat Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms and White Sauce 

Gather round, goat cheese lovers; this pizza’s for you. 

Goat cheese has bright, vibrant flavors with an impossibly creamy texture that works so well on pizza. 

Pair it with hearty mushrooms, peppery red onions, and sweet cherry tomatoes, and it’s too good to resist.

5. Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese Pizza 

Grilling vegetables enhances their natural flavors. It ensures they’re tender and almost caramelized, which is just what you want on pizza!

The mushrooms are earthy, the grilled onions are smokey, and the whole thing has lovely charred flavors in every bite. 

To combat the richness, you’ll use goat cheese (yes, again!) for a bright, tart punch of creaminess. Delish!

6. Pesto Veggie Pizza 

Pesto isn’t just for pasta, you know!

Swap out traditional pizza sauce with nutty, salty, savory pesto, and you’ll be amazed at how scrumptious this pizza turns out.

Paired with savory veggies like spinach, zucchini, and bell peppers, it’s herby and irresistible.

7. Farmers Market Potato & Asparagus Pizza 

This farmer’s market pizza is a perfect option for spring or summer.

It infuses fresh springtime veggies, like crunchy radishes and asparagus, on simple homemade pizza dough. 

But my favorite part of this pizza is the potatoes! Sliced thinly, they’re a terrific addition and ensure no one goes hungry. 

8. Spinach Artichoke Pizza (Vegan) 

It’s lean, it’s green, and it’s 100% vegan

What makes this pizza so incredibly tasty is the mix of white beans, nutritional yeast, and cashews.

They’re deliciously cheesy without a shred of cheese in sight!

Paired with spinach and artichokes, this one is a winner.

9. Grilled Eggplant Pizza

If you’re hoping to cut down on carbs, you need to try this bread-free pizza.

Instead of a carb-heavy crust, you’ll use slices of eggplant for the base.

They’re hearty enough to hold plenty of pizza toppings and yet tender enough to melt in your mouth. 

Grilled eggplant is super flavorful, and these mini pizzas are a little like eggplant parm bites.

And who can so no to eggplant parm?

10. Roast Pumpkin Pizza 

Roasted pumpkin on a pizza? I’ll take one for myself, please!

This amazing roasted pumpkin pizza is the ultimate fall dinner. And it’s ideal if you have any PSL lovers in the house.

The pumpkin roasts before going on the pizza, so the cooking continues as the base cooks. That gives it the best flavor possible.

You’ll also include mushrooms, onions, and kalamata olives for extra goodness. Top it with some chili flakes, and you’re good to go.

11. Herb Garden Zucchini Pizza 

If your garden is overflowing, this pizza is a terrific way to get the most out of those fresh herbs. 

You’ll make a simple homemade pesto sauce, which is way easier than you think.

Experiment with the flavors to find a combination you love. For example, I like it with roasted garlic and lots of Parmesan.

Or, keep it vegan and use nutritional yeast instead.

Either way, this pizza is light, bright, and incredibly filling. 

12. Arugula, Brie, and Caramelized Onion Pizza 

Onions are possibly the best pizza topping ever. Cooked, caramelized, red, white, sweet…they’re all fabulous.

This recipe calls for caramelized onions, so expect something sticky and lightly sweet.

But don’t worry, you’ll also add savory mushrooms and creamy Brie to keep things balanced.

Once it comes out of the oven, top it with peppery arugula and dig in!

13. Tomato Arugula Pizza 

Picture-perfect, delectable, and easy to make? This recipe is borderline dangerous!

The tomatoes are juicy and a little sweet, where the fresh arugula is herbaceous and peppery.

But the real star of the show is the triple punch of cheese. Calling for mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan, it’s a cheese lover’s dream come true.

14. Kale Pesto Pizza 

If you’re struggling to reach your daily “green” quota, try this deliciously green kale pizza. 

Instead of red sauce, it utilizes a unique kale pesto infused with walnuts (or pecans), garlic, and lemon juice. 

Better yet, it features three cups of fresh kale! So go ahead and have more than one slice – it’s basically good for you.

15. Spinach Pizza

If bitter spinach isn’t your thing, give this spinach pizza recipe a whirl instead.

The sauce is a mix of savory spinach and salty feta cheese that oozes into every nook and cranny of the easy homemade pizza crust. 

I enjoy it with chili flakes and sun-dried tomatoes. But it’s super tasty as is.

16. Brussels Sprouts Pizza with Balsamic Red Onions 

Brussels sprouts on a pizza? This unlikely (and underutilized) veggie makes a surprisingly tasty pizza topping. 

Thinly sliced sprouts lend savory, smoky flavors that pair wonderfully well with the sweet red onions. 

I love the balsamic vinegar here, but you can leave it off if it’s too much for you. Instead, try a little drizzle of truffle oil!

17. BBQ Jackfruit Pizza (Vegan) 

The first time I had jackfruit, I was blown away. It’s so much like BBQ pulled pork, you can serve it to meat-eaters, and they’ll thank you twice.

So it only makes sense to add it to pizza, right?

Use dairy-free mozzarella cheese and Parmesan to keep this BBQ pizza vegan. Or use the real thing if you don’t mind.

That said, even if you aren’t vegan, this pizza is a must-make.

18. Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza 

Think of this vegetarian breakfast dish as the pizza equivalent to avocado toast. The only real difference is the texture.

Instead of crunchy toast, the pizza dough is soft and fluffy.

You’ll layer on creamy avocado slices with fresh arugula and thinly sliced tomatoes. There’s also a drizzle of honey that’s unique but delish.

I always add a fried egg to the top, plus some hot sauce for good measure! Enjoy!

19. Mushroom Pesto Pizza 

In the mood for a deliciously cheesy and savory pizza? This mushroom pizza checks all boxes. 

It includes meaty mushrooms paired with a bright pesto sauce that’s hard to resist. 

Don’t be shy when it comes to cheese. It’s piled high with sliced mozzarella and grated Provolone or cheddar for a sharp kick. 

20. Pizza Radicchio, Fontina and Walnuts 

Pizza with radicchio, fontina cheese, and walnuts makes the perfect wintertime treat.

It’s decedent and hearty, like a good sausage pizza. And the blend of radicchio and mushrooms are all the “meat” you need.

Top it with chopped walnuts, mozzarella, and fontina cheese for even more protein and nutty goodness. Yum!

20 Vegetarian Pizza Toppings (+ Recipes)

As much as I love pepperoni, these vegetarian pizza toppings are too good to miss. They’re bright, fresh, and so filling, you won’t miss the meat one bit!


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  • Prep a delicious vegetarian pizza in 30 minutes or less!
Vegetarian Pizza Toppings (+ Recipes)

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