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12 Vegan Recipes with Pesto to Try

Whether you’re a strict vegan or an avid carnivore, you’ll love these vegan recipes with pesto.

Pesto is highly versatile and easy to make vegan. Just ditch the Parmesan or use a simple swap. Easy peasy.

Comforting Pasta with Vegetables and Pesto Sauce
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One of the most common alternatives to Parmesan cheese is, of course, vegan parmesan. But nutritional yeast or cashew cheese both work, too.

As for the dishes, you’ll find nothing but the best plant-based recipes here.

There’s a tasty pesto pizza, creamy pesto linguine, and even a comforting pesto grilled cheese.

So whether you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta, or vegan Greek recipes, I’ve got you covered.

10+ Vegan Pesto Recipes We Adore

1. Vegan Pesto Pasta 

This pasta is a staple in my weekly dinner routine. It takes a vegan homemade pesto and turns it into a gratifying meal. 

As for the pesto, this homemade recipe uses vegan cashew and miso. Pair it with some bright cherry tomatoes and al dente spaghetti for a simple dinner. 

What I like most is this fresh, light vegan pesto pasta doesn’t weigh you down like overloaded pasta with red sauce.

2. Vegan Pesto Pizza 

Pesto pizza comes in many variations, but this manages to combine a whirl of flavors and textures in each slice.

To build the perfect pie, roll out your dough until it’s nice and thin.

Slather on a layer of pesto sauce, then top with tomato slices, pine nuts, and a sprinkle of vegan parmesan. 

And then, get this, you toss peppery arugula and a sweet balsamic glaze on top!

This pizza is packed to the brim with fresh, tangy, sweet, and savory flavors. Bonus points for the added nutty crunch!

3. Avocado Pesto Pasta 

Avocado is pesto’s partner in crime. Together, they make a creamy sauce that tastes good on practically everything. 

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One of the quickest ways to enjoy it is with this 15 minutes meal. 

Using a food processor, toss in all your avocado pesto sauce ingredients and blend until you reach a creamy, smooth consistency. 

Combine that with your pasta of choice, throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes, and dinner is ready! 

4. Creamy Vegan Linguine 

Test your kitchen skills with this culinary masterpiece. 

This elegant dish starts by coating breadcrumbs with Scala’s vegan pesto. Then saute a fragrant concoction of squash, broccoli, chili, capers, and alliums. 

That gets added to a rich white wine cream sauce with more veggies, lemon, and vegan cheese. Drench that on the linguine noodles, then bake. 

This rustic skillet would be a fabulous pairing for any celebration. 

5. Baked Vegan Pesto Pasta

Another ravishing baked pasta is this summer dish. I love how vibrant all the fresh veggies look and even more how they taste. 

This recipe uses tomatoes and zucchini. But I think yellow squash and mini bell peppers would taste great too.

Of course, no pasta bake would be complete without some cheese!

Vegan cheese and nutritional yeast are a must for this dish. You’ll want to use it in the pesto and sprinkle some in with the veggies. 

Use a gluten-free pasta like penne or fusilli and everyone will be able to dig into this dish.

6. Pesto Zoodles 

These zoodles are a big hit in my household. They’re super fun to make and require minimal ingredients.

I like to prep my pesto first, then I start zoodling. With a spiralizer, making the noodles is easier than it looks, and kids love this task. 

With zucchini as the base and a simple pesto to coat, everyone will be devouring their veggies without a fuss.

7. Pesto Spaghetti with Vegan Meatballs 

This recipe takes a classic dish and gives it a delightful vegan twist. It’s super filling, satisfying, and tastes like the comforts of home.

To make, you’ll take a can of chickpeas and turn them into hefty meatballs similar to falafel. 

You’ll need ingredients like walnuts, nutritional yeast, flax meal, and pesto to achieve the right texture and meaty taste.

They’ll require a bit of patience, but the final results are incredibly scrumptious.

8. Vegan Pesto Lasagna

I love this lasagna lets me have all the cheesy goodness I want minus the guilt. It’s the perfect combination of fresh, creamy, and savory. 

The pesto gives the lasagna a garden-fresh glow that contrasts the luscious creamy cashew ricotta cheese. 

Add in the bright canned tomatoes, and you’ll have a dinner fit enough for a Christmas feast. 

Holiday or not, this is a winner any time of year. It will satisfy your cheesy carb cravings with a healthy dose of veggies to go along with it. 

9. Mediterranean Pesto Flatbread 

This is actually one of my all-time favorite vegan 4th of July recipes.

Flatbread is super easy to make, great on a buffet table, and always a winner – even without the cheese and meat.

Plus, you can use pre-made pizza dough to make a whole bunch to serve a crowd.

Top them with pesto, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, and red onion, and they’ll fly off the plate.

10. Tomato Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas are a vegan powerhouse ingredient. They provide a wealth of nutrition and are incredibly versatile. 

One of my go-to lunch staples is a chickpea salad. There’s a handful of ways I make it, but this one is by far my favorite. 

It features a bountiful base of chickpeas, spinach, tomatoes, and Persian cucumbers. All that gets tossed in an oil-free pesto dressing. 

Going oil-free may sound tricky, but this recipe has it nailed down. 

White miso and lemon juice infuse basil, pine nuts, garlic, and nutritional yeast for a spectacular pesto sauce that’s super unique. 

11. Ultimate Vegan Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are incredibly versatile and nourishing. They require five main ingredients which are grain, protein, veggies, dressing, and a crunchy topping. 

When I need a hearty and happy fall vegan recipe, I make this bowl. 

The quinoa and chickpeas add a double dose of protein. While the roasted sweet potatoes make it super filling. 

My favorite part, though, is the dairy-free pesto. It takes pesto to a whole other level with the addition of cashew parmesan and fresh kale.

12. Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

While this may taste like it’s rich in dairy, I guarantee it’s 100 percent vegan.

Slap some pesto on sourdough bread with sun-dried tomatoes and vegan mozzarella. Then grill that up until you reach gooey perfection. 

Use vegan butter to get the bread golden brown. For a hint of sweetness, this recipe drizzles on some balsamic glaze.

This mouthwatering creation is the epitome of vegan comfort food. And one that all grilled cheese lovers will enjoy!

12 Best Vegan Pesto Recipe Collection

Try these vegan recipes with pesto for easy meals the whole family will love. From pasta to pizza to salad, pesto is the perfect ingredient in vegan dishes.


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Vegan Recipes with Pesto

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