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30 Easy Dandelion Recipes From Tea to Pesto

Between the vitamins, folate, calcium, and potassium, these dandelion recipes are as nutritious as they are delicious.

So if you’ve never cooked with this little weed before, now’s the time to give it a try!

Sautéed Dandelion Greens Salad with Boiled Eggs
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Surprisingly, dandelions are a powerful superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Best of all, they’re a super versatile ingredient. And you can use it all, from the petals to the roots.

I’m talking everything from savory main dishes and hearty soups to drinks and even sweet treats.

So, why not whip up one of these magical dandelion recipes instead of just mowing them away?

Best Ever Sautéed Dandelion Greens and More!

1. Sautéed Dandelion Greens Roman Style (Cicoria Alla Romana)

Dandelion greens are a staple in Roman cuisine. They’re cheap yet packed with excellent health benefits and rich flavor.

And with just a handful of ingredients, this recipe transforms these garden greens into something magical.

Spicy, peppery, and a bit bitter, sautéed dandelion greens pair perfectly with almost any dish.

2. Dandelion Honey From Flowers

Did you know you can make vegan honey with dandelions, sugar, vanilla, and a bit of lemon?

The taste is delicate and unique, with floral and citrus notes. It’s a pale golden color and has a delightful, earthy flavor.

Use it in tea or your favorite baked goods.

3. Vegan Dandelion Bread

Meet the perfect vegan bread recipe for anyone missing their daily fix of carbs.

Dandelion flower petals add light, citrusy flavors to an otherwise sweet treat. Plus, it has subtle bitterness that’ll delight your taste buds until the last bite.

The best part? It’s not too dense, unlike some other vegan bread recipes.

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4. Infused Dandelion Vinegar

It’s time to start infusing your life – and your dinners – with dandelion vinegar!

And all you need to do is infuse white wine vinegar with fresh dandelion flowers. It mellows the acidity, making it mildly sweet and slightly bitter.

This unique vinegar is the perfect addition to salads for a bright touch of springtime.

5. Dandelion Jelly

Looking for a fresh, new jelly recipe you can easily make at home? Then, dandelion jelly is the thing.

These bright yellow flowers make this jelly taste a little like honey, with a brilliant lemony kick.

It’s a soft, spreadable jam that tastes like spring in every bite!

Best of all, this recipe uses minimal ingredients that are probably in your pantry already!

6. Dandelion Tea

Delight your senses with a cup of dandelion tea!

It’s a delicious blend of dandelion petals steeped in boiling water. Sweeten it with sugar or dandelion honey for even more of that floral goodness.

This refreshing beverage is perfect for any time of the day. Serve it hot or cold and sip to your heart’s content.

7. Dandelion Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

These cupcakes are the perfect marriage of sweet and sour. 

The frosting is creamy and tart, while the cupcakes have a hint of floral sweetness.

They’re moist, fluffy, and come out of the oven with a perfect golden brown goodness.

These little beauties are ideal for a picnic or Easter brunch.

8. Dandelion Pesto

Dandelion pesto is the perfect way to add a little herby zing to your next meal. It’s nutrient-rich, full of flavor, and packed with bright green goodness.

This recipe features dandelion greens and traditional pesto ingredients. 

However, cloves and turmeric powder are also in the mix, making it earthy and warm.

Toss it in your favorite pasta, spread it on bread, or try it with chicken or fish; you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

9. Sautéed Dandelion Greens with Eggs

Start your day right and throw some dandelion greens in with your morning eggs.

This recipe is my favorite way to welcome spring, and it’s loaded with goodness.

Between the rich flavor, bitter notes, and protein from the eggs, it’s light and refreshing but still super satisfying!

I especially love the creamy and salty feta on top!

10. Hanger Steak with Dandelion, Arugula, and Grana Padano

Looking for an elegant date night meal to impress your honey? This hanger steak recipe is just the ticket.

The bitter, slightly sweet greens pair wonderfully with the rich, meaty steak. It’s definitely for anyone who likes spinach or asparagus with their steak dinner.

You’ll also add arugula and Grana Padano cheese for an extra boost of bitter and umami goodness.

11. Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee with Fennel and Cinnamon

Have you been looking for something fun to replace your morning cup of joe? Then you’re in luck!

Dandelion is technically a weed, but I think it’s a pretty amazing one.

Not only is it pretty, but its roots are full of vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent coffee alternative!

The root is roasted and paired with fennel and cinnamon. Each sip will surely wake up your senses with its unique flavor!

12. Dandelion Mocha

Craving the taste of coffee but hate that jittery feeling you get from caffeine? Then, a cup of dandelion mocha is just what you need.

It’ll warm you up on a chilly day and give you an energy boost. Serve it with a slice of honey bun cake for the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up.

13. Dandelion Mead Recipe (Dandelion Wine Made With Honey)

This recipe is for you if you’ve ever wanted to try homemade mead. It’s easy to make and even easier to drink.

Featuring honey, dandelion petals, lemon, and champagne yeast, it’s sweet and citrusy with floral notes, making it the perfect summer drink.

14. Dandelion Soda

Dandelion soda is a naturally fermented drink with a ginger bug starter (a starter culture similar to sourdough), so it’s got some kick.

This carbonated tonic is made with dandelion petals, sugar, and lemon. It’s perfect if you like a little fizz in your drink but want something unique.

A cold glass of this dandelion soda will surely bring a burst of freshness in every sip.

15. Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine is a light, refreshing beverage perfect for summer picnics and beach days.

It’s made with fresh dandelion flowers, which are known for their natural detoxifying properties.

They’re distilled into a sweet, golden liquid that’s bright and citrusy.

Sip and swirl this rich dandelion wine for a unique, hearty experience!

16. Cumin-Scented Lentils With Sausage and Dandelion Green

These cumin-scented lentils are a terrific way to mix up your dinner routine. It’s full of fiber and protein, and it’s super filling to boot.

The dandelion greens add an earthy flavor and the sausage bring smoky meatiness. 

It’s guaranteed to warm you up on a chilly day.

17. Dandelion Greens + Bean Skillet

Packed with greens, herbs, spices, and aromatics, these greens and beans combine savory and earthy flavors to tickle your tastebuds.

Made in one skillet, this is a terrific vegan meal. That said, it’s fabulous with some roasted chicken or fish.

18. Dandelion Root Muffins

These muffins are hearty, bold, and not overly sweet. I think they’re perfect for breakfast with a bit of almond butter on top!

Made with dandelion root, each muffin is packed with natural ingredients that are filling and nutritious.

Plus, they’re fluffy, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free! Serve them with a cup of tea for a hearty breakfast or afternoon snack.

19. Dandelion Shortbread Cookies

Dandelion shortbread cookies are a treat for the eyes and the palate.

These delicate melt-in-your-mouth treats are sure to become one of your favorites.

The buttery cookie base is loaded with dandelion petals, giving the dough a delicate, slightly nutty flavor and a pop of color.

Each bite of these cookies brings sunshine and sweetness to brighten your day.

20. Dandelion Fritters

These fritters are so good; you’ll want to eat them for every meal!

They’re super unique and fun, with a soft flavor from the dandelion flowers and plenty of herbs and spices.

The fluffy texture of the batter and the crispy outer coating make these fritters irresistible.

21. Creamy Dandelion Soup {Paleo, Vegan, Whole30}

When you’re in the mood for a light and creamy soup, this dandelion soup fits the bill.

The combination of dandelion greens and cashews makes it super creamy while still healthy.

It’s also loaded with cauliflower and celery for a nutrient-rich dish.

With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll have a delicious meal to warm your soul in no time.

22. Dandelion Egg Noodles

These dandelion egg noodles are a delicious, easy-to-make treat for spring! And all you need is eggs, dandelion greens, and flour.

They’re richer and more flavorful than traditional egg noodles, with a bright green color to boot.

Serve them with any pasta sauce, and they’re sure to please.

23. Pici Pasta with Dandelion Greens

Looking for an extra-filling pasta dish that’s a breeze to make? I’ve got you covered!

A bowl of this pasta is so simple, yet it’s amazingly rich.

You’ll sauté dandelion greens with garlic and olive oil until they’re tender. Then toss them with pici pasta and finish with cheese and bread crumbs. Yum!

24. Pickled Dandelion Capers

Dandelion capers are briny, salty, and great on salads or as a garnish for other dishes.

This recipe uses dandelion buds that are fermented for 7 to 10 days. The result is a flavorful caper that you can store in the fridge for months!

25. Dandelion Green Smoothie

This dandelion green smoothie is sure to wake you up! It’s bright, sweet, and refreshing, making it the perfect way to start the day.

Loaded with frozen berries, bananas, and dandelion greens, it also features a dash of cinnamon for extra richness.

Every sip of this smoothie will give you a boost of energy to get through your day.

Feel free to add a dash of dandelion honey if you want it sweeter!

26. Dandelion Cupcakes with Sunflower Seeds

Dandelion cupcakes with sunflower seeds are the perfect treat for a sunny day!

These soft, sweet, and moist cupcakes fill your mouth with dandelion flavor, while the sunflower seeds are a delightfully crunchy contrast to the fluffy cake.

Between the vibrant golden brown color and fresh edible flowers, these cupcakes are a real treat.

27. Dandelion Green Pesto, Fresh Fig, and Gorgonzola Pizza with Prosciutto

Sweet figs, sharp, biting gorgonzola, and earthy dandelion pesto with gooey fontina cheese and salty prosciutto?

Yeah, it’s as scrumptious as it sounds.

This unique pizza is topped with fresh flowers for a pop of color and hearty floral notes.

One bite, and you’ll crave it again and again.

28. Greens-Stuffed, Cheese-Stuffed Quesadilla

Stuffed with a delicious blend of greens and cheese, this quesadilla is my favorite way to get my daily dose of veggies.

I enjoy the flavor of corn tortillas, but you can use any you like best. Either way, it’ll burst with flavor and melty cheese.

29. Healthy Potato Salad with Dandelion Greens

Forget the usual fatty potato salad and try this green twist for your next BBQ.

This potato salad is loaded with dandelion greens, garlic, ginger, coriander, turmeric, cumin, and smoked paprika.

So it’s bright, spiced, and bursting with fragrant deliciousness.

I think this is best served warm with the potatoes nice and crispy.

30. Dandelion Greens Sauté with Bacon & Raisins

Dandelion greens are a nutritious addition to your diet, but like kale, they can be bitter and tough.

Luckily, this recipe will help you prepare them!

From the spices and raisins to the smoky bacon, it’s ideal for parties and BBQs. Pair it with grilled meat or seafood for a hearty meal.

30 Best Ways To Cook With Dandelions (+ Recipe Collection)

Between the vitamins, folate, calcium, and potassium, these bright and easy dandelion recipes are as nutritious as they are delicious.


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Dandelion Recipes

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