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25 Jelly Recipes to Make at Home

Looking for a sweet, delectable condiment to enhance your dishes? Then you need to make one of these incredible jelly recipes

The thing I love most about jelly is how versatile the flavors can be. Tart, spicy, sweet, savory, you name it and jelly can be it! 

Panna Cotta with Orange Jelly
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I used to think that canning jellies was a long, difficult process. But I quickly discovered it’s way easier than I thought!

From decadent sandwiches to gourmet ice creams, there are so many reasons to whip up these jelly recipes. 

Bust out those mason jars and let’s start canning! 

1. Mandarin Orange Jelly

Tangy mandarin orange jelly is a spoonful of happiness on a cold winter day.

Spread some on your toast or smear it on an oozing grilled cheese.

But before you dig in, let the jelly rest for a few days. That way it will fully gel.

2. Strawberry Jelly 

This all-around crowd-pleaser will be your new household staple. 

Succulent strawberries simmer in a water bath with a squeeze of lemon and low sugar pectin. 

Be sure to hull your strawberries first and let them strain overnight. That way, you can achieve a smooth texture and ripe berry flavor. 

3. Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Jelly

For a real treat, dollop a spoonful of this jelly on top of some vanilla ice cream.

The crimson tang of rhubarb and the subtle sweetness of vanilla bean turn ice cream into pure decadence.

Of course, you could also slap some on a nut butter sandwich for a quick satiating lunch.  

4. Blueberry Jelly

If you’re craving the bright bursting flavor of blueberry jelly, this is the recipe for you.

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This classic flavor requires only three ingredients, which include fresh wild blueberries. If you don’t have time to forage, store-bought works, too.

However, you’ll need a food processor or powerful blender like a Vitamix to squeeze out every juicy drop. 

5. Mulled Cider Jelly

Mulled cider jelly makes for a wonderful holiday gift the whole family will love. 

The combo of mulling spices and raw apple cider tastes like seasonal greetings all in one adorable jar. 

For canning, you’ll want to follow the directions precisely. Otherwise, you’ll need to consume this jelly within three weeks tops. 

6. Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly

The refreshingly wild flavors of tart blackberries and spicy jalapenos meld together like a dream.

This recipe uses both green and red jalapenos. How much you use depends upon how spicy you want it.

For hotter jelly, opt for an additional pepper. For milder jelly, use half of each.

Either way, I say slather some on a rack of fall-off-the-bone tender ribs next time you barbecue. 

7. Wild Plum Jelly

Mouth puckering wild plums make the perfect pairing for a homemade jelly. It’s tart, fruity, and pleasantly sweet.

This recipe does require the tedious work of removing pits from each tiny plum. 

But the results are totally worth it!

8. Spiced Apple Jelly

What better way to celebrate the bounty of fall than with this spiced apple jelly?

The jelly features a delightful blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and apple juice.

This recipe does call for juicing apples which will require a bit of time. But you can turn it into a fun activity the whole family will enjoy!

9. Honey Lemon Jelly

Honey lemon jelly reminds me of a buzzing blooming garden on a sunny spring day. 

The secret to the bright, clean taste lies in the lemon. You’ll want to use both the juice and the zest.

I recommend dolloping a dose on a homemade lemon poppy scone and pairing it with a warm ginger tea. 

10. Cranberry Jelly

Turkey sandwiches just got an upgrade with this homemade cranberry jelly.

To make, you’ll need to pop each and every cranberry before boiling and straining.

You’ll also want to remove any foam that forms, so the jelly turns out clear. 

Delightfully tart and sweet, cranberry jelly pairs best with savory meals. 

11. Apple Cucumber Jelly

I never would have thought of adding cucumber to my jelly until I tried this recipe. 

It adds a hint of garden-picked freshness that will liven up any dish.  

Use it on a BLT instead of mayo for a wildly refreshing treat. 

12. Candy Apple Jelly

Indulge your taste buds with this candy apple jelly. Red Hots candy and apple juice are the stars of the show.

Opt for your favorite apple juice brand and you’ll have this jelly canned and cooling in 15 minutes. 

Once it’s ready, grab some crackers and dig in!

13. Pomegranate Jelly

Goat cheese, say hello to pomegranate jelly. 

The vibrant pop of juicy pomegranate seeds is the perfect compliment for creamy goat cheese. 

Make this duo your next crostini topping and all your guests will be raving. 

14. Fire and Ice Jelly

Smoked pork belly just found its new best friend. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s beyond delicious!

For fire and ice jelly, you’ll meld together chili pepper flakes, red pepper, lemon juice, and dessert wine. 

Oh, and don’t forget the pectin! This is key to get your jelly to, well, gel. 

15. Concord Grape Jelly

A classic PB&J sandwich wouldn’t be anything without concord grape jelly. 

This nostalgic recipe is reminiscent of school lunches without the artificial flavor. 

Smear some on toasted wheat bread with a heaping of peanut butter and sink your teeth in. 

16. Hot Pepper Jelly

Simply stunning is how I describe this hot pepper jelly.

Red and green bell peppers along with jalapenos are boiled in apple cider vinegar for a unique twist. 

I love pairing this jelly with crackers and cream cheese. It also tastes phenomenal on chicken wings. 

17. Red Currant Jelly

Why even bother with store-bought jelly when you can make this delicious recipe at home!

Currants are one of my favorite ingredients when it comes to jelly. And this recipe is crazy good. 

It’s sweet, sour, and berry-licious! Better yet, it’s easy to make.

18. Crabapple Jelly

The thing I love about crabapple jelly is that adding pectin isn’t necessary. The crabapples are already full of this plant fiber. 

The best way to get as much pectin as possible is to let the juice strain completely. 

That way you get the ideal gelatinous texture and wonderfully sharp flavor. 

Try it in a homemade vinaigrette and pour it on a salad for a refreshingly light meal. 

19. Corn Cob Jelly

Corn cob jelly tastes like a fresh summertime breeze. What’s even better is it’s a great way to reduce food waste!

Rather than using corn kernels, this recipe uses just the cob of the corn. How genius is that!

For an epic pairing, slather some on top of succulent grilled shrimp skewers.

20. Beet Jelly

This beet jelly has a special place in my heart. It’s not hard to make, and it tastes amazing!

You’ll have to let the beets simmer for about 30 minutes, but the rest is a cinch from there. 

I love this bright, earthy jelly on flatbreads with creamy brie cheese. I also love how it tastes on avocado toast. 

21. Habanero Jelly

Nothing balances out the sweetness of jelly quite like some fiery habaneros.

To mellow out the heat, habaneros are paired with slightly sweet orange bell peppers. 

These contrasting flavors pair so well it will be your new guilty pleasure for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Speaking of dinner, habanero jelly glazed pork chops anybody?

22. Ruby Red Grapefruit Jelly 

I am obsessed with this jelly! I love how the pop of citrus enhances salmon tacos and juicy lamb burgers. 

When making this recipe, you’ll need a large pot for boiling. And you’ll want to make sure to stir constantly. 

Burnt citrus can have an unpleasant taste that would distract from the wonders of this jelly. 

23. Red Pepper Jelly

What can you do with red pepper jelly? Oh, let me count the ways! 

Red pepper jelly is excellent paired with goat cheese. It’s also perfect for a Monterey Jack grilled cheese. 

However, my new favorite way to enjoy this jelly is to use it as a dip for meatball skewers. 

When making this recipe, you may want to add a bit more pectin to make sure you get the right consistency. 

24. Pear Jelly

This is the jelly your cheeseboard has been missing! 

The fresh ripe flavor pairs beautifully with nutty gruyere, creamy Havarti, pungent blue cheese, and more. 

Be sure to leave the skin on the pears. They are full of pectin! 

Whip up a batch, and you’ll get about five half-pint jars of glistening jewel-colored jelly. 

25. Wine Jelly

Wracking your brain for a party appetizer? Well, look no further. 

Wine jelly will be a smash at your next gathering. 

Use red wine when boiling to get a richer, bolder flavor. You could also opt for white wine for a lighter, fruitier taste.  

How you serve this jelly is up to you. But you can’t go wrong with a fully loaded charcuterie board.

25 Jellies to Make at Home


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