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17 Cold Brew Cocktails for Coffee Lovers

Fall is days away, so put down those bright, fruity drinks and make these phenomenal cold brew cocktails instead.

They’re smooth, boozy, and impossible to resist.

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail with Orange
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You’ll love these cool, dark drinks if you think cold brew is superior to regular coffee.

They pack a mean punch in the caffeine department, and we all know that coffee is extra special with a bit of booze.

Plus, cold brew has low acidity and mixes well with the sharp bite of alcohol, creating a match made in heaven for cocktail connoisseurs. 

Tempted? Of course, you are!

So give these cold brew cocktails a shot. You won’t regret it.

15+ Delicious Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes

1. Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail – Coffee Cocktail

Who knew cold brew and bourbon could create something so magical?

You’ll love how the sweet, smoky flavors of bourbon mix together with the roasted notes of coffee. 

But this recipe doesn’t stop there.

Triple sec and maple syrup infuse delicious, citrusy sweetness into the drink. So it’s boozy, but it’s nice and sweet too.

2. Cold Brew Martini

Move over, espresso martini; there’s a new sheriff in town.

The espresso martini really had a moment this summer. But now it’s time to innovate the classic cocktail.

The cold brew martini tastes like sweet coffee ice cream coupled with the sharp bite of vodka.

If this sounds like heaven to you, be sure to give this recipe a whirl.

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3. Cold Brew Coffee Spritzer

The next time you’re craving a good mocktail, keep this recipe in mind.

It contains a yummy combination of cold brew, tonic water, and citrus to create a zesty bevy you’ll crave again and again.

The coffee simulates the harsh bite of booze, so you can enjoy a fizzy drink without a hangover. 

4. Cold Brew Brandy Alexander

A traditional Brandy Alexander features cognac, crème de cacao, and cream.

But since all of those things pair well with coffee, why not just add it right to the glass?

After one sip, you’ll be wondering why you never tried this genius rendition before.

It tastes like the traditional Brandy Alexander drink with a caffeinated twist that cuts through the creamy sweetness. 

This is one tasty drink that’ll make waves with your party guests.

5. Cold Brew Bourbon Mocha

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this dreamy drink, and the results are outstanding.

It tastes like your favorite iced mocha from Starbucks but a little more grown-up.

Anyone who has a big sweet tooth will undoubtedly appreciate this recipe. And all it takes is a few seconds in a shaker.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, coat the rim with chocolate syrup and top with a dollop of whipped cream. Don’t forget the cherry on top!

6. Peanut Butter Coffee Cocktail

Who knew peanut butter and coffee could be so delicious together?

If you’re skeptical of this unlikely duo, allow this recipe to change your mind. I promise you’ll quickly fall in love with the rich, nutty flavors. 

All you have to do to create this unique cocktail is combine cold brew coffee with peanut butter whisky and coffee liquor. 

If you really want to take this drink to new frontiers, add a splash of cream for even more decadence.

The roasted flavors of peanut butter pair perfectly with the coffee and whisky, making this one soothing sip for your palate.

7. JavaChata Cocktail 

If you love anything horchata-related, then this might become your new favorite recipe.

Every sip unleashes a flurry of sweet, cinnamon-rum flavors onto your palate. And it’s all balanced out perfectly by the bitterness of espresso.

Of course, the best part about this one (besides the Kahlua) is the coffee ice cubes. They’ll cool it down without watering out the taste.

So, you’re able to add even more java flavor without overpowering the drink.

8. Rosemary Vanilla Cold Brew Cocktail

Sweet, creamy, and slightly herbaceous, this unique cold brew cocktail is one for the books.

Bom Bom is a creamy, dairy-free rum that’s insanely delicious in cocktails. If you can’t find it, just use a blend of dark rum, almond milk, and vanilla.

As for the herbs, you’ll make a quick rosemary and vanilla syrup which is so delicious, you’ll want it in everything.

9. Strawberry Mojito Cold Brew Cocktail

I know what you’re thinking: strawberries, rum, mint, and…coffee?

You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Not only is it super refreshing, but it’s also insanely delicious.

Feel free to modify the amounts here. I like a little extra sparkling water in the mix, but my bestie is gaga for that strawberry simple syrup.

10. Cold Brew Americano 

If your bartending skills are a little less than amateur, this drink is here to save the day. 

It’s surprisingly easy to whip up, but the flavor will trick your guests into thinking it’s come straight from a mixologist.

It tastes like a classic negroni, but you’ll swap out gin for cold brew coffee and lemon juice. 

This way, you get to achieve a unique flavor profile with a caffeinated bonus. 

Intrigued by cold brew? Check out these stunning Javy coffee recipes.

11. Cold Brew White Russian

Let’s revamp another classic, shall we?

Although, I’m not sure why this one is called a “White Russian” when it’s very clearly a “Black Russian.”

The latter being a blend of vodka and coffee liqueur. To make it “White,” you need to add cream.

But regardless of the mix-up in the title, this Japanese-inspired cold brew cocktail is heavenly.

The secret ingredient is Nigori sake, a sweet spirit that lends itself well to coffee. You’ll use it instead of vodka for a more mellow taste.

And hey, you can always make this into a White Russian if you like. Just add a dash of heavy cream.

12. Cold Brew Irish Coffee 

No weekend brunch is complete without this fabulous recipe.

We all know Irish coffee is a dreamy mix of hot coffee and whisky. But now, get ready to meet its icy counterpart.

By swapping out brewed java for cold brew, you can create a refreshing drink that’s perfect for the summer months. 

13. Twisted Black Russian Drink with Vanilla Vodka and Cold Brew

Okay, this one gets it right! A dark drink full of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cold brew coffee for an extra kick.

This is a Black Russian at its best.

After sipping this smooth bevy, you won’t know whether to feel perked up or chilled out.

14. Bailey’s Iced Coffee

If you’re looking for a cocktail that’s boozy, sugary, and refreshing, this recipe is for you.

It tastes like your regular iced coffee order from Starbucks with a delicious addition of Irish cream and chocolate liquor to shake things up.

If Guinness isn’t your jam, then serve up this sweet drink at your next St. Patty’s Day bash.

15. Siciliano 

Do you want a fancy aperitif for your next dinner party? If so, you can’t beat this coffee-infused delight.

To create this innovative drink, you blend cold brew coffee with sweet vermouth, simple syrup, and club soda.

Every smooth sip goes down easy, delighting your taste buds with a sharp cherry tartness.

16. The Lion, The Witch, and The (Low Carb) Pumpkin Spice White Russian

Here’s another White Russian – and this one is actually white!

It’s also infused with pumpkin spice, making it extra sweet and addictive.

You’ll use keto pumpkin spice creamer to get that hit of fall flavors. Of course, if you’re not worried about carbs, you can use any creamer you prefer.

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner, this is one treat everyone will love.

17. Dark Moon Cocktail 

You might turn your nose up at the thought of Coca-Cola and coffee, but trust me, you’ll love with this unlikely duo.

Every sip offers a burst of sugary, creamy refreshment. If you’re a fan of coke floats, you’ll appreciate this adult version.

17 Cold Brew Cocktails for Coffee Lovers

Fall is days away, so put down those fruity drinks and make these phenomenal cold brew cocktails instead. They’re smooth, boozy, and impossible to resist.


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  • Prep a delicious cold brew cocktail in 30 minutes or less!

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