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25 Best Chocolate Cocktails You’ll Ever Taste

These chocolate cocktails are proof that you can add chocolate to just about anything – as long as you’re willing to experiment, of course.

Luckily, plenty of chocoholics are willing to test the limits of what you can add to a cocktail shaker.

Boozy Chocolate Martini Cocktail
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I know because I’m one of them. And I did the demanding work of compiling this list of chocolate cocktails just for you.

I even went the extra mile and tested them first! 

I know; I’m a saint.

Okay, okay! So it wasn’t exactly “demanding.” Instead, it was delicious, decadent, and oh-so-boozy.

Ready to dive in? I know I am!

1. Chocolate Martini

Let’s start with the chocolate martini.

It’s classy; it’s elegant; it’s chocolate and booze. What more could you need to know?!

(To be fair, I could say that about everything on this list.)

This one is a creamy, vodka-packed chocolate delight. And the chocolate ganache swirl and the shavings make it that much tastier.

Give it a try; I know you’ll love it. 

2. Death by Chocolate Cocktail

This triple-layer chocolate treat features loads of chocolate, coffee, and vodka.

It’s cold and creamy, and you’ll top it with whipped cream and a cherry, making it more like dessert than a drink.

It’s like a boozy milkshake, and it is very indulgent. As the name suggests, it just might kill you.

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But there are worse ways to go, right?

3. Chocolate Mint Julep

Are you a Thin Mints or Peppermint Patty kind of person? Either way, this drink is perfect for you. 

The bourbon base makes it warm and rich. And the minty chocolate flavor leaves you feeling refreshed after drinking it.

It’s a beautiful after-dinner dessert drink. 

4. Chocolate Old Fashioned

Perhaps you prefer to taste the whiskey while you’re drinking it? In that case, the Old Fashioned might be a better option for you.

It has a warm, robust bourbon flavor with just a hint of chocolatey sweetness. The orange bitters and orange slices are a nice compliment, as well. 

It’s not quite like drinking a chocolate orange, but it’s close.

5. White Chocolate Martini

Looking for something a bit more festive? Check out this white chocolate martini.

It’s thick, creamy, and delightfully minty. It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than that. 

6. Brandy Alexander

The famous Brandy Alexander is another terrific evening drink.

It combines brandy, creme de cacao, half and half, and a tiny pinch of ground nutmeg.

Top it with whipped cream for extra decadence if you like. Either way, you’ll be licking your lips to savor every last drop.

7. Angel’s Tip Cocktail

This layered drink is like a chocolate-covered cherry in a glass.

It uses just four ingredients and takes only three minutes to prepare, but it tastes over-the-top amazing.

It’s a fantastic drink for any occasion, but I think it works best for Valentine’s Day.

8. Chocolate Malt Ball Grasshopper Cocktails

I have no idea where the dessert starts and the drink ends in this cocktail. It doesn’t just blur the line between them – it obliterates it. 

It’s a gorgeous green drink with a rich chocolate swirl.

It’s supremely chocolatey and exceptionally minty. Plus, you’ll make it with ice cream

If you have kids, be ready to make the mocktail version, too. There’s no way they’ll let you have something so yummy without demanding one.

9. Mexican Spiked Hot Chocolate Cocktail or Mocktail

If you’ve ever had Mexican hot chocolate, you know it’s different from its American cousin.

Instead of something overly sweet and synthetic, this version is super-rich, with a spectacular spicy heat beneath the sweetness.

This cocktail has that same kick, but you’ll spike it with more than spice. You’ll also add some tequila gold and chocolate liqueur. 

Try it just once, and you’ll be craving it for years. It’s a spiced and spiked drink you’re not likely to forget. 

10. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Martini

This pretty pink drink combines two of my favorite things: chocolate and strawberries.

It features an intense chocolate flavor, but you’ll get notes of strawberries in every sip.

It’s rich, totally over the top, and perfect for date night. Don’t forget to add some sliced strawberries as a garnish too.

11. The Ultimate Frozen Chocolate Mudslide 

If you’ve never had a Mudslide…well, I’m not sure how that could be possible.

After all, if you like to drink and you enjoy chocolate, a Mudslide is almost a rite of passage. 

But if you haven’t had one, there’s no sense dwelling on the past. Head to the kitchen and make one now!

Icy-cold, chocolatey, thick, and creamy, it’s more of a dessert than a drink. Plus, you can add all kinds of fun garnishes.

Honestly, you could leave the alcohol out of this one and probably never notice. It’s just pure chocolate madness.

12. Chocolate Cake Shot

This two-ingredient drink is tiny but potent.

Combining cake-flavored vodka and chocolate liqueur, there’s nothing to “water it down,” so it hits hard and fast.

Decorate it with whipped cream and sprinkles if you like. Or just knock it back as it is.

Either way, it won’t take many to get you buzzed.

13. Bourbon Ball

You’ll appreciate this creamy drink if you like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher.

It features the warm flavors of chocolate and hazelnut with an oaky bourbon base.

Unlike most bourbon cocktails, the Bourbon Ball is exceptionally sweet. You’ll barely taste the alcohol at all.

14. The Amaretto Sour

If you’ve never had a genuine Amaretto Sour, do yourself a favor and try your hand at this recipe right now.

There’s nothing quite like it. It’s rich, sweet, and slightly tart all at once with a complex flavor that’s hard to describe.

There are notes of caramel, nuts, vanilla, chocolate, and more.

It takes a little practice to get right, but you’ll be so glad you did. It may just become your new favorite drink.

15. Golden Cadillac

This 5-minute, three-ingredient drink is surprisingly nuanced. It’s both flavorful and fancy and has a lovely but straightforward appearance.

Top-Tip: Mix an egg white with the cream for a fluffier drink. It doesn’t change the taste, but it does wonders for consistency.

16. Chocolate White Russian

This recipe puts a chocolatey twist on the classic White Russian.

No offense to the Dude, but I think this is the superior drink. (Hey! Chocoholic, remember?!)

The two cocktails are almost identical as they both feature Kahlua, heavy cream, and vodka.

Only this one just adds thick, sticky chocolate sauce. Yummmmmmy.

17. Bay Hill Hummer

You’ve heard of the Arnold Palmer, I’m sure. The Bay Hill Hummer is less famous, but it originated in the same spot. 

It’s a thick, ice cream-based drink that’s more milkshake than cocktail. It’s sweet but relatively mild, and there’s more vanilla flavor than chocolate.

Still, even the staunchest chocolate lovers will appreciate it. It does contain dark crème de cacao and cocoa powder, after all! 

18. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Champagne Cocktail

Here’s another strawberry and chocolate drink that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

You’ll mix chocolate vodka, champagne, and fresh strawberries to make it.

It’s a rich, bubbly drink that’s delightfully sweet and pretty in pink. Plus, you can add all kinds of fun garnishes to make it even more enchanting. 

19. Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Freakshake

Oh. Sweet. Lord. This drink requires no description. Just look at it.

The Death By Chocolate cocktail has nothing on this chocolate extravaganza. 

When I tested this one out, let me just tell you: I don’t know if I was buzzed from the alcohol or high from the sugar.

And I didn’t even add all those crazy toppings!

This drink goes beyond decadence. It’s downright sinful. But if you want as much chocolate as you can get, it’s the one for you.

20. Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey Martini

Who knew peanut butter, chocolate, and whiskey would taste so good?

If you have your doubts, you’re not alone. I was skeptical when I first tried peanut butter whiskey, too. 

However, if you want a boozy, drinkable Resee’s Peanut Butter Cup, give it a try. That’s precisely what this cocktail tastes like. 

21. Boozy Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

This drink, too, combines peanut butter and chocolate. But it has a different flavor profile.

It’s less Resee’s and more chocolate-covered Payday.

It’s thick, nutty, and chocolatey. Plus, a wonderfully salty kick makes it next-level delicious.

It’s very rich and takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Even so, it’s sure to be a hit.

Remember that this baby has an insane amount of calories, so make sure it’s a rare indulgence.

22. Hard Rock Cafe’s Twist and Shout Cocktail

Beer, bacon, and whipped cream. I’m in! 

And we haven’t even gotten to the chocolate and salted caramel yet!

This thick, creamy, ice cream-based drink is spectacular. It’s a copycat of the Hard Rock Cafe’s famous dessert drink. 

It’s rich and sweet, but it has a nice kick to it, and the dark, earthy flavor of the Guinness adds a nice touch.

Along with the spiced rum, this drink has plenty of depth.

23. Peppermint Patty Drink

This festive drink tastes exactly like its namesake: a Peppermint Patty.

It’s essentially a cool, minty hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. 

It takes just eight minutes to make, and it’s sure to brighten your day. 

24. Mint ChocoChata Martini

This lovely, mint-green drink uses just three ingredients: chocolate vodka, RumChata, and crème de menthe.

This one is different from the other mint chocolate drinks on the list as it focuses more heavily on the mint with lighter notes of chocolate beneath. 

So if your favorite part of a chocolate mint is the mint, you’ll love this cocktail.

25. Homemade Rich Chocolate Eggnog

Don’t you just love a drink whose name tells you everything you need to know? That’s certainly the case with this holiday favorite. 

It’s homemade; it’s eggnog; it’s chocolatey. And oh, boy, is it rich!

Unlike the other drinks on the list, this one takes time to make. 

You’ll need to factor in at least two hours for resting time. Once it’s ready, though, it will make everyone weak in the knees.

It’s heavenly, lightly spiced, and bursting with chocolate flavor.

You may not have known it, but this is the holiday drink you need in your life.

25 Best Chocolate Cocktails You’ll Ever Taste

Forget the beer and put down that wine, because these easy chocolate cocktails are a must-make. They’re sweet, sinful, and totally indulgent.


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