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13 Easy Tiki Drinks for a Taste of the Tropics

Summer’s almost here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with these fun and easy Tiki drinks!

They’re larger than life and ideal for parties.

Tiki Cocktail with Lime and Pineapple
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Known for their sweet flavors and super fun names, tiki drinks are also pretty potent.

That’s because their fabulous, fruity goodness masks the amount of alcohol they contain.

A wonderful mix of rum, syrups, mixers, and juices, they’re about as scrumptious as a cocktail can get.

So grab a glass, channel your inner bartender, and get mixing. Because I have 13 delectable tiki drink recipes that you just have to try!

1. Fall in Paradise (A Pineapple and Rum Cocktail)

Okay, so this drink doesn’t scream summer. But it is tropical and extraordinary, even though it has some very fall-typical ingredients.

That said, you’ll feel like you’re on a warm beach with every sip. 

Fall in Paradise is a pretty easy drink to mix, but its flavors are complex. It’s sweet, spicy, fruity, and dark, with a few bright elements to round it out. 

This drink features aged rum, apple cider, and allspice dram. Those ingredients flavor the dark and spicy side of this drink. 

Pineapple and lime juices and peach bitters add a tropical twist that balances everything flawlessly.

This drink is seriously delicious, and I know you’ll love it. 

2. Cobra’s Fang (A classic Tiki Cocktail)

This drink may look harmless, but it definitely has a bite. So, don’t let its sunset color and tropical flavors fool you. 

This drink features lots of fruity flavors. Each sip will give you a taste of passion fruit, berry, pineapple, hibiscus, and orange.

You’ll also notice lime, ginger, and allspice, among others.

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This drink uses two delicious syrups called Falernum and Fassionola, which are spicy and fruity, respectively.

There’s orange and lime juices for a refreshing finish, while high-proof dark rum and absinthe round out the drink.

Remember that bite I mentioned? It’s worth the risk, though, because this drink is fantastic.

3. Painkiller Cocktail

Sip your worries away with this delicious Painkiller cocktail. If you like piña coladas, you’ll go gaga for this drink.

Plus, it’s super easy to make, so you can whip it up anytime!

Like a piña colada, this drink features the scrumptious flavors of pineapple and coconut. It also uses an excellent dark rum for its boozy element. 

So, what makes this drink different from a piña colada?

Well, it features freshly squeezed orange juice. And where a piña colada is blended, a Painkiller is not.

4. Fog Cutter

This drink is tart, delicious, and super boozy!

Why is it called a Fog Cutter? I have no idea, but I do know that it’s worth a try. 

This drink is delicious and very citrus-forward. Most tiki drinks are seriously sweet, but this one definitely leans a bit tart. 

And I’m not exaggerating when I say this is super boozy. It’s an eight-ounce drink, and four and a half of those ounces are booze.

Rum, brandy, gin, and sherry, to be exact.

I suspect this drink might cause brain fog rather than cut through one. 

5. Zombie Punch, Donn Beach’s Original 1934

Don’t worry; you won’t start craving brains after a sip of this fun drink.

Instead, if you sip too much, you might feel like the living dead the next morning. 

That said, one taste and you’ll crave more because it’s so darn tasty!

The name is a clever marketing ploy from the ‘30s. But I promise that you’ll like it. 

It’s spiced, full of rum, a little sour, and slightly sweet. There’s also just a hint of licorice. Yum!

6. Navy Grog Cocktail

This drink has super cool origins in helping sailors preserve water and combat scurvy.

It’s based on the grog that sailors drank on long voyages. Only this version is a lot stronger and sweeter because it’s for fun, not survival.

The Navy Grog cocktail features three types of rum for a deliciously dark flavor. 

But don’t worry; the booze is balanced by white grapefruit juice, honey syrup, lime juice, and club soda.

Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry for a fruity flourish. 

7. Jungle Bird Cocktail

One of these bright-colored drinks, and you might start shaking your tail feathers.

It’s boozy and delicious, with the perfect balance of sweet, spiced, and slightly bitter. 

The Jungle Bird features Jamaican rum, pineapple juice, Campari, lime juice, and almond liqueur.

It’s mostly sweet, but the slightly bitter flavor of Campari cuts the sweetness some. 

Garnish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. 

8. Suffering Bastard

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is a trend with these cocktail names. Many are named for the consequences of having one too many. 

However, the Suffering Bastard is supposedly a remedy for the day after a night out.

So it’s more “hair of the dog” than something to make you suffer.

Whether or not it works, I can tell you that it’s quite yummy. And it’s not overly sweet. 

The Suffering Bastard is made with bourbon, gin, lime juice, Angostura bitters, and ginger ale. 

So it’s a little like a Dark and Stormy, which is my absolute fave!

9. Scorpion Cocktail

The Scorpion cocktail was made to be shared, so it’s perfect for a summer get-together.

It’s sweet, delicious, and pleasing to most palates. Plus, it’s a blended drink, so it’s ice-cold and refreshing. 

The Scorpion features lemon juice and orange juice, freshly squeezed of course.

It also has Orgeat, a syrup of almond and orange, along with light rum and brandy.  

Although the original drink was made for many, this recipe is a single serving. So, if you’re having it for a party, you’ll have to do some easy math. 

10. The Blue Hawaiian

This drink’s gorgeous blue color reminds me of the oceans of Hawaii. Plus, its tropical flavors also give off serious island vibes.

So, I’d say The Blue Hawaiian is aptly named. 

Like the Painkiller and the piña colada, this drink is all about pineapple and coconut.

The Blue Hawaiian features a little bit of orange, just like the Painkiller. But what makes this drink special is Blue Curacao.

Blue Curacao adds even more orange essence, slight bitterness, and fabulous blue color. You can have it blended or over ice. 

Either way, it’s seriously addictive.

11. Hurricane Cocktail

If you’ve never had a hurricane, be prepared for a whirlwind of fruity flavors.

It’s one of my favorite drinks because its most prominent flavor is passion fruit. And I love passion fruit! 

There is also fresh orange juice, lime, simple syrup, and grenadine.

Better still, this is a rum drink, so it also has some sweet, caramelly notes. It’s seriously delicious and downright dreamy. 

12. Mai Tai Cocktail with Malibu Rum

This is a two-for-one recipe featuring the original Mai Tai and a fruitier version. Both drinks are delectable, though. 

The OG Mai Tai is a bit darker and more caramelly. Of course, that’s due to the dark rum.

However, its most prominent flavor is orange since it features Orgeat, orange juice, and Orange Curacao. 

The Malibu version is much more fruity and sweet.

Between the coconut, pineapple, cherry, and orange, there’s also just enough Captain Morgan to bring a hint of spice.

Make one or make them both. You won’t be disappointed with either.

13. Singapore Sling

Okay, the Singapore Sling is like a drinkable fruit salad. It’s fresh, sweet, and delicious, with a touch of bitterness for balance. 

You’ll taste pineapple, orange, cherry, lime, honey, and stone fruits in every sip. And let’s not forget the cinnamon, clove, and juniper from the gin and bitters.

It’s pretty much flavor heaven. 

Sip with caution, though, because there is A LOT of alcohol in this tiki drink. 

13 Easy Tiki Drinks for a Taste of the Tropics

Summer’s almost here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with these fun and easy Tiki drinks! They’re larger than life and ideal for parties.


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