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13 Easy Beer Cocktails That Taste Amazing

Kick back, relax, and quench your thirst with these ice-cold beer cocktails!

Beer is great on its own. But put it in a cocktail? And it opens up a new world of possibilities.

13 Easy Beer Cocktails That Taste Amazing featuring Homemade Beer Michelada Cocktail with Lime and Salt and Tajin Rim
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Best Boozy Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktails offer all the bubbliness of a typical beer. Plus, you get the flavors of a cocktail.

Lagers, pale ales, IPAs, porters, Mexican beers – all styles are perfect.

Cool down with a fruity summer shandy. Enjoy your day off with a beer margarita. Or fix a boilermaker for a nightcap.

Every one of these beer cocktails is super refreshing and easy to make. So grab a pint glass, and cheers to beer cocktails!

1. Raspberry Beer Cocktail

A pretty pink cocktail meets beer in this adult libation.

Fruity and refreshing, it’s a fantastic cocktail for a gathering, especially on a hot day.

The raspberry lemonade dances on your taste buds while the beer cools you down. Add vodka to the mix and get the party started!

It’s as easy to make as pour, stir, and serve.

As for the beer, keep it light and crisp. A lager or a Belgian-style witbier is a fabulous choice.

2. Beer Punch

You know it’s a party when beer punch is on the table!

This three-ingredient punch only takes 5 minutes to make. And it’s easy, too.

Pour pineapple juice and ginger ale into a pitcher. Then add the beer and stir. 

It’s best to skip the dark and hoppy beers for this punch. Go with a lager like Corona or Dos Equis instead.

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Fresh pineapple slices are also a delicious garnish.

3. Black and Tan

Black and Tan is a classic beer cocktail. Refined yet laid back, it’s a pub staple for the everyday worker. 

It’s also easy to make at home.

On the bottom, you have a glowing ale. On top, you have a dark stout. 

The density of the beers and the order you pour them creates the signature pattern. 

Start by pouring Bass Ale into a pint glass. Then finish it with equal parts Guinness stout.

And there you have it! A smooth and refreshing Black and Tan.

Boozy Refreshing Michelada with Lime

4. Michelada

Taco Tuesday and Sunday brunch are better with an iced cold Michelada. 

The Michelada is a Mexican beer cocktail that is like a Bloody Mary or Caesar. Depending upon who makes it, you’ll find different variations. 

The most common ingredients include a Mexican lager with lime, spices, hot sauce, and Worcestershire. 

Some use tomato juice, while others prefer Clamato. 

Rim the glasses with lime and Tajin for an extra punch of flavor.

5. Grapefruit Shandy

The Shandy is another classic beer cocktail. 

It’s a low-alcohol sipper originally featuring half beer and half ginger ale. Nowadays, there are many variations.

And this grapefruit shandy is my fave!

It’s citrusy, effervescent, and downright thirst-quenching. 

Unlike the classic Shandy, this one’s also got a kick thanks to the tequila. Mix it with grapefruit juice and top it off with Modelo Especial.

6. Beer Margarita

Pineapple, mango, or prickly pear- margaritas are tasty however you make them. That includes beer margaritas. 

Or, as I like to call it, a Beerita! 

It has all the typical margarita ingredients, including tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau. The only difference is you add beer. 

Lagers work particularly well. You can also use a citrusy west coast-style IPA for a hop-forward flavor.

7. Watermelon Shandy

Move over, rosé. Watermelon Shandy is the new soundtrack of summer!

This watermelon shandy is the ideal thirst quencher. It’s so fresh, fruity, and invigorating. 

It tastes amazing because it uses real watermelon juice. Don’t worry- you won’t need a juicer. 

Puree the watermelon in a blender, then strain it to remove the pulp. When it is cocktail time, all you do is mix. 

Speaking of which, you mix the juice with lemonade and top it with wheat beer. 

8. Cold in the Shadows

Cold in the Shadows might sound shrouded in mystery. The name, however, is a nod to the foggy Northern California coast.

Every component of this drink represents this part of the state. 

That includes the St. George raspberry liqueur, Campari, and the Anderson Valley IPA.

Speaking of Anderson Valley Brewing, their Hop Ottin’ IPA is a fine choice.

If you’re feeling wild, swap out the IPA for one of their outstanding Gose beers. Briney Melon, anyone?

9. Cranberry Shandy

Shandies are perfect for summer. But this one also doubles as a great fall cocktail

Cranberry juice, orange juice, and ginger ale make it tart, sweet, and fizzy. But it is the farmhouse ale that makes it super unique. 

Farmhouse ales can have a wide range of flavors. 

They’re a rustic brew that can be earthy, spicy, fruity, or herbal. Some even have a slight barnyard flavor. Maybe stay away from those. 

For this cranberry shandy, pick one out that is fruit-forward. 

10. Boilermaker Bourbon Beer Cocktail

Beer and bourbon are two of the most popular types of alcohol. But what happens when you put them together? 

You get a Boilermaker!

It is quite possibly the easiest beer cocktail around. After all, this cocktail is just beer and bourbon. 

The hard part, however, is deciding which type of beer to use. 

For a winter warmer, stout or porter is a great choice. For summer, keep it light with a lager.

And watch out! This beer cocktail is one stiff drink. 

11. Classic Shandy

Sometimes, you gotta stick with the classics. So, this Shandy will never go out of style.

It’s a fantastic low-alcohol option made with beer and ginger ale. 

You can use a pale ale or a lager depending on your preference. You can also swap the ginger ale for ginger beer or lemon-lime soda. 

Either way, this drink is fizzy and refreshing. 

12. Summer Shandy

Are you feeling parched? Mix up a summer shandy!

There’s nothing quite like a summer shandy on a sweltering hot day. The combination of cold beer and lemonade is the epitome of refreshing. 

And this one is particularly fresh. You won’t find any store-bought mixes in this drink. 

It’s made fresh with real lemons, sugar, sparkling water, and Hefeweizen.

Making fresh lemonade is an extra step. But a worthwhile one. And this drink only takes 5 minutes to prepare.

13. Red Beer

Red beer is the perfect day-off sipper. It is delicious poolside, beachside, or in the backyard. 

It tastes kind of like a Michelada with fewer frills. Mix a light lager with tomato juice, Worcestershire Sauce, and hot sauce. 

You can even get away with just the beer and tomato juice. 

Or, treat yourself with all the mix-ins and a sweet and spicy rimmed glass, too.

Either way, enjoy your red beer. Today is your day off!

13 Easy Beer Cocktails That Taste Amazing

Get your drink on with these delicious beer cocktails! From punch to margaritas, every sip is boozy and refreshing. Perfect for your next get-together.


  • Raspberry Beer Cocktail

  • Beer Punch

  • Black and Tan

  • Michelada

  • Grapefruit Shandy

  • Beer Margarita

  • Watermelon Shandy

  • Cold in the Shadows

  • Cranberry Shandy

  • Boilermaker Bourbon Beer Cocktail

  • Classic Shandy

  • Summer Shandy

  • Red Beer


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious beer cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Beer Cocktails

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