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17 Pretty Pink Cocktails

Whether you’re just looking for something fun, fruity, and flirty, or you’re trying to find the perfect drink for your holiday or themed party, pink cocktails are always a fun option.

You can whip up pink cocktails for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bachelorette parties, Breast Cancer Awareness events, and more.

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Refreshing Strawberry Cocktail with Mint

Pink mocktails are great for baby showers, as well.

And for all my male readers: Don’t automatically discount these drinks just because they’re pink.

Some of these are super strong and incredibly tasty, and you won’t want to miss out.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of my very favorite pink cocktails for every occasion. 

1. Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail

Most of us already know how incredible pink lemonade is.

It’s sweet and tart and also has a slight tanginess from the cranberries or cranberry juice.

This drink is just flavorful pink lemonade with vodka and Malibu rum (and a little bit of lime juice, as well). 

The alcohol tang comes through, but it blends nicely with the underlying lemonade base.

2. Strawberry Pina Colada

The best strawberry pina coladas retain their tropical yumminess from the coconut cream and pineapple juice, but they add in another layer of strawberry flavor on top of that. 

This recipe is an excellent strawberry pina colada recipe. It’s rich, slushy, and will have you dreaming of tropical islands with plenty of strawberry plants all over them.

3. Cosmopolitan

If you love cocktails, you probably already know how to make the cosmo, but just in case you don’t, here’s a helpful recipe to teach you how. 

All you’ll need is vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice cocktail, freshly squeezed lime juice, ice, and an orange peel twist to garnish the already lovely drink.

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In just 5 minutes, you’ll have some serious Carrie Bradshaw vibes.

4. Barbie Pink Cocktail

When you think of pink, it’s hard not to think of Barbie, so I just had to include the Barbie cocktail on this list of pretty-in-pink cocktails.

The Barbie cocktail is the drink for everyone who loves to drink but doesn’t really want to taste the alcohol in what they’re drinking.

It’s the milder, sweeter version of pink vodka lemonade.

So if you’re looking for something sweet, fruity, a bit tart, and with vodka, you can’t really taste, this drink is the one for you. 

5. Pink Lady

This 5-minute cocktail has a light, delicate flavor, a lovely transparent pink color, and a frothy top that makes drinking it a lot of fun. 

6. Pink Squirrel

The pink squirrel is that creamy, delectable place where cocktails meet milkshakes.

You can pull it together in 5 minutes with vanilla ice cream, Crème de Cacao, and Crème de Noyaux.

It tastes a bit like a milkshake that can’t decide if it wants to be chocolate or vanilla. Top it with whipped cream, cherries, and anything else you like.

7. Pink Gin & Tonic

The simple, three-ingredient gin and tonic is one of the most classic drinks there is, and you can make it – and make it pink! – by simply substituting pink gin for regular gin.

It has the same excellent taste but with a pretty pink tint.

8. Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

If you prefer a three-ingredient drink that’s fruitier, tarter, and that has a less potent alcohol taste, try the love potion cocktail instead. 

Thanks to the peach schnapps and ruby red grapefruit juice, you can barely taste the vodka, but despite that and the fact that this drink looks “dainty” and “cute,” it’s pretty strong. 

Maybe that’s the “potion” part of it! Either way, don’t let it creep up on you.

9. Pink Bikini Cocktail

This cute, perfect-for-summer drink is more of a peachy-pink than a true pink, but it’s too charming (and tasty!) to leave off the list. 

It takes about 2 minutes to prepare, and you’ll only need three ingredients for it: raspberry lemonade, coconut rum, and amaretto liqueur. 

It has a unique taste that’s bold and tropical but also tart, tangy, and sweet.

It’s an interesting combination, and it’s kind of like a mix between a margarita and a pina colada. 

10. Tickled Pink Cocktail

The tickled pink cocktail is another pink lemonade-based cocktail that contains lemonade, cran-raspberry juice, rum, and lime juice. 

It’s a gorgeous, almost hot pink color, and the taste walks the line perfectly between sweet and tart, leaving you with a drink that’ll delight your tastebuds with every sip. 

11. Pink Shivers Cocktail

With or without the colorful sugar crystals around the rim, this is one elegant, sophisticated-looking drink. It’s stunning. 

It’s also thick and slushy and has an adorable baby pink color. 

Its flavor is rich and tropical, thanks to all the coconut, and once you do add the gold and pink sugar crystals, this looks like a million-dollar drink! 

12. Pink and Purple Potato Cocktails

I love cooking with ubes (purple sweet potatoes) because they have a mild flavor and give everything a spectacular purple color, just like they do for this cocktail.

However, if you leave out the pineapple juice, the cocktail is a sparkling light pink instead. It’s almost like magic!

These cocktails are so much fun. I’d like them even if they tasted terrible.

Luckily, they don’t.

13. Cupid’s Panties

You don’t usually think of shots as being thick, creamy, and topped with whipped cream, but then, you don’t usually think of shots named “Cupid’s panties,” either.

This decadent, chocolatey drink is one of the sweetest and cutest ways to get drunk you’ll ever try.

Go slow, though. Your appreciation for the taste might outweigh your good sense. 

14. Pink Peppermint Martini

If you’re looking for the ideal drink for the holiday season, look no further than the pink peppermint martini.

It’s sweet, milky, and full of peppermint and chocolatey goodness.

You can make two cocktails in only 5 minutes, and you’ll only need four ingredients to do it. Simply mix peppermint (or candy cane) vodka, white creme de cacao, ice, and half and half.

Once you’ve shaken it all up and gotten it good and mixed, you’ll transfer it to your peppermint-rimmed glasses.

It’s a treat that even Mrs. Klaus could appreciate.

15. Pink Champagne Margarita

This drink is for anyone who likes light, sugary sweet drinks that pack an unbelievably powerful punch.

Not only does this dainty drink contain champagne, but it also has triple sec and tequila!

Yeah — you probably weren’t expecting that from the picture, huh?

This drink is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing, and if you aren’t careful, it’ll have you drunk before you know it!

Don’t worry, though, there’s more than just alcohol in this cocktail.

There’s also sweetly tart pink lemonade, zesty lime juice, and a few lime slices for a garnish. 

You can also sugar the rim and serve it with sugar sticks or pink rock candy for an extra dose of sugary yumminess. 

16. Sweet Cherry Bourbon Smash

I love this drink because it has such a rich, multi-layered taste.

The rich oak of the bourbon comes through nicely, but there are also notes of cherries, mint, and lime. 

The club soda lightens up the drink and adds a lovely spray of bubbles, but it doesn’t tone down the taste at all.

It tastes a bit like Cherry Coca-Cola, but there’s more to it. That little dash of lime adds an extra zesty kick, as well. 

17. Pink Passion Party Punch

And if there’s any drink on this list that can rival the sweet cherry bourbon smash for the complexity of flavor, it’s the pink passion party punch. 

It has such an odd mix of flavors: pink liqueur, vodka, lemon-lime soda, and prickly pear and blood orange soda.

I know, right?! What would all of that even taste like together?

Well… something fizzy, tingly, fruity, dry, zesty, and… I don’t even know what else.

This drink has a lot of flavors, and surprisingly enough, they’re all tasty. 

So while I can’t tell you precisely what it tastes like, I can tell you that you’ll probably enjoy it.

17 Pretty Pink Cocktails

These pink cocktails couldn’t be any prettier! From a cosmopolitan to a pink lady to a pink bikini cocktail, these boozy drinks are such a treat.


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Pink Cocktails

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