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25 Pink Desserts Almost Too Pretty to Eat

There are plenty of appropriate occasions for pink desserts, but they’re so pretty, you might not want to bite into them!

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, baby shower, Breast Cancer Awareness event, or Valentine’s dance, lovely pink desserts should fit perfectly with your theme.

A Slice of Strawberry Cake
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Furthermore, you don’t even need an occasion to make pink desserts. Perhaps you just like the color pink. 

Or you may want to make them simply because they taste marvelous and because you can. 

Either way, you’ll get no judgment from me.

Personally, I try to make pink lemonade fudge at least once a month and strawberry shortcake cookies as often as possible. 

So settle in and get ready to find a few new favorites because these desserts are pretty (and perfectly delicious) in pink. 

1. Flamingo Blondie Bars

Blondie bars are a crowd-pleaser.

They have a soft but filling texture and precisely the right amount of sweetness to delight your tongue but not make you feel sugar sick after eating them.

All you need to turn them pink is some pink food gel.

Spread a few sprinkles over the top for a more festive appearance, and you’re all set.

2. Pink Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are soft, sweet, and spectacularly buttery.

Adding a few chocolate chips to them pushes them up to a whole new level. 

With some red food gel, you can make them pink, as well!

Requiring only five ingredients and less than 30 minutes to bake, you can’t go wrong with these scrumptious cookies.

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3. Cottage Cheese Jello Salad

I’ve never been a huge fan of Jello, but there’s something about adding crushed pineapple, whipped cream, and cream cheese to it that makes it unbelievably good. 

It’s pure, fluffy, strawberry goodness, and I am here for it. Plus, there’s no cooking involved, only mixing and an hour’s worth of chill time.

4. Pink Hot Chocolate

I never even considered making colored hot chocolate until a few years ago.

Now, it’s one of my favorite dessert drinks during the fall and winter months. 

Green for Christmas, pink for Valentine’s Day, and orange for Halloween! It’s quick, easy, and adorably festive.

Oh, and it tastes incredible – thick, smooth, and chocolatey. 

5. Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

You can make these strawberry shortcake cookies with or without a yummy cream cheese filling. 

They taste great with the filling, but I prefer a lighter, less heavy cookie, so I usually opt for making them without it. 

The cookies are fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth soft.

Plus, they’re full of chunks of real strawberries, which gives them a fresh, summery flavor that’s just exquisite.

I wasn’t lying when I said I make these as often as possible. They’re phenomenal.

Slice of Heaven on Earth Cake

6. Heaven on Earth Cake

If you enjoy desserts that are cool, fruity, and so light and fluffy you feel like you’re eating clouds, you’ll love Heaven on Earth cake.

It’s truly remarkable, and if you pre-bake or buy your angel food cake from the store, it takes only 20 minutes to make.

(It still needs to chill several hours before you can serve it, though.)

7. Strawberry Ice Cream

Homemade strawberry ice cream with real strawberry chunks is one dessert that almost everyone loves, and it’s as pink as pink can be. 

So if you’re looking for a pink dessert that’s sure to delight everyone at your party, dust off your ice cream maker and get to churning.

8. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

These are some of the prettiest cupcakes you’ll ever make.

All that typical cupcake sweetness is combined with the sour, zesty notes from the lemons is 100% yummy.

Best of all, in less than an hour, you can make two dozen of these sweet and tangy treats.

9. Strawberry Popsicles

Looking for a cold, fruity summer treat? These spectacular strawberry popsicles take only 10 minutes of prep!

Best of all, they’re made purely of strawberries – no added sugars or sweeteners – so they’re a relatively healthy treat. 

Simply puree about two pounds of strawberries and pour them into popsicle molds.

Pop a stick in them, and freeze them for 4 hours.

If you want them to look nicer, slice a few extra strawberries and add the pieces to the molds before pouring in the puree.

10. Raspberry Sugar Cookies

I love, love, love these gorgeous raspberry sugar cookies.

They taste so good (of course, sugar cookies always taste good!) and are fun and easy to make. 

You don’t even need food coloring, either; the freeze-dried raspberries give them a natural pink color that’s simply stunning. 

The recipe recommends that you top them with chocolate or icing drizzles, and those are both great ideas. 

However, when I make these cookies, I top them with edible glitter.

It gives them such a beautiful shine.

11. Piggy Pops

Piggy pops are adorable. After all, who doesn’t love cutesy piggies wearing bow ties? Plus, they’re super simple to make. 

You don’t have to cook anything; it’s more a matter of assembling, and in this case, assembly isn’t complicated but is a ton of fun.

12. Pink Dipped Pretzels

What could be simpler than dipping pretzels into white and pink candy melts? If you said nothing, you’re right. 

These sweet and salty treats are the ultimate in simplicity, and you can make dozens of them in a handful of minutes.

13. Circus Animal Cookie Rice Krispies

These are traditional Rice Krispies treats with some extra flair thrown in for good measure. 

You’ll make them the same way you’ve always made these treats.

However, you’ll leave some chunks of unmelted marshmallows and add animal crackers, sprinkles, and some pink candy drizzle.

They have the same great Rice Krispies treats flavor you know and love, but they’re slightly sweeter and are much more visually appealing.

14. Pink Rice Krispie Treats 

If you’re looking for a slightly easier, less animal cracker way of making pink Rice Krispies treats, use this recipe instead. 

The only extra thing you need for it is some red food coloring.

You might want to add a few sprinkles or some edible glitter to jazz them up, though.

15. Cherry Ice Cream

This tangy cherry ice cream is a cold, creamy treat you can make with or without an ice cream maker. 

Simply toss all your ingredients, except for the optional chocolate swirl ingredients, into a blender and blend until you have a smooth puree.

Then you can serve it as soft-serve.

If you have an ice cream maker on hand, you can use it to make thicker, colder ice cream.

Either way, it’s delicious, with or without the chocolate swirl.

16. Pink Velvet Cake Pops

Cake pops were all the rage back in 2009 – 2010.

Since then, they’ve lost some of their popularity, but these darling pink and white cake pops are sure to make an impression, anyway.

They have a nice outer crunch, thanks to the sprinkles and decorations, but are soft and fluffy on the inside. 

They’re also perfectly proportioned for bite-sized snacking and make a great addition to any potluck/finger food get-together.

17. Valentine Oreos 

I love decorating Oreos for holidays and themed parties because it’s so easy, and everyone loves them.

For these, you just have to melt pink candy (or wafer) melts, dip the Oreos into it, and decorate them with sprinkles. It takes 15 minutes, tops.

18. Strawberry Jello Fruit Salad

Strawberry Jell-O salad is another way I enjoy Jell-O. The Jell-O-like consistency is there, but it’s covered with a soft, creamy whipped topping that makes all the difference. 

There are also slices of real strawberries in it, which adds a bit of texture and a more authentic strawberry taste. 

The fruit salad takes only about 10 minutes to make, but it must sit in the fridge for several hours before you can serve it.

Luckily, it keeps well, so you can make it a day or so ahead of time and won’t have to rush to get it done on the day you serve it.

19. Pink Strawberry Cupcakes

The thing I love most about these cupcakes is that they’re so intensely strawberry.

They aren’t just “pink” cupcakes. Every bite is infused with a ton of delicious strawberry flavor. 

I also like that I can double the recipe and make three dozen cupcakes in a little over an hour.

20. Pink Popcorn

Apparently, pink popcorn has been a thing for years, but I didn’t discover it until I was an adult.

(I kind of feel cheated about that, actually.) Even so, I’m thrilled to know about it now. 

Pink popcorn isn’t just popcorn dyed with red food coloring. For one thing, it’s a sweet treat rather than a savory snack. 

Thanks to the addition of vanilla, sugar, corn syrup, and half-and-half, this popcorn will remind you of caramel corn.

21. Pink Lemonade Fudge

You’ll make this delectable fudge with three simple ingredients – white chocolate chips, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and a pink lemonade Kool-Aid pack.

You can also add sprinkles if you want.

It has the firm, thick consistency of fudge but with a sweet and tangy pink lemonade flavor that’s unlike any fudge you’ve ever tasted. 

I’m not going to say it’s “to die for” because that’s a phrase I just don’t like.

However, you might fight your best friend over the last piece, so be sure you make enough. 🙂

22. Pink Lemonade Pie

This four-ingredient pie requires no cooking and is a cold, refreshing treat that’s perfect for summer. It has a soft, silky texture and a tasty graham cracker crust. 

Strawberry Milkshake with Fresh Strawberries

23. Strawberry Milkshake

What if I told you that you could be enjoying a rich, sweet strawberry milkshake in 10 minutes and that you didn’t even need ice cream to make it?

You’d probably think I’m lying, but I’m not!

Simply add two cups of milk, a cup of frozen strawberries, a tablespoon of honey, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to a blender.

Blend until it’s smooth, and you’ll have a cold, creamy, ice cream-free treat that’s relatively low in calories!

24. Raspberry Fool

If you’ve never experienced the sheer taste bud bliss of a raspberry fool, then I’m about to change your world.

All you need are raspberries, granulated and powdered sugar, whipped cream, and some vanilla extract. 

With those five ingredients and 15 minutes, you can make a luxurious raspberry-and-cream-swirled dessert that’s light enough for semi-regular consumption.

Starbucks Pink Drink

25. Starbucks Pink Drink

I love a good copycat recipe, and this one for Starbucks Pink Drink is spot-on.

It has all the chill, sweetness, and flavor of the Starbucks original, plus a nice caffeine boost from the green tea.

25 Best Pretty Pink Dessert Recipe Collection

Try these pink desserts for treats that are both delicious and beautiful! From cookies to cake to ice cream, these desserts are full of eye-catching delight.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a pink treat in 30 minutes or less!
Pink Desserts

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