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10 Best Root Beer Cocktails and Drink Ideas

One sip of these boozy root beer cocktails, and you’ll feel like a kid again.

They’re bubbly, fruity, and wonderfully unique drinks everyone will love.

Root Beer Float in a glass with a straw
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Of all the sodas in the world, there’s a special place in my heart for root beer. With notes of vanilla, mint, ginger, juniper, and anise, it’s so deliciously complex.

It’s also super nostalgic. And that’s why you’ll love these root beer cocktails.

You get all that familiar, comforting flavor, only with a grown-up twist!

From creamy root beer floats to a twist on classic jack and Coke, they’re guaranteed to spice up your next cocktail party. 

Easy Rum and Root Beer Cocktail and More!

1. Root Beer Rum Creams 

Who’s ready for a dessert cocktail? I know I am!

What I love most about this creamy root beer float-inspired cocktail is that it’s rich and creamy but won’t melt in the sun. 

It definitely tastes like the grown-up version of the classic icy drink. But it dials back the richness with Baileys Irish Cream instead of ice cream. 

The punch of spiced rum makes it the perfect happy hour cocktail or after-dinner treat.

2. Adult Root Beer Float 

If you like the idea of an adult root beer float but missed the ice cream in the recipe above, give this one a whirl.

A little vanilla vodka goes a long way in this recipe. It’s rich, spicy, creamy, and calls only to the vanilla-obsessed. 

Plus, it includes vanilla ice cream, so it’s as dreamy as can be.

3. Vodka Root Beer Floats with Coconut Ice Cream 

Need a vegan version for your next party? Try this insanely rich root beer float with coconut ice cream.

You’ll make the ice cream at home and add cinnamon to the mix so it melds perfectly with the spice in the root beer.

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I love the subtle nuttiness the coconut provides. But you can always use a store-bought vegan ice cream if you prefer.

4. Señor Root Beer

I know what you’re thinking: root beer and tequila? She’s gone mad!

But go with me on this because it’s actually an excellent combination and a truly tasty cocktail.

A simple blend of tequila, lime juice, and root beer, it’s deeply flavorful and incredibly unique.

Just trust me and give it a try! You won’t be sorry.

5. Pirate’s Float Cocktail 

Why is it called a “pirates float cocktail?” Because it uses a generous pour of spicy Captain Morgans!

It’s bright, tangy, and much lighter than many root beer float-inspired creations. 

Better yet, if you need to serve a big group, this is the perfect recipe to make in advance.

This spicy boozy treat is cream-free. So make a pitcher and get ready to pour!

6. Moonshiner’s Root Beer Old Fashioned Cocktail

Who says root beer cocktails can’t also be fancy? Okay, maybe this isn’t fancy, but it’s undoubtedly a classic.

And there’s nothing more classic than an Old Fashioned.

Typically, you’d use bourbon or whiskey with bitters and orange. This version, though, adds Root Beer Moonshine for a big punch of flavor.

Don’t worry if you can’t find any moonshine. This recipe is still super tasty with a splash of plain old root beer!

7. Lynchburg Beer 

Move over, Jack and Coke; there’s a new cocktail in town. 

The Lynchburg Beer cocktail captures the essence of Jack and Coke with a spicy kick.

It tastes very similar, but it’s way more interesting.

8. Mulled Spice Cherry Punch

It’s going to be cold in no time. And when that happens, you’ll need this insanely intense and warm cherry punch.

This bourbon and cherry juice cocktail is super unique and a nice change of pace from the usual mulled wine.

Between the sweet bourbon whiskey, tart cherry juice, holiday spices, and root beer, it’s about as festive as it gets.

Serve it hot with a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange. Delish!

9. Boozy Peanut Butter Root Beer Floats 

Calling all peanut butter fanatics! This peanut butter and root beer cocktail takes all your favorite childhood classics and gives them a grown-up twirl.

Peanut butter and root beer may seem like a strange combination, but they work shockingly well together.

Beware: this cocktail is very sweet. A dash of sea salt goes a long way to tame it, though. 

For a double-punch of peanut butter flavors, marry your root beet with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter whiskey. Yum!

10. Red Hot Root Beer Whiskey Recipe

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, someone went and added Fireball to root beer.

And as the name suggests, this one is red hot!

If your favorite thing about root beer is the spice, you’ll go wild for this. It amps up that warmth to 11, and you’ll feel it going all the way down.

10 Best Root Beer Cocktail Collection

One sip of these boozy root beer cocktails, and you’ll feel like a kid again. They’re bubbly, fruity, and wonderfully unique drinks everyone will love.


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