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10 Easy Cherry Cocktails

When it comes to fruits that walk the line between sweet, tart, and tangy, none do it so well as cherries. Most of the cherry cocktails on this list are the same way. 

Whether you make them with actual cherries, maraschino cherries, or cherry liqueur, they usually have a flavor that’s somehow both sweet and tart.

Refreshing Summer Cocktail with Ice
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Sometimes there’s a bit of tanginess thrown in, as well. 

That’s what makes them such delicious, popular drinks.

Plus, their almost universally loved flavors and usually pink or red colors make them perfect for practically any occasion. 

If you’re looking for the ideal summer drink, something bright red and bubbly for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or just a new signature drink to call your own, check out these cherry cocktails.

1. Bourbon Bomb Cocktail

The drink’s rich, deep red hue gives it an intense appearance that’ll catch anyone’s eye.

And once it grabs their attention, the bold, fruity flavor will hook them for good. 

It’s easy to make, requiring no more than 5 minutes of your time. You’ll need a lemon, pitted and sliced cherries, maple syrup, and ice for serving. 

The recipe also calls for bourbon, but honestly, I prefer to make it with Burnett’s Cherry Vodka to enhance its bold cherry flavor further. 

2. Fresh Cherry Lime Vodka Soda

If you prefer a drink that’s only lightly sweet but primarily tart, this one may be more your style. You’ll start with a base of vodka and lime juice. 

To that, you’ll add cherry syrup, cold lime seltzer water, crushed ice, and some lime wedges and fresh cherries for garnishes. 

The result tastes like Sprite mixed with limeade, topped off with cherry-flavored sparkling water. 

3. Cherry and Lime Bourbon Smash

With only four ingredients – bourbon, cherry soda, lime juice, and fresh cherries – this drink takes no more than 5 minutes to make. 

It has a lovely light pink color and is best served chilled. 

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The rich caramel undertones of the vodka pair perfectly with the tartness of the cherries, and the lime adds a bit of zestiness to every sip. 

4. Cherry Poke Cake Cocktail

You could probably see this vibrantly pink, 2-minute drink from at least a mile away; it’s not exactly discrete. The bubbles in it make it even more attractive. 

But its vivid, gorgeous appearance pales in comparison to its taste – sugary sweet with notes of cherries, lime, and lemon. 

It almost tastes like you’re drinking melted candy, and the part of my brain that will never quite grow up absolutely adores that. 

5. Fresh Cherry Margarita

Cherry margaritas combine the tartness of cherries and citrus and amplify that bold flavor with all the sea salt around the rim. 

Like all margaritas, there’s a generous helping of tequila in this drink, but you’ll never know it was there underneath all the other bold flavors hitting your tongue. 

Remember, though, that most margaritas – this one included – are deceptively strong and can knock you off your feet in no time if you aren’t careful. 

Just because something is fruity and delightful doesn’t mean it isn’t also potent. 

6. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Martini

It doesn’t get much prettier or much more romantic than this thick and creamy chocolate-covered cherry martini. That’s why it’s ideal for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for a drink that screams, “I’m in the mood for love!” you can’t really beat one made with cherry vodka, creme de cocoa, heavy cream, grenadine, and Ghirardelli chocolate syrup. 

It almost tastes like a chocolate and cherry milkshake, so be sure you keep it away from the kiddos. 

And in case you have any doubt, let me reassure you: It tastes as fantastic as it looks.

7. Bourbon Cherry Old-Fashioned

Just about everyone knows the old-fashioned: orange bitters, bourbon, and simple syrup.

When you add fresh cherries, lime juice, honey, and mint, it takes it to a whole new level.

It still takes only 5 minutes to make, but nearly everything else about it changes.

The sweet, citrus taste takes on a fruiter, tarter component. And the honey makes it even sweeter.

The mint doesn’t add much flavor, but it looks great against the drink’s lovely rose pink color.

8. Cherry Moscow Mule

You can even give the traditional Moscow Mule a bit of an upgrade with only a few fresh cherries. 

The rest of the recipe stays pretty much the same – lime juice, vodka, ginger beer, then mint sprigs and lime wheels for garnishes. 

The flavor remains largely unchanged, as well.

It’s still bright, tangy, and tongue-tinglingly good, but there’s an additional burst of tartness that’s impossible not to notice. 

9. Cherry Lime Tequila Cocktail

This bubbly, fizzy, five-ingredient cocktail is one of the absolute best options for drink-making in a hurry. It only takes 1 minute to make. 

If you can’t spare 1 minute to make yourself a tasty, beautifully pink drink, then you just don’t need one. 

Pour your lime juice, cherry juice, and tequila over ice and stir it a couple of times.

Top it off with Cherry 7UP to give it its bubbles, fizz, and a little bit of zest. 

You will taste the tequila in it, but it blends well with the other ingredients, so it isn’t overpowering.

If you’re looking for a light, refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer’s day, you won’t find one much better than this one. 

10. Cherry Lemonade Cocktail

Of all the cherry cocktails on this list, this one is my favorite. First of all, it looks simply stunning.

It starts with a deep, hot pink color at the bottom and fades to baby pink, then white at the top. 

It’s also easy to make. It takes 2 minutes, and you’ll need only three ingredients: lemonade, maraschino cherry syrup, and vodka.

You can also add ice and maraschino cherries if you like.

Most of all, though, I love the way it tastes.

It stops just shy of being mouth-puckering sour, as there’s a slight hint of sweetness that tones down the lemonade’s tartness. 

It’s another one of those drinks that’s so refreshing, I could drink it all summer long.

10 Easy Cherry Cocktails

These cherry cocktails are sweet, tart, tangy, and delicious! From margaritas to martinis to a Moscow mule, you’ll love these tipsy treats!


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Cherry Cocktails

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