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25 Sour Cherry Recipes You’ll Love

These sour cherry recipes are sure to make your mouth water. That’s because they’re utterly scrumptious. #puckerup

Sour cherries are like nature’s Sour Patch Kids. They’re a little sweet and a little sour… and kind of addicting. But unlike a Sour Patch Kid, sour cherries cook well. 

25 Sour Cherry Recipes You'll Love featuring Rice Pudding with Cherry Sauce and Mint Sprig on a White Background
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Best Sour Cherry Recipes

Sour cherries are delicious in sweet AND savory dishes. These acidic little stone fruits are native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia.

Therefore, they are featured in many worldly cuisines. 

And I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite sour cherry recipes. Sweet or savory- there’s a little something for everyone!

1. Sour Cherry Chocolate Tart

Sometimes you gotta have dessert first! So, that’s what I’m doing with this list. There’s no better place to start than with this sour cherry chocolate tart. 

Because this tart is incredibly decadent and delicious. 

You start with a crisp chocolate shell. It is filled with layers of chocolate ganache and almond pastry cream.

Finally, it’s topped with a layer of jammy sour cherries. Add whipped cream and chocolate shavings as a garnish. 

Every bite is undeniably rich yet balanced- thanks to sour cherries. 

2. Sour Cherry Rice (Albaloo Polo)

This Persian dish will tickle your taste buds in all the right places. You can’t escape the sweet, sour, and savory combo. And frankly, why would you want to?

Albaloo Polo is made by layering homemade sour cherry syrup and saffron rice. The bottom layer is fried to create a delicious crispy tahdig.

Every bite is tantalizing! 

Serve with lamb meatballs, roasted chicken, or whatever sounds good to you!

3. Sour Cherry Cream Cheese Danish Braid

Danish cheese pastries are one of the best things you can put in your mouth. But regular Danish pastries got nothing on these! 

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These Danishes are rich yet not overpowering. And they are just plain delicious. You’ll taste flaky pastry, sour cherries, almond cream cheese, and lemon glaze in every bite. 

4. Raw Sour Cherry Chocolate Buckwheat Porridge

I think this so-called porridge actually sits somewhere between porridge and a smoothie bowl. But semantics aside, this thing is tasty! 

Take buckwheat that’s been soaking overnight and blend it with sour cherries.

This recipe also calls for cocoa, maple syrup, almond butter, and cinnamon for extra deliciousness. 

It’s filling. And healthy. I daresay it is your new favorite breakfast.

5. Beets with Cherry Sauce (Charkhlis Chogi)

This traditional Georgian dish (the country, not the state) is seriously yummy. But more than that, it’s super good for you, too! 

And it’s simple to make, so really, it is the best of all the worlds! 

Charkhlis Chogi is made by sauteing sour cherries and onions in butter… yum. When it’s nice and soft and fragrant, you add warmed beets. Mix it together and serve with fresh herbs.

6. Sour Cherry Pie

I’m a big fan of fruit pies. But they tend to be toothache-inducing-sweet. This is not the case with this sour cherry pie. 

Every bite is perfectly balanced and tantalizing. It is the best cherry pie recipe out there!

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. 

7. Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce

Meat and fruit. Many cultures around the world combine the two into exquisite dishes.

Although it’s less popular in the States, you can still find recipes like this one. 

These pork chops with cherry sauce are delicious! They’re fancy enough for date night. But easy enough for a regular weeknight. 

The chops are rubbed with a smoky mix of seasonings, then baked. Talk about perfect pork chops. 

But the sauce is the true star of this recipe. Tart cherries, red wine, shallots, and balsamic team up to create a taste explosion! 

8. Sour Cherry Cheesecake Bars

These delicious bars will inject some life into your next potluck. Or anywhere you’ve been asked to bring dessert.

The only problem is that they are kinda addicting. 

So if you bring them once… you’ll have to bring them again. And you can see why. 

These bars feature a buttery, flaky pastry crust and streusel topping. They’re stuffed with tangy cheesecake filling AND a spiced sour cherry compote. 

9. Sour Cherry and Pomegranate Detox Smoothie

Getting and staying healthy has never tasted so good! This detox smoothie is tart, tangy, and super refreshing. 

10. Mascarpone Sour Cherry Ice Cream

Fancy, fresh, homemade ice cream… need I say more? Probably not, but I will. 

This mascarpone and sour cherry ice cream is custard based. So, it is uber creamy. The mascarpone has a rich and sultry taste. 

But that richness is balanced by roasted sour cherries. Yes, roasted. So, they’re even more flavorful than normal. 

This ice cream is heavenly.

11. Sour Cherry Pecan Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies

These are NOT your average oatmeal cookies. They’re the cookie that will make your friends request the recipe.

Like… they’ll bang down your door to demand it. 

These cookies are chewy and soft, with some crunch from the pecans. The brown butter adds a lovely, nutty richness that is mouthwatering. 

And the tartness from the cherries finishes it to become the perfect bite. If you feel the need, you can also add dark chocolate chunks. (Do it.)

12. Wheat Berry and Sour Cherry Citrus Salad

Salads made with only greens are dull. They’re the reason people say they hate salads. 

But a salad with chewy elements like wheat berries or sweet-sour components like cherries? OR BOTH? Now, there’s a reason to fall in love with salads. 

Add more veggies for crunch and a homemade vinaigrette… done and delicious. 

13. Sour Cherry Vareniki

Sour cherry-filled dumplings… what’s not to love? This Ukrainian dish is perfect as an appetizer or as a dessert. 

14. Sour Cherry Cobbler

Using sour cherries turns what is an average dessert into something exciting. Sour cherry cobbler is sweet, tangy, and wonderfully rustic. 

It’s the ideal way to end a warm summer evening. Don’t forget the ice cream! 

15. Braised Chicken with Sour Cherries

This Middle Eastern-inspired dish will inspire you. Well, your taste buds, for sure. It’s the best way to overcome any dinner idea ruts because it’s delicious and EASY!

The chicken is tender and juicy. The sweet and spiced cherry sauce is insanely flavorful, with notes of garlic and herbs.  

16. Sour Cherry Strudel

If flaky, crusty pastry is your jam… then this strudel is right up your alley! 

Rather than traditional puff pastry, this is made with phyllo dough. So, the strudel features layers upon layers of fantastic flakes.

It’s stuffed with sweetened sour cherry filling. 

17. Sour Cherry Lemonade Concentrate

Summer is not complete without enjoying lemonade. And sour cherry lemonade is THE drink of the summer.

It’s always a good idea to have this sweet and sour concentrate on hand. 

18. Sour Cherry Jam

Some days you need a piece of buttery toast with jam. It’s simple, perfect, and oh, so satisfying. But homemade jam is the best by far. 

And this sour cherry jam is top-notch! It’s so juicy and sweet but still pucker-inducing. Every bite will make your mouth water. 

19. Nutella and Sour Cherry Granola

I bet you’ve never had granola like this before!

And I bet you’ll never go back to boring granola again. Not when you can have this sweet, salty, and sour granola to top your favorite yogurt.

This granola contains oats, millet, almonds, and dried cherries. Use Nutella, butter, almond butter, and maple syrup to make it clump. 

This granola also has warm hints of cinnamon and plenty of sweetness. Don’t worry, it’s not too sweet!

20. Cherry Cake

I love coffee cake. Partially because it gives me an excuse to have cake throughout the day. But mostly, I think it’s just really tasty.

And this cherry vanilla coffee cake is no exception. It’s soft and moist and super fruity! You will want it for tea time, dessert, or even breakfast. 

21. Belgian Meatballs with Sour Cherries

I’ve already mentioned my love of meat and fruit. It’s a fantastic combination. And we should enjoy it more often than we do! 

Take this delicious, classic Belgian dish, for example.

The savoriness of the butter-fried meatballs pairs so well with the sour cherries. Every bite is like taking your taste buds on a rollercoaster of flavor. 

22. Sour Cherry Bread with Black Sesame Streusel and Lime

Bread, loaf cake… it does not matter what you call it. This cherry and sesame loaf is just plain yummy!

I could eat this moist, fruity, and wonderfully textured cake daily. 

23. Sour Cherry Shrub

First things first, a shrub in this context is not a plant. It’s a vinegar-based syrup used in cocktails to add acidity instead of citrus. 

You can make a shrub with many different fruits. But you should try this sour cherry one first! Because it is divine. 

And shrub is so easy to make, though it takes time. It takes two days of muddling, mixing, fermenting, and straining.

The result is a sweet, sour, and wonderfully sharp syrup… perfect for drinks! And it has the added benefit of being friendly for your gut bacteria. #winwin

24. Cherry Almond Tea Cake Cookies

Tea Cake cookies have always been one of my favorites.

From the crunchy bite to the melt-in-your-mouth texture to the powdered sugar fingers… it’s wonderful. 

But this version may take the cake, er, tea cake. Because every bite bursts with sweet, tart cherries and rich, nutty almond flavor. 

25. Sour Cherry Galette

If you love cherry pie… but you’re the tiniest bit lazy… this is for you! (Guilty, as charged.) Because a galette is basically pie, but so much easier to make. 

Will a galette be as wondrous as a frilly latticed pie? No. But it is beautiful in its simplicity… and it tastes fantastic! 

This galette is perfect for those who dislike overly sweet desserts. This is because sour cherries have just the right amount of tartness.

Serve with ice cream, and enjoy! 

25 Sour Cherry Recipes You’ll Love


  • Sour Cherry Chocolate Tart

  • Sour Cherry Cream Cheese Danish Braid

  • Raw Sour Cherry Chocolate Buckwheat Porridge

  • Beets with Cherry Sauce (Charkhlis Chogi)

  • Sour Cherry Pie

  • Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce

  • Sour Cherry Cheesecake Bars

  • Sour Cherry and Pomegranate Detox Smoothie

  • Mascarpone Sour Cherry Ice Cream

  • Sour Cherry Pecan Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies

  • Wheat Berry and Sour Cherry Citrus Salad

  • Sour Cherry Vareniki

  • Sour Cherry Cobbler

  • Braised Chicken with Sour Cherries

  • Sour Cherry Strudel

  • Sour Cherry Lemonade Concentrate

  • Sour Cherry Jam

  • Nutella and Sour Cherry Granola

  • Cherry Cake

  • Belgian Meatballs with Sour Cherries

  • Sour Cherry Shrub

  • Cherry Almond Tea Cake Cookies

  • Sour Cherry Galette


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  • Prep a delicious sour cherry recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Sour Cherry Recipes

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