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13 Best Rose Water Cocktails and Drink Ideas

These light and delicate rose water cocktails will take any party from drab to fab.

And remember, the garnish is just as important as the drink itself!

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Pink Rose Cocktail with Lemon

From weddings and anniversaries to summer birthdays, you really can’t go wrong with a selection of rose water cocktails.

They’re super elegant and taste phenomenal. Plus, with the right garnish, they look absolutely stunning.

I think they’re best served in pretty glasses with gold detailing, along with plenty of edible rose petals for added flair.

That said, these rose water drinks are so delicious, you’ll love them no matter what.

How To Use Rosewater In Cocktails

1. Rose Water Gin Cocktail

Looking at this cocktail, you might think it’s nothing more than ice water. But the faint floral aroma and lemony gin kick will quickly set you straight. 

It’s an elegant mixed drink made even more beautiful by a few stray rose petals.

Gin drinkers will love the blend of herbal booze and floral rose water. It’s the ideal choice for more formal occasions. 

2. Cucumber Rose Water Gin and Tonic

This crisp, refreshing drink is the ultimate Spa Day cocktail. Every sip is pure, soothing relaxation. 

It’s the kind of drink you sip on with a towel on your head and cucumbers on your eyes.

The light, zesty taste isn’t too alcohol-forward, plus it’s a botanical cocktail in the best sense of the word.

Instead of being overly herby, it’s wonderfully fresh and indulgent, though it’s not overly indulgent.

3. Rose Water Lemon Drop Martini

Are you a fan of Lemon Drop candies? Me too! That’s why I adore this five-minute martini.

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It’s just like the classic Lemon Drop Martini but with a super fun rose water twist.

Lemony, sugary, and flowery, it’s surprisingly fun and spring-like.

Whip these up for brunch when the weather gets warm. Everyone who tries them will love them.  

4. Rosewater Old-Fashioned

There are lots of variations on the traditional Old Fashioned, but this one is my favorite.

(Or at least in the top 3, anyway!) 

Light, crisp, and not too sweet or boozy, it’s just so delicious. 

The key ingredient is the rose water simple syrup. You’ll need rose water, sugar, water, and vanilla extract, and be sure to follow the amounts carefully.

Nobody likes too much rose water, after all.

The resulting syrup is layered, complex, and so good, you could almost drink it by itself.

Add the syrup with Angostura bitters to three ounces of whiskey, and WOW – just WOW. 

It’s such a unique drink. And the maraschino cherries and orange slices make it look as good as it tastes.

5. Rose Lemon Spritzer

This pretty pink drink includes both floral and citrus notes. It looks, smells, and tastes phenomenal and is perfect for spring and summer. 

It’s a bit on the sweet side, but it won’t leave you feeling weighed down after drinking it. Like most spritzers, it isn’t too strong, either. 

It’s an excellent choice for sipping and letting the bubbles tickle your tongue.

6. Moonwalk Cocktail

The Moonwalk cocktail is one of the most straightforward drinks on this list. You’ll make it with Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge and grapefruit juice. 

Rose water simple syrup lightens the flavor and helps cut through some of the grapefruit’s bitterness.

Then, you’ll top it with Champagne for its fun and festive bubbles. 

It’s quick and easy and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to whip up. 

7. Rose Peach Frosé

Is there anything better than a cold, slushy drink in the hot summer months? Especially one with fresh peaches in the mix! 

There’s just something about this drink that always brings a smile to my face. It has a sweet, Southern flavor and is just boozy enough to help you relax. 

Plus, you can add extra fruit if you like! Watermelon peach frosé, anyone? How about blackberry peach frosé?

Yeah. This one will quickly become a new favorite. 

8. Pink Grapefruit Gin Cocktail with Rose Water

Here’s another simple recipe combining grapefruit and rose water. Only this time, you’ll mix them with pink tonic water and gin. 

It’s a bracing, bittersweet combination that’s as zesty and zingy as it is delicious.

There’s plenty of grapefruit flavor in it, though. So if that’s not your thing, you might want to skip over this recipe.

9. Raspberry Rose Cocktail

This gorgeous red cocktail is eye-catching and delectable.

Every sip features loads of raspberry yumminess with just a hint of gin and rose.

It’s fruity, tangy, and a bit dry – though it goes down smoothly enough. You’ll love its crisp, fruit punch-like flavor and its brilliant red hue.

10. Raspberry Rose Floradora

This raspberry and rose mixed drink isn’t as bright as the one above. Fortunately, it’s just as lovely in its own way. 

It boasts a lovely pink color and sparkly ginger ale bubbles. Plus, adding lime juice gives it a bolder, zestier flavor.

Don’t worry; it still has plenty of raspberry goodness. 

11. Strawberry Rose Gin Fizz

Do you prefer strawberries to raspberries? No problem! I’ve got a recipe for that, too!

The strawberry rose gin fizz infuses strawberry flavor into every sip. And if you make it correctly, you won’t even taste the gin.

(It also makes an excellent mocktail if you want to leave the gin out entirely.)

And remember, this recipe is for two servings. So you aren’t actually knocking back four ounces of gin in a single drink.

12. Rose Martini

The rose martini is perfect if you want a drink that really showcases the rose water flavor.

It’s a fruity, flowery drink that’s impossible not to love. 

The drink’s description calls it “very sweet, pink, and fruity.” And that pretty much sums it up.

If Barbie drank cocktails for brunch, the rose martini is what she’d order. 

13. Rose Water Paloma

This five-ingredient recipe puts a flowery twist on the classic Paloma.

Like any good Paloma, you’ll make it with tequila, grapefruit juice, and soda. But there’s also rose simple syrup and rose water.

The result? A very grapefruity drink that smells like bittersweet roses. The other ingredients can’t totally mask the tequila, so it has a slightly boozy taste, too. 

It’s such a complex, unique drink that it’s hard to describe. But if you like grapefruit juice and tequila, you’ll probably appreciate it. 

13 Best Rose Water Cocktails and Drink Ideas

These light and delicate rose water cocktails will take any party from drab to fab. And remember, the garnish is just as important as the drink itself!


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Rose Water Cocktails

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