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13 Best Jack Daniels Cocktails & Drink Ideas

A little oaky, kind of nutty, and full of subtle caramel notes, these easy and delicious Jack Daniel’s cocktails go way beyond the typical Jack and Coke.

From hard lemonade to boozy iced tea, you’ll want to try all of these stunning Jack Daniel’s drinks.

Apple Cider Margarita with Jack Daniels and Cinnamon
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Did you know Frank Sinatra loved Jack Daniel’s so much that he was buried with a bottle?

And no wonder – it’s smooth, sweet, and comes in a variety of scrumptious flavors, including Apple, Honey, and Fire.

So why not come fly with me and try these Jack Daniel’s cocktails? They’re perfect for the holidays!

13 Easy Jack Daniels Mixed Drinks Recipes

1. Lynchburg Lemonade 

I know I just said Jack Daniel’s is perfect for the holidays, and that’s totally true! But it’s also incredible as a fun summer drink.

Named for the distillery’s hometown, this cocktail is light, bright, and ideal for BBQs.

The warm, nutty notes of Jack Daniels pair perfectly with tart lemon flavors. Add some tart triple sec and a splash of lemon-lime soda, and you’re all set.

2. Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail with Jack Daniel’s Fire 

Here’s one for the holidays!

This Christmassy cocktail features tart and sweet notes of apple cider. And what better way to enhance apple flavors than cinnamon?

You’ll use Jack Daniel’s Fire to bring incredible warmth and plenty of festive fun.

You can even get fancy and rim the glass with cinnamon sugar, a slice of apple, and a cinnamon stick!

3. Jack Daniels Iced Tea 

What’s better than a cold glass of iced tea? A glass of iced tea spiked with Jack Daniel’s, of course!

Super simple and super refreshing, it infuses your choice of iced tea with Jack Daniel’s and plenty of fresh lemons. 

It’s quick and easy, and you can make a big batch to store in the fridge as needed. 

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4. Refreshing Whiskey Swirl Cocktail 

Think of this whisky swirl cocktail like a take on the whiskey sour.

It’s impossibly light and refreshing, with just enough sour grapefruit to awaken your senses.

It earns a bright pop of flavor from the ginger ale and plenty of warmth from the Jack Daniel’s.

It’s the perfect cocktail for when you want something boozy but don’t like overly sweet or fruity drinks. 

5. Jack and Coke 

There is a reason the classic Jack and Coke stands the test of time – it’s delectable!

This quick two-ingredient drink is rich and deliciously complex. You’ll get notes of caramel, spice, molasses, citrus, and more in every mouthful.

Better yet, it takes seconds to prep, and it’s something you know everyone will love.

6. Jack Knife Cocktail 

If you like cream and sugar in your coffee, the Jack Knife cocktail is for you.

It doesn’t hide the robust flavors of Jack Daniel’s but enhances them with a splash of Baileys Irish Cream

Of course, that makes this drink creamy, delicious, and pretty potent. So a little goes a very long way.

If you think that’s a little too much booze in one glass, try shaking it with some espresso. It’s like an extra boozy Irish coffee!

7. Deadshot Cocktail 

Inspired by the Suicide Squad’s Deadshot, this cocktail is just as dark and menacing as the man himself.

Of course, after a couple of these Bad Boys, you likely won’t hit any of your targets!

It features my three favorite Js: Jack, Jim, and Jose. Add a splash of Coke for sweetness, and you’re ready to party!

For a dark and brooding garnish, rim your glasses with a mix of granulated sugar with black food color. 

Perfect for Halloween, don’t you think?

8. Peach Jack Daniels High Ball (Peach Whiskey Mule)

Celebrate the flavors of the South with this gorgeous peach Jack Daniel’s high ball.

It tastes like peaches soaked in whiskey, and I’m so here for it!

It starts with fresh peaches muddled with brown sugar. Add Jack Daniel’s, Peach Schnapps, St. Germain, and bitters, then give it a shake.

Pour the mix over ice and top it up with ginger ale for a wonderfully bubbly finish. Yum!

9. Jack’s Tennessee Honey and Ginger Beer 

The recipe above is a fun yet elaborate twist on a Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice).

But this version stays true to the classic! The only difference here is the use of Jack Daniel’s Honey in place of the vodka.

It’s a little sweeter than a traditional Moscow Mule, but it’s just as zippy and fresh.

10. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Blackberry Tea 

We all know that Jack Daniel’s and iced tea pair perfectly together. But why not get a little creative with the flavors?

Blackberry tea is sweeter and offers a tart, fruity kick that complements the spice and richness of Jack Daniel’s Honey whiskey beautifully. 

Throw in a few extra blackberries, mint leaves, and a splash of lemon, and it’s the perfect summer cocktail!

11. Charred Cherry Whiskey Lemonade 

If you have the time, this charred cherry whiskey lemonade is well worth the effort. 

Charred cherries offer lovely flavors that are out of this world.

They’re still a little tart and sweet but bring rich, smoky notes that work flawlessly with Jack Daniel’s. 

Mix in some mint, lemon juice, and a splash of club soda, and it’s sure to be your next favorite mixed drink. 

12. Jack The Ripper Whiskey Cocktail 

Jack the Ripper is the perfect cocktail for your next Halloween party. It’s dark, sinister, and devilishly delish!

Full of rich fall flavors, this one is impossible to resist.

It incorporates orange juice, simple cinnamon syrup, and salted caramel. So it’s tart, sweet, and uniquely warm, and citrusy. 

Rounding those flavors out is a generous glug of Jack, which brings with it vanilla, orange, spice, and more.

13. Jack Daniel’s Honey Recipe: Honey Cranberry Tea 

Still not ready to let summer go? Maybe this boozy honey and cranberry tea will help you transition into fall!

The sweet tea flavors in this cocktail echo the not-so-distant flavors of summer. But there’s a tasty autumn kick from tart cranberries and warm cinnamon. 

While you can undoubtedly use traditional Jack Daniel’s in this cocktail, Jack Daniel’s Honey really brings it to life.

13 Best Jack Daniels Cocktails & Drink Ideas

A little oaky, kind of nutty, and full of subtle caramel notes, these easy and delicious Jack Daniel’s cocktails go way beyond the typical Jack and Coke.


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Jack Daniels Cocktails

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