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27 Best Whiskey Cocktails

I say, live life to the fullest and give in to temptation with one of these tantalizing whiskey cocktails!

Learning how to craft whiskey cocktails is a must for any cocktail enthusiast. 

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Refreshing Whiskey Cocktail with Lemon Peel

There are so many applications for whiskey when it comes to adult beverages.

There are tried-and-true classics like the Manhattan and hip modern mixes like the godfather. 

After dinner sippers, cocktail hours, holidays, celebrations, or a nightcap, there’s a whiskey cocktail for every time and place. 

So in honor of whiskey, here are my favorite 27 whiskey cocktails to pique your interest and quench your thirst. 

25+ Whiskey Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know

1. Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

This cocktail has all the makings for a legendary holiday libation. It’s a complex mix of sweet, sour, and spice that tastes like fall and winter combined. 

The recipe features a harmonious blend of maple syrup and cinnamon with quality bourbon and a touch of lemon juice. 

This recipe uses Bulleit, which is my ultimate favorite. I think the regular or rye version both go well in this mix. 

2. Passion Fruit Bourbon Sour

The sweet nectar of passion fruit is a complementary mixer for this bourbon sour. 

The intense tropical fruit melds flawlessly with the velvety creamy body that’s crafted from egg white.

You’ll need both passionfruit syrup and pulp to get the fruity flavors just right. 

Also, Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the liquor of choice for this concoction.

It has some floral and vanilla notes that are remarkable in this drink. 

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3. Bourbon Old-Fashioned

Old-fashioned cocktails always remind me of a dimly lit steakhouse sort of drink.

It’s fancy enough to pair with steak and stiff enough for sipping after dinner. 

To make this drink, you’ll want to use high-quality bourbon, Angostura bitters, oranges bitters, and some simple syrup to sweeten. 

You’ll also need an orange peel and maraschino cherry for the finishing touch. 

4. Spiced Bourbon Hot Toddy

Feeling a sore throat coming on? Try curing it the old school way with a tantalizing hot toddy. 

This rendition uses maple syrup as a natural sweetener and some chili pepper to give it a fiery kick. 

Sore throat or not, this is the perfect way to warm up on a cold day. 

5. Whiskey Egg Nog

Need a spirited beverage to pair with the holidays? You simply can’t go wrong with whiskey egg nog. 

While I like egg nog with rum, I prefer it the whiskey way. 

This recipe keeps it simple with bourbon, egg, sugar, and milk. Use a shaker to combine the ingredients, then strain into a tall glass. 

While it’s optional, I think a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon makes a joyful touch. 

6. Manhattan

Manhattans are a Christmas staple in my family. This classic is very warming and cheery, making it a sprightful pairing for the holidays.

But by no means is this a weak drink. It’s strong and structured with just four ingredients. 

Bourbon makes it very smooth and stiff while vermouth adds in some fragrant aromatics. Add a dash of bitters to keep it all well balanced.

While some may debate, a cocktail cherry for garnish is a must in my household. 

7. Jack and Coke

When I need a drink after a rough day, I opt for the foolproof duo of Jack and Coke.

It’s fizzy and refreshing without being too strong. Of course, you can make yours as stiff as you like.

This recipe calls for just a couple of ounces of Jack and topping it off with Coke. If you prefer diet soda, use that instead. 

8. Mint Julep

This timeless classic gets a modern twist with mint-infused simple syrup. No doubt, this enhances the mint intensity packing a punch of freshness. 

This is delightful on a warm day when you need a thirst-quenching drink. It’s also great in the afternoon when you need a boozy pick me up.

9. Whiskey Lemonade

Along with the mint julep, a whiskey lemonade is a fine choice when you’re feeling parched. 

With just three ingredients, you can have this ready in no time. All you’ll need is whiskey, lemonade, and fresh rosemary. 

Play alchemist if you like and experiment with different dried herbs to see which ones you like the most.

10. Bourbon Sidecar

Another exceptional take on an old classic is this bourbon sidecar recipe.

It uses bourbon instead of brandy, which makes it slightly less sweet and fruity, but very smooth. 

It also calls for Cointreau which is one of the best triple sec brands around.

Add in a little bit of simple syrup to sweeten and some lemon juice to keep it bright.

11. John Collins

A play on Tom Collins, John Collins uses whiskey instead of gin. However, like the original, you’ll want a tall glass for serving. 

This effervescent drink is heavy on the citrus and well balanced on the liquor, making it a terrific refreshment for warm summer days. 

12. Cherry Whiskey Sour

There are many ways to make a whiskey sour. When I’m in the mood for something fruity, I like making this cocktail. 

It still has a smooth, creamy body along with a pleasant bourbon kick. But the cherry juice gives it a dazzling fruity twist. 

13. Lynchburg Lemonade

Named after Lynchburg, Tennessee, the Lynchburg lemonade is a Jack Daniel’s creation fitting for a porch session. 

This copycat recipe does it right with lemon juice, lemon soda, triple sec, and of course, Jack Daniel’s. 

You’ll want to make this a batch cocktail in a pitcher and invite the neighbors over for some good company. It’s just too refreshing not to share!

14. Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail

The best fall cocktails should capture the essence of fall with the right balance of booze. This one does that and more. 

It takes sparkling apple cider and mixes it with some coconut sugar and Jack Daniel’s Fire whiskey.

A cinnamon stick is the ultimate garnish for this autumn drink.  

15. Jim Beam Kentucky Sunrise

I’ve mentioned plenty of Jack Daniel’s and Bulleit drinks, but now it’s time for good old Jim Beam. 

This Kentucky bourbon cocktail is simple, sweet, and citrusy. Other than Jim Beam, all you’ll need is some orange juice and grenadine.

The fresh fruity taste and overall simplicity make this the epitome of summer whiskey cocktails.

16. Kentucky Mule

Of course, I can’t mention whiskey cocktails without talking about one of my favorite mules. 

The Kentucky mule is a vibrant libation packed with fiery ginger beer and fresh lime.

I love how beads of condensation build up on the copper mug that keeps this cocktail ice cold. 

17. Godfather

An award-winning classic film needs a stiff drink that can live up to its legendary reputation.

This cocktail recipe manages to do that with just two ingredients, bourbon, and amaretto. 

Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur that’s very fitting for this drink. 

Mix it with bourbon and it adds some flavorful nuances that make this surprisingly complex given the short ingredient list. 

18. Classic Whiskey Highball

If you’re searching for a cocktail recipe to showcase whiskey in all its glory, this is it. 

You’ll take a tall highball glass and pour in a shot of your favorite whiskey over ice. Then top that off with club soda and a lemon wedge. 

If you want a bit more flavor, you can add in some ginger beer.

It will taste phenomenal, but keep in mind it will mask some of the nuances of the whiskey.

19. Blackberry Sunset Whiskey Sour

This cocktail is the stuff that dreams are made of! 

It has a touch of class and elegance featuring eye-popping purplish hues. This is no doubt a ravishing drink and has the flavor to match. 

It mixes blackberry juice and blackberry liqueur so it’s heavy on the fruit.

The addition of black walnut bitters adds a complementary nutty twist that balances out the sweetness.

All of which is captured in a silky smooth body thanks to the egg white. 

20. Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

Nothing reminds me more of the south than the combination of whiskey and sweet tea. 

This recipe is a down-to-earth concoction of bourbon, tea, and simple syrup. 

It specifically calls for Owl’s Brew Pink & Black which is a type of Darjeeling tea with notes of hibiscus and strawberry. 

If you can’t get this tea, any medium-bodied black tea will do. 

21. Bourbon Lemon Drop Martini

If you want to impress your cocktail guests, whip up these electrifying martinis. 

They’ll have a bright and bold lemon kick thanks to the homemade sour mix and limoncello. 

They’re a little bit cheek puckering, but all the best lemon drops are. 

22. Whiskey Margaritas

Whiskey and margarita may sound a little odd, but wait until you give this one a try!

This sprightly beverage is generous on the citrus fruit. It calls for a mix of orange juice, lime juice, and lime soda. 

It’s fruity and fizzy, which I find to be especially invigorating. While it certainly isn’t your classic margarita, it’s a superb cocktail, nonetheless. 

23. Irish Mimosa

The combination of mimosa and whiskey makes for an exhilarating drink.  

This recipe calls for the standard mimosa ingredients including champagne and orange juice. But it adds an Irish twist with a shot of Jameson whiskey. 

To make it extra special, it has some grapefruit juice added to the mix. 

24. Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey Martini

I find the decadence of this drink to be particularly arresting. 

It has a silky smooth body and sensational flavor which is compliments of the cocoa liquor, creme de cocoa, and heavy cream. 

That’s made even more indulgent with a peanut butter whiskey! This drink is perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, desserts, and more.

25. Whiskey Sour Party Punch

While every cocktail on this list is fitting for St. Paddy’s Day, this is the cocktail to liven up the party. 

Starting with a large pitcher, you’ll pour in orange juice, lime, bourbon, and water.

Add a splash of simple syrup to make it a bit sweeter, then top it off with club soda. 

To prevent this from getting watery, you’ll freeze cubes of lemonade that add a zippy sour kick.

26. Wine and Whiskey Cocktail

This wine and whisky cocktail is speaking to my soul. It’s bold and complex with so many different notes from the whiskey and red wine. 

When finding the right whiskey and red wine, make sure you choose flavor profiles that will complement one another well.

27. Whiskey Orange Crush

Why not wet your whistle with a lush orange crush! 

Like the name suggests, this boozy beverage is all about the orange.

It has fresh orange juice and a splash of triple sec with some lemon-lime soda for a little extra zip, all of which taste striking with a smooth quality whiskey. 

The 27 BEST Whiskey Cocktails

These whiskey cocktails are as strong as it gets! From an old-fashioned to a Manhattan to Lynchburg lemonade, these boozy drinks will be the life of the party.


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Whiskey Cocktails

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