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13 Easy Recipes with Jack Daniel’s

Think outside the glass with these sensational recipes with Jack Daniel’s.

Between the smoky salmon and sticky-sweet fried chicken, they’re downright irresistible.

Easy Recipes with Jack Daniel’s featuring Glazed Chicken Wings on a Black Plate
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Jack Daniel’s has a lovely oaky finish with plenty of sweet caramel notes, making it insanely smooth and flavorful.

But it isn’t just for drinking, ya know!

From beans and brisket to mac & cheese and chicken, these recipes with Jack Daniel’s are so good; you might want to buy the bigger bottle.

Because after just one bite, I have a feeling this incredible Tennessee whiskey will become a mainstay in your kitchen.

1. Jack Daniel’s Bacon Mac and Cheese

Just when you thought mac & cheese couldn’t get any more irresistible, some genius goes and adds Jack Daniel’s to the mix. 

It’s not only insanely cheesy, but it also doubles down on the whiskey for maximum flavor. 

There’s tantalizing Tennessee goodness in the candied bacon, which gets tossed into the ooey-gooey mix of whiskey-infused macaroni. 

A legendary mac & cheese like this is impossible to beat. So you might as well give in and make a big old batch. You won’t regret it.

2. TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Sauce

Wish you could bottle up TGI Friday’s signature Jack Daniel’s Sauce? Well, now you can! 

Skip the restaurant and bottle the sauce yourself. It’ll save you a trip and a few bucks to boot.

You’ll want to slather this sweet, spicy Jack Daniel’s sauce on everything.

Ribs and wings are at the top of my list, but burgers, hotdogs, and chicken wings aren’t far behind.

3. Chicken in Jack Daniel’s Cream Sauce

If you prefer creamy dishes, this one has your name all over it. 

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Tender chicken breasts swimming in a rich JD sauce doctored up with some herbs…that’s comfort food at its finest if you ask me!

Serve this over a bed of rice or pair it with some garlic bread. Of course, you’ll want to lap up every last drop of the delicious sauce. 

4. Jack Daniel’s Baked Beans

From BBQ to soul food, these baked beans are the ideal side you can’t live without.

They’re sweet, tangy, smoky, and a tiny bit spicy from the brown mustard.

Beans like this may seem like they take a long time to craft, but you can bust out this side in just 30 minutes.

While the liquid smoke isn’t a complete must, I urge you not to skip it. 

5. Jack Daniel’s Beef Brisket

Want your brisket to turn out juicy and oozing with flavor every time? Then make it this way.

The sauce on this brisket is to die for. It hits the spot with sweet, savory, tangy, and smoky notes. 

I know ketchup and prime meat are a bit of a no-no. But when you incorporate it into a sauce like this, nobody will complain. 

Be patient with this brisket. With quality this good, there’s no need to rush.

6. Jack Daniel’s Grilled Steak

Pour yourself some JD on the rocks because this steakhouse-quality dinner calls for a smooth drink on the side. 

To recreate this at home, you’ll marinate New York strips in a garlicky whiskey sauce for hours – overnight if possible. 

Come eating time, slap them on the grill until medium-rare. 

It’s a good idea to use a meat thermometer for this one. It would be a shame for the steaks to turn out overdone. 

7. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Fried Chicken

Fried chicken lovers can’t resist a bite of this! 

Crispy fried chicken takes a bath in a mouthwatering sweet and tangy whiskey sauce that’s dripping with flavor. 

Sorry Colonel, you ain’t got nothing on this fried chicken.

8. Jack Daniel’s Glazed Baked Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are already pretty addictive, but when you add a Jack Daniel’s glaze? Forget about making anything else ever again.

The chicken wings get a flavorful rub of spices; then, they’re smothered in a sensational Jack Daniel’s sauce. 

It’s hard to describe just how enticing the sauce is, but to give you an idea, it’s got pineapple, teriyaki, garlic, whiskey, and more.

Plus, it’s baked, so you don’t have to worry about the mess of frying. 

9. Jack Daniel’s Chicken and Shrimp

Forget the steakhouse; this surf and turf is better straight from your very own kitchen.

It’s a 30-minute meal that combines sautéed chicken breast and shrimp in a well-balanced whiskey sauce. 

It’s spicy, sweet, tomatoey, and doesn’t take a professional chef to pull together. 

Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try and see for yourself.

10. TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Salmon

Another thing TGI Friday’s does right is this Jack Daniel’s Salmon. And it’s as easy as smothering a fillet in that sauce from above.

After all, salmon on its own can be a little dull. Plus, not everyone likes the same old lemon fish for dinner, right?

So, if you want something healthy yet bursting with flavor, you can’t go wrong with this bold combination.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip: make the sauce in advance, then you can cut down a lot of prep when it comes time for dinner.

11. Triple Chocolate Jack Daniel’s Cupcakes

Don’t just stick to savory meals – you can bake with Jack Daniel’s too. And these triple chocolate cupcakes are about as good as it gets.

There’s whiskey in the cake batter, which adds excellent flavor and moisture.

Plus, there’s a sinful chocolate and whiskey ganache center that’ll make you swoon.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Jack Daniels in the creamy frosting. Talk about a triple threat!

12. Whiskey Shrimp

When I come across a shrimp recipe this good, it would be a sin to keep it to myself. 

The buttery shrimp and creamy whiskey sauce are an extravagant duo that’s temptingly luscious.

Be sure to peel your shrimp and devein them before cooking. It’s all about quality here. 

13. Pulled Pork with Jack Daniel’s Sauce

This enticing pulled pork delight is the last delectable recipe I need to tell you about. 

Succulent pulled pork melds with a spicy creole seasoned whiskey sauce that’s unmatched by any other.

It’s got that Southern charm that’s impossible to resist! So slap it on a sandwich and go to town – just have a couple of napkins handy.

13 Best Ways to Cook with Jack Daniels

Think outside the glass with these sensational recipes with Jack Daniel’s. Between the smoky salmon and sticky-sweet fried chicken, they’re irresistible.


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Recipes with Jack Daniel’s

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