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25 Sweet Strawberry Lemon Recipes We Adore

There’s nothing quite like the lusciousness of strawberry lemon recipesespecially in the summer. 

The blend of juicy sweet berries and tart citrus is a thing of beauty!

Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Smoothie
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Not only are these recipes bright, fresh, and fruity, but they look phenomenal to boot!

The vibrant strawberries with colorful lemons make them all so inviting.

Perfect for spring and summer, these strawberry lemon recipes are out of this world.

They’re also ideal for birthdays, brunch, BBQs, and more!

Best Ever Strawberry Lemon Blondies and More!

1. Strawberry Lemon Blondies

These blondies look more like iced cakes than blondies. Still, they have the same sweet, sugary blondie flavor we all know and love. 

The only difference is that this one adds some tart-n-tangy strawberries into the mix. Not to mention lemon juice and lemon zest! 

They’re a light, bright, sugary sweet treat you won’t want to miss.

And that delicious glaze? You’ll want to put that on everything!

2. Strawberry Lemonade Pie

Do you like your baked goods more tart than sweet? If so, you’ll love this strawberry lemonade pie.

It’s more on the sour side of the spectrum, so get ready to pucker up!

It features a buttery Graham Cracker crust and a zesty lemonade pie filling. Top it with fresh strawberries and meringue, and you’re all set.

It’s the perfect summer pie.

3. Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars

These colorful bars are tart and tangy and taste even better chilled. Thanks to the cheesecake filling, they’re rich and decadent. 

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The lightness of their flavor makes them seem less heavy, though. So, they work well for an after-dinner treat.

You could also serve them for brunch with tea or coffee.

4. Strawberry Lemon Tart

Tarts are such gorgeous, elegant desserts. And this one is no exception.

It’s zesty, zingy, and soaked in vibrant lemon syrup. 

Just remember: tarts require setting and chilling time. So, be sure to make this ahead of your event – like the day before if you can!

5. Lemon Strawberry Shortcake

Have you seen those recipes where people turn biscuits into strawberry shortcake?

This is that recipe, only with some lemon thrown in for good measure.

You’ll add lemon to every layer of this dessert. However, it really shines through in the lemon whipped cream.

It takes this traditional sweet treat and makes it downright tart.

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

6. Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

This brilliant red smoothie is lovely to behold. Thankfully, it tastes as fantastic as it looks.

It’s a bold, invigorating way to start the day. Plus, you’ll need just four ingredients to make it.

It’s a 20-minute breakfast that’ll keep you full all day. What more could you need?

7. Strawberry Lemonade

Speaking of four-ingredient drinks: Check out this strawberry lemonade.

It’s a new twist on an old classic that’s lightly sweet, crisp, and just a little tangy.

It doesn’t get much more summery than that.

8. Strawberry Lemonade Cake

This light, airy cake is the very definition of pretty in pink.

It features tasty strawberry buttercream between layers of zesty, soft cake. 

Jazz it up with a few extra strawberries, or go the whipped cream route. Even if you leave it plain, though, people will love it. 

9. Strawberry & Lemon Cream Crepes

Crepes are the ideal treat for brunch.

Mainly because I feel so fancy when I eat them! And brunches should be fancy, after all.

This recipe allows you to whip up the best strawberry and lemon cream crepes you’ll ever taste.

They take a little time and effort; I’m not going to lie. But they’re entirely worth it once you taste them.

10. Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade

Are you a strawberry lemonade lover? Then you’ll adore this marmalade.

It tastes like pure strawberry lemonade, only sweeter and in a jelly-like form. 

Add it to toast, biscuits, or even your PB&J. It tastes phenomenal on everything.

11. Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes

The cake part of these cupcakes is bright, zesty, and full of lemony flavor. On its own, you’ll be more than happy.

But if you want to take it up a notch, you’ll need the rich, super sweet strawberry buttercream.

It tones down the tart without overpowering it, and it’s pretty stunning too.

Quick, gorgeous, and easy to make…if that’s not perfection, I don’t know what is.

12. Strawberry Lemon Muffins

These zingy muffins include chunks of real strawberries in every bite. 

Combine them with the sweet muffin batter and the tart lemon glaze, and voila! You’ve got a real hit on your hands.

These are great for breakfast, dessert, or a midday snack.

Just don’t eat them around other people unless you’re willing to share because everyone will want to try them.

13. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie 

This striking pie is almost too pretty to eat.

It has a gorgeous red swirl across the top, and fresh strawberries and lemon slices make it pop.

It’s cool and creamy, so it’s ideal for the hottest summer days.

It has a unique taste, too. Somewhere between sweet and sour, it’s got fruity, vanilla-like notes in every bite.

Try it for yourself. You can thank me later!

14. Strawberry Lemonade Bars

These colorful, chewy lemonade bars are ridiculously yummy.

They’re layer upon layer of sweet and tart, all wrapped up in one tasty package. 

They’re buttery, melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and easy to make. Plus, they really do taste just like strawberry lemonade!

So, if you enjoy that summer drink, you’ll love these, too. 

15. Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Delight

Are you a cheesecake fanatic on the keto diet? Sucks, huh? 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to! Not with recipes like this one floating around the web, anyway! 

This keto-friendly dessert contains strawberry, lemon, and cream cheese flavors. In fact, it has everything you could want from a fruity cheesecake. 

Except for the carbs! Those are conspicuously absent. You’re welcome! 

16. Strawberry Delight

Here’s practically the same recipe; only this one isn’t keto-friendly.

It still has the same addictive sweet and tangy taste, though. It’s also light and airy, making it ideal for summer.

17. Strawberry Lemon Lush

When you make this correctly, it almost doesn’t look real. Instead, it looks more like food art than actual food.

Lucky for everyone, though, it’s the real deal.

It’s a delightful, layered treat that pretty much has it all: strawberries, whipped cream, lemon curd, a buttery crust, and more!

Every bite explodes with flavor, leaving your taste buds all over the place.

Don’t expect to stop at just one piece – it’s much too scrumptious for that.

18. Strawberry Lemonade Quick Bread

This fruity quick bread has a tender crumb and a soft, moist interior.

The lemon juice ensures it doesn’t dry out, and the strawberries add pops of color and flavor.

And since it’s a quick bread recipe, it doesn’t take long to make.

Finally, the lemonade glaze is sticky and may make your mouth pucker. You won’t mind, though. 

19. Strawberry Lemon Pound Cake

Take your favorite pound cake recipe up a notch. Add strawberries and lemon for a brighter, zestier taste. 

It takes over an hour to make this one, but it’s worth every second.

Enjoy it for brunch or dessert, or even for breakfast. There’s fruit inside, after all!

20. Lemon Strawberry Poke Cake

Poke cakes are the lightest, softest, and moistest cakes you can make. Period.

And biting into this one is like biting into a delicious, luxurious, strawberry-flavored cloud. 

The cake has so much flavor that you don’t even have to ice it. Of course, that strawberry Cool Whip topping is a little too tasty to pass up. 

21. Lemon Strawberry Trifle

Trifle is such a fun dessert. With all the yummy layers, it’s full of flavors and textures.

This one is light and creamy, with plenty of zingy, fruity flavors. 

Using angel food cake ensures it’s soft, and you can totally use store-bought! After that, you only need a handful of ingredients and about 10 minutes.

Just remember: the colder it is, the better it tastes. So make it the night before, and it’ll be even better the next day. 

22. Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

This four-ingredient sorbet has a gorgeous color and an even better taste.

It takes a few hours to get to the right consistency and temperature. But it doesn’t take much hands-on work.

If you love bold, fruity sorbet, you’ll appreciate this one.

23. Strawberry Bundt Cake

This strawberry bundt cake is lighter and moister than any others I’ve tried.

Between the fresh strawberries in the cake and the lemon juice glaze, it’s full of flavor.

They also guarantee every bite is super tender.

24. Strawberry Lemon Curd

Want something sweetly tart that’s ready in 20 minutes or less? This strawberry lemon curd is just the thing.

It requires only five ingredients and is a snap to whip up. 

It also keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge. So feel free to make a larger batch!

Serve it on toast, bagels, scones, or even waffles.

It also tastes pretty great on sweeter items. So, fill cakes or cupcakes with it for a boost of fruity goodness.

25. Easy Strawberry Cobbler with Lemon Biscuits

This dense, crumbly cobbler is fully-loaded with lemon and strawberry flavor.

And the lemon biscuits on top are tasty enough to eat by themselves. In fact, I suggest you double the batch because you’ll want to!

This summer dessert is one that everyone will love. Especially if you load it up with whipped cream and more fresh strawberries

25 Sweet Strawberry Lemon Recipe Collection

There’s nothing quite like strawberry lemon recipes, especially in the summer. The blend of juicy sweet berries and tart citrus is a thing of beauty!


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Strawberry Lemon Recipes

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