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25 Spooky Halloween Cocktails & Drinks for 2024

Are you looking for the spookiest, ghouliest, most exciting Halloween cocktails for your party? This list has you covered!

From candy corn martinis to a ghostly witch’s brew, these festive drinks practically scream boo!

Pumpkin Cocktail with Whipped Cream -  Halloween Cocktails
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Halloween Cocktails & Drink Recipes

Halloween is such a fun time of year. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with some scary-good cocktails.

But as any good host will tell you, Halloween cocktails aren’t just about taste. Creating the perfect presentation is half the fun!

You don’t have to be a master mixologist to create awesome Halloween drinks, though! You’ll be surprised how far a little dry ice or a few rubber spiders can take you.

No matter which of these Halloween cocktails you choose, I know your guests will have a ghoulish time!

Be sure to check out these Halloween tequila drinks for even more fun ideas!

1. Candy Corn Martini

Is there a candy more Halloween-esque than candy corn? If so, I can’t think of it.

So why not make this martini for your Halloween party? Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually taste like candy corn!

Instead, it’s tropical and sweet with a nice creamy finish. And yes, its perfectly layered ombre appearance really does make it look like candy corn in a glass.

2. Bloody Mary

Some drinks don’t need cutesy names and special tricks to make them Halloween-friendly.

In fact, some are made for witches and ghouls already! Take the Bloody Mary, for example.

It’s a spicy drink with plenty of savory flavors. So it’s definitely not for Disney Princesses.

If Maleficent did brunch, I’m pretty sure this would be her go-to!

3. Witches Brew

Speaking of witches: how scary-delicious does this purple, sugar-encrusted drink look?

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Ready in just five minutes, it’s a quick mix of booze and lime juice. Plus, a bit of purple food coloring for drama.

Serve it in a cauldron, like a bubbling Halloween punch, and I know everyone will go nuts.

4. Another Glorious Morning Hocus Pocus Halloween Drink

“Oh look! Another glorious morning… Makes me sick!”

There’s no better Halloween movie than Hocus Pocus. So why not immortalize it in drink form? Your Millennial guests will go gaga for it!

And all it takes are three simple ingredients.

5. Screamsicle Shake

I love this Halloween shake as is.

But…if you want to make it gruesome and a bit scarier, try using white chocolate with red food coloring in the mix.

It’ll look like blood is running down the glass!

Oh, and you can even make it kid-friendly if you like. Just skip the vodka!

6. Jack-O’-Lantern Cocktail

This drink is so easy to make, and if you enjoy orange juice cocktails, you’ll love it.

It’s very citrussy, with the OJ and a splash of Grand Marnier.

Meanwhile, the Cognac and ginger ale ensure every sip is warm and smooth.

It’s perfect for the fall season in general. But tastes great all year!

7. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

The glitter in this drink is enough to put you under a spell. It’s such a fun effect and one that’ll look incredible in your Instagram stories!

And luckily, it tastes just as good as it looks!

Like the recipe above, the spiced apple flavor is ideal for any fall party. But that swirl of luster dust is perfect for Halloween.

8. Black Sangria Recipe

Need a make-ahead drink for your Halloween party? Try this quick and spooky black sangria.

The trick is to find dark red wine – and the darker, the better.

When mixed with the other ingredients, it turns into a gorgeous black abyss that you shouldn’t stare into for too long.

That last bit was a joke, of course. But this drink’s stunning black hue does make it the perfect addition to any Halloween drinks table.

9. Black Widow Cocktail

Here’s another blackberry-heavy drink. And while it’s not as spooky as the recipe above, it’s sure to be a hit.

It looks dark and wicked, but the deep berry flavor is such a refreshing change from the usual blueberry or strawberry drinks.

To make it extra creepy, add a black spider ring to the rim of the glass. Your guests can even keep them as party favors if they want.

10. Vampire Bite

If your Halloween party has a distinctly gruesome aesthetic, you’ll want to make plenty of these Vampire Bite drinks.

The blood-red color looks terrific. And if you can find beakers, they’ll be even more fun.

That said, you could make them into little “blood bags” like adult Capri Suns! How fun would they look piled in a bowl of ice?

11. Candy Corn Shots

I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I can’t get enough of candy corn at Halloween. Plus, these candy corn shots are just too cute to pass up.

They have three distinctly colored layers with a piece of candy corn on top. What’s not to love? Even your candy corn-hating guests will appreciate them.

12. Freaky Frankenstein Cocktail

Honestly, this ghoulish drink works for Halloween without the extra garnishes.

That bright green color is very mad scientist-like, after all.

But if you have the time, the black sugar rim and dark swirl of purple make it even better.

13. Death in the Afternoon

If there’s ever a season to try absinthe, it’s fall. But especially at Halloween!

If you’re hesitant to just knock a shot back, try this absinthe cocktail instead.

You’ll mix the robust liquor with Champagne and simple syrup. It won’t water it down, but it will mellow the flavor a little.

14. Where There’s Smoke- A Halloween Mezcal Cocktail

As if one witches brew isn’t enough – I just had to include this stunning mezcal cocktail.

It’s dark, brooding, and loaded with earthy flavors, thanks to the mezcal and mole bitters.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of citrus to keep it sweet.

As for the smoke, all you need is a small chunk of dry ice.

15. Drunk Ghost Cocktail

Trust me on this one: Peeps aren’t just for Easter anymore! So grab a pack, along with some coconut rum, vanilla vodka, Sprite, and coconut cream.

That’s all you’ll need to whip up this sweet, creamy Drunk Ghost cocktail.

Its solid white color makes it look like you’ve trapped a ghost in a glass. And no one will be able to resist its deliciously tropical taste.

16. The Witch’s Heart

I love this cocktail. The purple color, the pretty shimmer, and the heart-shaped fruit on top are all perfection.

You’ll use food-grade purple luster dust to get the sparkly finish. It’s optional but makes these ideal for Halloween.

As for the flavor, it’s a pleasant mix of vodka, apple juice, and blackberries.

17. Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail

Plenty of people dream of a vampire’s kiss all year long — not just at Halloween.

If you have friends like that, give them what they want at your next Halloween party.

The Vampire’s Kiss is a gorgeously red Chambord- and vodka-based cocktail. It has a dry, biting flavor and a truly spooky appearance.

Don’t skip the dry ice on this one! It’s half the fun!

18. Haunted Graveyard

I’ve been on a real smoky kick recently. So if you haven’t ever tried a smoked cocktail, consider this a sign to do so!

They’re lovely during the fall season but are super tasty all year. In fact, I think they make excellent campfire drinks for summer!

Your guests will love the warmth from the bourbon (or whiskey). And that aroma of charred rosemary is enough to put them under a spell.

19. Flaming Dragon’s Blood Cocktail (Thyme and Raspberry Daiquiri Cocktail)

Blood red and on fire? How cool is this Halloween cocktail?

The regular name says it all – it’s a simple yet delicious raspberry and thyme daiquiri. But let’s stick with dragon’s blood, shall we?

And while the fire is optional, I highly recommend it. Just remember – you must smother the flame before taking a sip!

20. Hocus Pocus Jell-O Shots

I get so excited every time I see these.

They’re just Jello shots, but they’re Halloween Jello shots with witch hats on top! How can anyone not love that?

These are super simple to make, and everyone loves them.

21. Halloween Bloody Mimosas

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Because this Halloween cocktail is giving serious Red Wedding vibes!

The contrast of the elegant Champagne flutes with the dripping red rim is pretty gruesome.

Luckily, they taste incredible. And you can still make them even if you don’t have flutes!

22. Pumpkin Martini

Is it really even Halloween if you don’t have at least one pumpkin-flavored cocktail at your party?

We all have those friends who live for fall because of the pumpkin spice. And you know you’ll have at least a few of them as guests at your Halloween bash.

So why not give the people what they want?! This yummy pumpkin martini is just the thing.

23. Creepy Eyeball Martini (Lychee Matcha and Blood Orange Martini)

Believe it or not, that’s not a real eyeball in the martini glass. But it sure looks effective, don’t you think?

I adore this martini recipe. And the creepy eyeball makes it all the more impressive for Halloween.

Plus, it’s much smoother than a regular martini. So it’ll appeal to more people!

24. Pomegranate Royale

Other than its striking red hue, there’s nothing inherently Halloween-y about this drink. Even so, my guests always go nuts for it.

It tastes like drinking pure pomegranate juice — only boozier.

And hey! Hades DID trap Persephone in the underworld with pomegranate seeds. So maybe it’s spookier than you think.  

25. Deathly Hallows Cocktail

If you’re looking for a sweet, smooth drink that goes down easy and hits you like a truck, you need to try the Deathly Hallows cocktail.

It’s fruity, boozy, robust, and loaded with spiced bubbles, thanks to the ginger beer.

Best served in spooky glasses, it’s a terrific and easy option for crowds.

25 Spooky Halloween Cocktails & Drinks

Give your loved ones a boozy treat with these spooky Halloween cocktails! From candy corn martinis to a ghostly witch’s brew, they practically scream boo!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Halloween cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Halloween Cocktails

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