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25 Spooky No-Bake Halloween Treats & Recipes

Is it a trick or just these ghoulish no-bake Halloween treats? I know what I’d prefer!

They’re quick, oh-so-spooky, and perfect for little monsters.

Layered No-Bake Chocolate Trifle with Mascarpone Cream on a Glass on Top of a Dark Brown Wooden Table
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25 Spooky No-Bake Halloween Treats & Dessert Recipes

Halloween can be a bit chaotic.

Between planning costumes, face-painting, and decorating, who has time for Halloween desserts and snacks?

Luckily, thanks to this list of no-bake Halloween treats, you can make something yummy in a flash.

And they’re ideal for kids, grown-ups, zombies, witches, and vampires alike!

1. Easy 3 Ingredient Halloween Fudge

The beauty of fudge is that you can use pretty much any fudge recipe you like and easily jazz it up for the holidays.

Take this recipe, for example. It’s a pretty basic white chocolate fudge on the bottom.

But the candy corn and sprinkles make it perfect for Halloween!

2. Halloween Dirt Cake

This Halloween dirt cake is to die for. Or, since it’s Halloween, maybe it’s to un-die for.

Topped with simple biscuit tombstones, gummy worms, and candies, it’s a terrific option for a kids’ party.

The base is chocolatey cheesecake covered in Oreo crumbs making it the perfect graveyard treat.

You could even make single portions and let the little zombies make their own.

3. No-Bake Vampire Doughnuts

If you need a no-bake Halloween treat but you’re not interested in spending time in the kitchen, these donuts are just the thing!

And no, you’re not making yeasted dough. Instead, pick up some glazed donuts from the store, plus plastic vampire teeth.

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Add some candy eyes and a bite of food gel, and they’re ready to bite.

4. Halloween Chocolate Bark

Like fudge, chocolate bark is so easy to modify for different occasions.

And this ‘boo bark’ is so suited to Halloween!

Between the white and dark chocolate swirls, the orange and purple sprinkles, and the candy eyes, it’s sure to be a hit.

5. No-Bake Halloween Cheesecake

How fun is this colorful no-bake cheesecake

It starts with a delicious crust that’s topped with layers of purple, green, and orange cheesecake. 

Since the recipe is egg-free, there’s no baking required. But you still get all the same incredible flavor.

It’s the ultimate Halloween party centerpiece. 

6. Rice Krispie Frankenstein Treats

Rice Krispies are always welcome. But these monstrous Frankenstein treats are too good to miss!

They feature all the usual suspects – Rice Krispies, butter, and marshmallows – but you’ll color them green and add some tasty extras.

They might not be as scary as Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, but they’re pretty darn fun.

7. BOO! Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

This might look like chocolate bark, but underneath that chocolate topping is a tasty peanut butter and cornflake base.

It’s sticky, sweet, and super crunchy.

As for the ghosts, all you need is some melted white chocolate and a toothpick,

8. Halloween Oreo Balls

Full disclosure: these Oreo balls are not for anyone in a hurry.

Sure, the base is quick. But like any good Halloween cake pop, they need a coat of chocolate, which has to set.

Then you need to pipe the eye and red streaks – which takes a while.

But you can’t deny they look great!

9. Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

I adore these witch fingers. They look so real!

The hardest part is painting the nails (aka, coloring the almonds black), and that’s a breeze. It’s just fiddly.

After that, you’ll melt the candy, dip the pretzels and add the nails.

Oh, and the ‘knuckles’ just need a quick press with a toothpick.

10. Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

If you can melt chocolate, you can make these easy but effective mummy pops.

You’ll use Twinkies for the base, with a few candy eyes and white chocolate stripes.

I prefer these in all-white, but you can use either. Just be sure to find Halloween-inspired straws!

11. Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

This sweetened cream cheese dip is one of my favorite things ever! It’s rich, creamy, and comes together way faster than a real cheesecake. 

And when you add Oreo crumbs and tombstone decorations, it’s the perfect thing for a Halloween party.

Keep it cute with candy pumpkins, or make it scarier with gummy worms or some of those mummies stuck in the top!

12. Rice Krispies Treat Marshmallow Brains

These crunchy brains are a bit messy to make, but they’re so worth it in the end.

Just melt the marshmallow and mix in the cereal. Then portion and form into little brains.

I added strawberry jam to make them extra gross.

Melt it for about 20 seconds and use a piping bag or pipette to trace the line down the middle, and it’s ready!

13. Oreo Mummy Cookies

Chocolate-covered Oreos are some of the most straightforward and satisfying treats around. 

Because the only way to make those chocolate cookies better is by smothering them in chocolate!

Add a few stripes and some candy eyes, and they’re sure to please.

14. Creepy Spider Egg Pudding

How wonderfully disgusting does this pudding look?

The ‘eggs’ are boba cooked in sugar, milk, and eggs on the stove with a bit of food coloring.

Meanwhile, the ‘blood’ is a fruity mix of strawberries and raspberries with sugar. It’s optional but a fun way to add flavor.

15. Chocolate Tarantulas

I feel like this one should come with a trigger warning. I mean, they look pretty darn real if you ask me.

And I hate spiders.

But man, they’re perfect for Halloween.

Like the Oreo eyes above, these will take a bit of time and effort. But just picture an army of these guys on your dessert table.

16. Haunted Haystacks

Haunted haystacks are full of butterscotch and peanut butter goodness. And the fun colors and cute eyeballs make them a must for kids this Halloween!

They call for just five ingredients, and the sweet, nutty flavor is too good to resist.

Plus, there’s mini marshmallows in the mix for a fun variety of textures,

17. Brain Food Jello Salad

Run, don’t walk to your nearest Spirit Halloween, and grab a plastic skull. Then, wash it out and fill it with jello salad!

This is one of the easiest, most gross, and tastiest Halloween treats on the list.

Bonus points if the mouth is open with goo spilling out!

18. Candy “Bloody” Slides

I’m a huge Dexter fan, so these blood slides are right up my alley.

And all you need is water, sugar, corn syrup, and a candy thermometer.

It’s not one to make with the kids, as it involves boiling sugar to 310°F. But they look so good!

Use them on top of cupcakes or serve them as is, like gruesome lollipops.

19. Creepy Edible Worms

Slippery, creepy, and super sweet, these edible worms will be a hit with the kids!

The recipe calls for grapefruit juice, but you could use strawberry (or any red juice).

The trick is to make the jello, then pour it into straws. When set, they look just like wiggly worms.

20. Poison Apples

Red candy apples are great. But these deep, dark poison apples are a nightmare come to life.

Again, you’ll need a candy thermometer to make the coating. But it’s as easy as boiling sugar, corn syrup, water, and blue food coloring.

Use clean twigs as sticks, and these will enchant any evil stepmother.

21. Halloween Wafer Cookies

These bright and tasty treats are the ideal Halloween snack. 

Stock up on those delicious vanilla wafer cookies. You know the ones…they’re light, crisp, and perfectly sweet. 

Cover them in spooky chocolate and sprinkles for a frightful treat.

22. Halloween Popcorn Balls

Between the bright green color, the crunchy popcorn, and the Halloween sprinkles, these might be my favorite no-bake treat.

Use microwave popcorn to keep things simple. Just be sure to remove the unpopped kernels.

Then, mix in the sprinkles and cover it all in chocolate. Get your hands dirty forming the balls, and try to be patient while they set.

23. Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

Can dessert get any cuter than these little ghost cookies? 

Crispy, crunchy, creamy Nutter Butter cookies covered in white chocolate are fun and tasty.

And the combination of sweet white chocolate and salty peanut butter is divine.

24. Halloween Bat Cookies

Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand, so these bat cookies just make sense. 

Start with two of America’s favorites: Reese’s and Oreos. Make little bat wings out of sandwich cookies and decorate them with bat eyeballs. 

They’re crispy, chocolatey, and super cute. 

25. Halloween Rocky Road Slices

Rocky Road is my go-to dessert when I need something rich, textural, and no-bake.

It’s like an Australian chocolate slice and a fudge bar in one.

And this Halloween version is even more scrumptious thanks to the gummy worms.

Add some candy eyes and festive sprinkles and this dessert is ready in a flash.

25 Spooky No-Bake Halloween Treats & Recipes

Is it a trick or just these ghoulish no-bake Halloween treats? I know what I’d prefer! They’re quick, oh-so-spooky, and perfect for little monsters.


  • Easy 3 Ingredient Halloween Fudge

  • Halloween Dirt Cake

  • No-Bake Vampire Doughnuts

  • Halloween Chocolate Bark

  • No-Bake Halloween Cheesecake

  • Rice Krispie Frankenstein Treats

  • BOO! Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

  • Halloween Oreo Balls

  • Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

  • Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

  • Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

  • Rice Krispies Treat Marshmallow Brains

  • Oreo Mummy Cookies

  • Creepy Spider Egg Pudding

  • Chocolate Tarantulas

  • Haunted Haystacks

  • Brain Food Jello Salad

  • Candy “Bloody” Slides

  • Creepy Edible Worms

  • Poison Apples

  • Halloween Wafer Cookies

  • Halloween Popcorn Balls

  • Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

  • Halloween Bat Cookies

  • Halloween Rocky Road Slices


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious no-bake Halloween treat in 30 minutes or less!
No-Bake Halloween Treats

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