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32 Easy Oreo Desserts to Make at Home

Chocolate-y, creamy, and impossible to resist, these Oreo dessert recipes are dangerous!

Cookies and cream is always a fan favorite, and you see it in everything from ice cream and no bake cheesecake to cupcakes and even popcorn.

No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake
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Epic Oreo Dessert Recipes

Whether you like them double-stuffed, golden, flavored, or drenched in milk, you can’t deny that Oreos are addictive for kids and adults alike.

I’ve polished off a box myself once or twice!

I know that Oreos are a dessert by themselves, but why not go a little over-the-top and try out one of these 32 Oreo desserts?

I promise you won’t be sorry!

1. Vegan Oreo Donuts (Baked)

Baked donuts are such a fun thing to make at home.

We don’t all have access to a deep fryer, but these are the next best thing!

For this recipe, the lovely vanilla donuts get an explosion of crushed cookies for flavor, texture, and a great color contrast. 

Try using a white and dark chocolate top for even more options. 

Oreo Cookie Balls

2. Oreo Cookie Balls

Yes, these are pretty much cake balls, only made with Oreos. Could it get any better?

Cake balls are usually very moist, full of cake and frosting, and covered in chocolate.

But these have such a fantastic texture from the crushed cookies. 

And you still get all the flavor of the Oreo because you’ll crush them with the creme, too!

Boost that unique taste by using double-stuffed Oreos and cutting back on the cream cheese just a touch.

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3. Chocolate Covered Oreos

It might seem redundant, but have you ever tried a chocolate-covered Oreo?

It adds such a silky smooth richness that you’ll crave for days.

Plus, it makes them super easy to decorate and serve at parties or give as fun, edible gifts. 

I have a few ridiculously adorable options below, so keep reading!

Oreo Cheesecake

4. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Sure, graham crackers are great and all, but how about a thick layer of chocolate cookies under your creamy vanilla cheesecake?

As if that’s not enough, this recipe also has cookies mixed into the cheesecake, and the whole thing gets topped with crushed cookies to boot!

5. Individual Pudding Dirt Cups

These are the cutest little desserts to put out at BBQs or during Halloween. They’re fun, deliciously gross, and so simple to whip up.

I like the chocolate pudding as the base, so you get that “dirt” look throughout, but you can use anything you prefer.

Oh, and don’t skimp on the worms!

You could even try using pistachio pudding for a fun zombie theme!

Chocolate Slutty Brownies With Cookies Inside Pin

6. Slutty Brownies Recipe

These are my favorite – not just because of the name – because they’re just so decadent and sinful!

A thick layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with Oreos, AND a thick chocolate brownie on top? It’s enough to make you swoon!

Use ready-made cookie dough and a box brownie to whip these up in no time at all!

7. 3-Ingredient Oreo Ice Cream

Not only does this incredible recipe only require three ingredients, but you won’t even need an ice cream machine!

All you’ll need to do is whip up some heavy cream and mix in sweetened condensed milk.

Once it’s light and fluffy, fold in the Oreos and let it freeze. It’s creamy, simple, and easy to modify with whatever extras you like.

Homemade S'mores Oreo

8. Oreo S’mores in the Oven

Do you get those s’more cravings when the summer ends, and it’s too cold to start up the fire pit? Yeah, me too!

So why not go ahead and make a batch right in the oven?

The marshmallow will toast under the broiler, leaving you with the real deal without getting smoke in your eyes.

9. Oreo Dirt Cake

It might not sound appetizing, but this is going to be your new go-to!

The lovely light filling is made using pudding, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and Cool Whip, making it sweet, smooth, and super light. 

I highly recommend going for the white chocolate pudding to add some extra sweetness to the mix. 

10. Oreo Cake

When I saw the picture for this, I thought the cream layer might be too much – it’s pretty thick! 

But when you layer it with the chocolate cake, it ends up being the perfect amount.

It’s cookies and cream, after all, and the Oreos in the mix add incredible texture. 

Of course, you can easily cut back on the cream if you want or add another layer of cake to balance it out.

11. Oreo Milkshake Recipe

Did you know that making an Oreo milkshake is as easy as blending ice cream and cookies?

If you like it a touch thinner, add in some milk. If you like it extra chocolatey, add a scoop of chocolate ice cream or chocolate sauce. 

I’m a big fan of little cookie chunks in mine, so I don’t blend it all the way. It’s so nice to get a pop of cookie in the mix!

12. Fudgy Cookies and Cream Brownies

Brownies are pretty perfect already. But add a layer of Oreo creme to the top, and you’ll have a hard time stopping at one!

Not only are these brownies super fudgy, but they have Oreos right in the batter, so you know it’s going to be amazing. 

13. Creamy Oreo Dip Dessert

Can we all agree to make dessert dips from now on?

Sure, I love guac as much as the next gal, but I’d much rather have a bowl of creamy, sweet Oreo dip with fruit or extra cookies!

It’s made with cream cheese, making it very much like a faux-cheesecake.

If you want it a little lighter, try folding some Cool Whip through at the end. 

14. Cookies & Cream Pie

Move over apple pie; this is going to be the pie of the summer!

Make your own crust or go ahead and save some time with a ready-made Oreo crust. Either will be great!

This can be made as many as two days in advance.

The longer you let it sit, the softer the cookies inside will become, just like an icebox cake.

15. Minion Oreos

I think we can all agree that Minions are the best thing to come out of Hollywood in the last decade!

If your kids are obsessed with these yellow dudes, you have to try these charming decorated Oreos!

You’ll need candy melts and some gel food coloring for most of this, and then I recommend buying candy eyes to make them extra sharp.

This set even has different sizes, so you can make Stuart (the one-eyed Minion) look just right!

16. Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

I can’t get over how cute these are! Between the tender cupcake, the tower of frosting, and the mini-Oreo on top, they will not last!

The key to getting the frosting nice and smooth is to crush your cookies well.

This is best done in a food processor so that it will pipe and hold its shape.

If you leave lumps, you’ll find the frosting gets stuck in the piping tip, and it won’t come out quite right.

17. Oreo Mug Cake

Mug cakes are perfect for those late-night sweet cravings when you just need something fast.

This beauty takes just a few minutes, and I bet you have everything in the house already. Just remember to let it cool before you dive in!

18. Cookies and Cream Breakaway

This recipe is essentially Oreo bark, made using good quality white chocolate and a mix of chopped and crushed Oreo cookies.

For the best result, be sure to get good quality white chocolate.

The cheap stuff doesn’t melt well, and you’ll be left with a lumpy mess. 

19. Oreo Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’m a massive fan of muffins for breakfast, but this might be pushing it.

The muffin itself is a delectable mix of cocoa powder, real chocolate, and plain Greek yogurt.

It’s light, soft, and pretty perfect as far as chocolate muffins go. 

Now picture it with Oreo folded through. 

You know what, muffins will always be a breakfast food to me! I won’t tell if you won’t!

20. Cookie Monster Oreo Balls

Remember those candy eyes you bought? Here’s another hilariously delicious use for them!

They might look complicated, but all you need to do is cover your cookie balls with candy melts and then grate the rest to make the “fur.” 

You’ll need to work fast so you can get the mini cookie in the mouth before it sets, but if you take it a few at a time, it’s pretty straightforward. 

21. Perfect Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

Just like the brownies above, Rice Krispie treats are already pretty perfect.

They’re sticky, sweet, fun to make, and even better to eat.

But when you add in chopped Oreos, you won’t believe the difference!

The worst part will be letting them cool enough to cut.

22. No-Bake Oreo Cake Pops

If you’re going to make these, I suggest you make extra. One bite, and you’ll all be reaching for seconds!

To really boost the Oreo flavor, why not sprinkle them with more crushed cookies instead of sprinkles?

23. Chocolate Oreo Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are always a crowd-pleaser, but have you ever tried them with crushed Oreo cookies?

I have to admit; they don’t look super neat. But it doesn’t matter! They taste amazing!

That being said, you could always double-dip in the chocolate once the cookies have set to get a cleaner finish. 

24. Easy Mint Flavor Oreo Penguins

Another super cute little decorated Oreo – these penguins will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

You just need some big white chocolate buttons or candy melts and more of those candy eyes.

You didn’t think they’d come in so handy, did you?

I like the mint flavor here, but you can use whatever you prefer (maybe not the golden or birthday cake).

25. Oreo Popcorn

There’s a big debate in my house: salty popcorn or sweet?

I’m firmly in the sweet camp and will devour a bag of caramel popcorn before the movie even starts!

So, you know this recipe is a must-make for me!

The trick is to use a nice big bowl to mix everything together and get more coverage. 

26. Cookies And Cream Muddy Buddies

Muddy buddies, or puppy chow, is a sweet mix of Chex Mix and powdered sugar.

In most cases, it has white or dark chocolate in there, so the extras can stick.

This recipe is such a fun mix of the two, using white and dark chocolate to give you amazing cookies and cream contrast.

27. Fried Oreos Recipe

When you go to the state or county fair, do you make a beeline for the hot dogs or the sweet treats?

You know my answer, I’m sure, and fried Oreos are always at the top of my list!

I’ve seen baked recipes in the past, but they just don’t hold a candle to the real thing. No fryer? No problem!

Just use your Dutch oven or any heavy-bottomed pan.

28. Cookies & Cream Lush

The Brits use the word ‘lush’ all the time to mean delicious, so it makes sense it’s in the title here. 

It’s almost like a sweet lasagne, with layers of Oreo crust, sweetened cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and Cool Whip.

If you can’t find the Oreo Cool Whip, just sprinkle chopped cookies over the top instead. 

29. Oreo Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies as much as the rest of you, but I might have to start making these more often. 

It’s the best of both worlds here – soft and chewy cookies and rich, crunchy Oreos in one!

These are best made nice and big so that you can have decent chunks of Oreo.

But they would be great with crushed cookies, too!

30. Golden Oreo Truffles

Every now and then, I turn to golden Oreos. They have the same lovely texture, but that vanilla flavor is just so perfect.

Whenever I make Oreo truffles, I like to make them half dark and half golden for a nice flavor and color contrast. 

31. Magic Oreo Layer Bars

If you liked the idea of the slutty brownies but thought they were too involved, this recipe is for you!

Made with a mix of Oreos, condensed milk, chocolate chips, and coconut, you’ll be left with a chewy, sweet, rich, heavenly cookie bar.

Again, the worst part will be letting it cool enough to slice!

32. Oreo Fudge

Fudge is one of those things I like to make and love to eat. It’s sweet, creamy, silky smooth, and great to give as little gifts. 

If you’re making fudge for the holidays, it’s always nice to have a mix, and this recipe will give you a fantastic alternative to the usual vanilla. 

I like to score the top of mine and add a mini-Oreo to each piece before it sets. 

32 Easy Oreo Desserts

Make these easy Oreo desserts at home for treats everyone will love!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an Oreo treat in 30 minutes or less!
Oreo Desserts

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