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25 Halloween Jello Shots (+ Easy Recipe Ideas)

These easy and delicious Halloween jello shots are sure to make your next All-Hallows Eve party extra spooky.

They’re wiggly, jiggly, and super fun.

Green Jello shots for Halloween with mini pumpkins
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Jello shots are great for parties because they’re incredibly versatile. You can change the colors, flavors, and types of alcohol so easily, making them perfect for everything from July 4th to Christmas.

Better yet, they only need a few ingredients and barely any hands-on prep time. 

Obviously, these recipes are for Halloween, so prepare for guts and gore!

But don’t worry, these Halloween jello shots are all “treat” with just a hint of “trick.” 

How to Make Jello Shots

Making jello shots is as easy as dissolving jello in hot water, then adding cold water and booze (often vodka).

Pour that into little cups and let it set. Easy peasy.

For the alcohol, it’s best to stick with vodka, rum, tequila, or whiskey.

But keep in mind, there is such a thing as too much alcohol in a Jello shot. You can’t just make jello and add booze, as it won’t set.

Instead, you want to replace some of the water called for with the alcohol.

Now that you know the basics, take a look at some ghoulish recipes!

Spooktacular Jello Shots for Your Halloween Party

1. Candy Corn Jello Shots with Vodka

Candy corn is one of the most controversial seasonal candies. People either love it or hate it.

But whatever your opinions are, you’ll love these jello shots. 

Made with layers of lemon, orange, and sweetened condensed milk jelly, they’re bright, fresh, and silky smooth.

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They taste just like a creamsicle, so be sure to keep the kids away!

2. Vampire Kiss Jello Shots (Fireball Shooter)

If you like Fireball, these spooky jello shots are a must-make.

Not only are they layered and perfectly themed for any Halloween party, but they’re tasty too!

You can use any red jello for this recipe, but I prefer cherry. The red and black layers look so cool together. 

Plus, I think these cinnamon and fruity-flavored jello shots taste a lot better than True Blood. 

3. Dracula’s Bite Cherry Coke Jello Shots

A Halloween jello shot recipe that includes cherry coke?! Yes, please!

These jello shots are like an 80’s horror movie: retro and more fun than scary. 

Plus, the cherry coke flavor is crazy delish, and the red and brown layering is impressive too! 

These shots are so good, they’ll disappear faster than a bat out of hell.

4. Glow in the Dark Jello Shots

Glow-in-the-dark food may seem a little…inedible. But these fantastic, three-ingredient Halloween shots are 100% edible.

And all you need is a box of gelatin, tonic water, and your choice of liquor (or liqueur).  

Believe it or not, the secret to the glow effect is a simple black light. These will look awesome at your party if you get the proper setup. 

Pro Tip: Try making these Halloween jello shots with vodka for a crisper, less sweet taste.

5. Black Magic Jello Shots

These black magic jello shots look like some kind of dark potion. So naturally, they’re perfect for Halloween. 

Just layer berry blue and grape jello, then top them with black sugar.

These will instantly put a spell on your guests and keep the party going all night!

6. Rotten Pumpkin Jello Shots

This one’s for all the pumpkin spice lovers on your guest list. 

They’re spooky looking, and the blend of pumpkin pie and butterscotch is scary good.

These orange and black jello shots will have your guests grinning like the happiest jack-o-lanterns in the pumpkin patch. 

7. Caramel Apple Jello Shots

Pumpkin spice is delicious and all, but caramel apple is the quintessential fall treat, in my humble opinion.

I love the flavor of tart apples and sweet, buttery caramel.

You’ll use sour apple liqueur, real caramel, and salted caramel vodka to get that same effect.

Who could say no to that?

8. Zombie Brain Margarita Jello Shots

Going guts out on your Halloween decorations? Then these zombie brain jello shots are perfect!

They’re margarita-flavored, so they’re sure to be loved by everyone. Not to mention that they look deliciously disgusting!

They’re full of lime and tequila and topped with chewy gummy worms and eyeballs. What zombie could resist?

9. Pumpkin Pie Jello Shot

For a simple fall-themed jello shot that’s a little more tame – but just as delicious! – try this tasty pumpkin pie recipe. 

Rum is a fantastic choice of alcohol for this sweet and festive treat. But bourbon works well too.

A jello shot with a pie crust may seem odd, but don’t miss out on these spectacular little pies. 

They’re full of pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. 

10. Beetlejuice Jello Shots

This Beetlejuice jello shot recipe is anything but boring.

The orange and whipped cream flavors in these Beetlejuice look-alike jello shots are perfect for any Halloween party. 

They’re sure to impress everyone at the party – dead or alive.

Just be sure to make enough for the man himself! I hear Beetlejuice has a serious sweet rotten tooth!

Oops…I said it three times…

11. Eyeball Jello Shots

Put out a tray of these, and your guests will be eye-ing them all night 👀

The recipe recommends using strawberry jello, but you can use any red flavor that you like.

Then add some booze, and top it with a gummy eyeball candy. 

These shots are so easy to make, you could do it with your eyes closed. 

12. Ghost Jell-O Shots  

If you’re making jello shots for Halloween, you can’t overlook the ghostly theme.

Of course, these cute little shots are way cuter than they are scary. 

You’ll use vanilla vodka, condensed milk, and unflavored gelatin. It’s a delicious, dessert-like shot everyone will love.

Once you see how easy these are, try experimenting with flavors, like whipped cream vodka or coconut rum.

Either way, the only thing this shot is haunting is your sweet tooth. 

13. Squirm Jello Shot

If you know a few people who can’t stand creepy crawlies, this jello shot recipe is a must-make this Halloween. 

Dark grape jello is the perfect hiding spot for critters. But despite their squirmy appearance, don’t worry, they’re just gummy worms. 

Contrary to actual worms, when it comes to these jello shots…the more, the scarier!

14. Angel of Death Jello Shots

These sweet-looking jello shots may look harmless, but watch out! They’re actually pretty dangerous. 

First of all, they’re dangerously easy to make. So much so, you might be tempted to make them every day!

And secondly, they’re dangerously delicious. That means everyone will come back for seconds.

Just remember not to party too hard with this Angel of Death. 

15. Blood Jello Cups

Somebody call the Medic because these blood shots are to die for!

You only need a few simple ingredients, including gelatin, condensed milk, and red food coloring. 

Go ahead and make them boozy with cherry vodka and spiced rum. Or keep them kid-friendly if you want.

Whatever you choose, nobody is safe from these tasty blood shots.

16. Halloween Creepy Jello Cups

These aren’t the kind of shots you knock back with friends.

Instead, they’re more like a mini dessert. But what a dessert, right?

How stinking cute are these little cauldrons? And the Halloween candy on top is perfection.

There’s no booze in the recipe. But you can easily add some vodka to make them adult-only.

(Instead of 2 cups of cold water, add 1 cup each of water and vodka.)

17. Halloween Shots in Syringes

There are tons of great Halloween jello shot recipes out there.

But there’s something just so fun about jello shots in syringes. They’re especially creepy if you hate needles. 

Unlike real needles, these are pretty painless to make. Use any red jello you like, and you can make these with or without alcohol. 

They’re fun to eat, and the presentation is definitely gory. These will be a hit at any party.

18. Clown Jell-O Shots

Many people are afraid of clowns, but there’s no reason to be scared of these flavorful jello shots. 

Featuring lemon-tequila, mango-cherry, and blue-strawberry, they’re pretty darn irresistible.

The different flavors are made using different types of liquor, so these shots definitely pack a punch. 

19. Glowing Candy Corn Vodka Jello Frogs (shots)

Watch out! You never know when these jello shots will leap out at you. 

These glowing frogs are a terrific addition to your next Halloween party. They’re tasty and really cool to look at.

Even when they’re not glowing, these frogs will grab the attention of everyone at the party. 

20. Toxic Waste Jello Cups for Halloween

One of the fun things about Halloween parties is that the food doesn’t always look appetizing.

And since these bright green jello shots are crawling with worms, they definitely fit the bill – and I love it!

Use lime jello for that toxic green color, and add in as many gummy worms as you can handle.

21. Vodka Skull Jello Shots

How many times have you seen fun-shaped ice molds while wandering Home Goods?

Do you always regret not buying them when you see them? I know I do!

So, the next time you see skull molds, be sure to get as many as you can carry. That way, you can make these super fun and spooky skull shots.

22. Apple Cider Jello Shots

For a jello shot that’s a little less spooky, try these bourbon and apple cider shots. 

They’re fruity, slightly spiced, and beyond delicious.

Feel free to make a few without bourbon so the kids don’t miss out. Just be sure to keep those separate!

23. Reanimation Reagent Rum Jello Shots

This is the only kind of “shot” I want on Halloween! I mean, how fantastic do they look in the syringes?

Plus, they’re sure to make you the “life” of the party. 

They’re pineapple and mango rum flavored with a bright green color that can only be found in zombies’ brains, I’m sure.

Don’t worry, these shots won’t turn anybody into actual zombies. They just might be a little fuzzy after one too many.

24. Zombie Brain Jello Shots

What’s a good Halloween party without a few brains laying around? 

You have two options here: bright green zombie brains or more realistic-looking brains.

Either way, they’re crazy fun and wonderfully gross.

25. Apple Cinnamon Fireball Jello Shots

Bright green shots will stand out in a sea of treats at any Halloween party.

Although it’s not a color usually found in food, we can always make exceptions for Halloween. 

These shots have a fabulous apple flavor, and the cinnamon whiskey adds a great amount of spice.

These are more than just fun jello shots, they’re delicious!

25 Halloween Jello Shots

These easy and delicious Halloween jello shots are sure to make your next All-Hallows Eve party extra spooky. And they couldn’t be easier to make!


  • 1  (3-ounce) box of green jello

  • 1  cup boiling water

  • 1/2 cup  vodka (or white rum)

  • 1/2  cup cold water


  • Add the green jello powder to a large mixing bowl.
  • Boil the cup of water. Once boiling, pour the water into the mixing bowl with the gelatin powder.
  • Whisk the water and powder briskly until all the powder dissolves.
  • Add the vodka and the cold water to the mixture.
  • Whisk until everything is combined.
  • Pour the jello mixture into individual shot glasses, and pop them in the fridge to set.
  • Serve with mini pumpkin candies and enjoy.
Halloween Jello Shots

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