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10 Easy Pie Crust Desserts

Don’t know what to do with that extra pie crust? This round-up of pie crust desserts has you covered.

These recipes prove just how versatile pie crusts are. From turnovers to pumpkin pies to Pop-Tarts, there’s something for everybody.

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing
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Whether you use a homemade or store-bought crust, they’ll be mind-blowingly delicious, regardless!

I know purists will frown upon store-bought crusts, but trust me, you’ll definitely want a piece (or two) of these golden pies.

Warning: if you’re trying to cut back on calories, read at your own risk. These pies are so addictive, your self-control will be tested. 

Excited yet? Let’s get the dough rolling! 

1. Cinnamon Sugar Pie Crust Cookies 

Cookies made of pie crust? I’m intrigued!

Leftover pie dough is coated in cinnamon sugar and baked until golden. The concept is simple, but the flavor will knock your socks off. 

These bite-sized beauties are surprisingly addictive. Crunchy and sweet with a bit of spice, one bite will get you hooked. 

These cookies are great on their own, but they’re even better when dipped in sweet sauces.

Try them with pumpkin pie or cheesecake dip for a deconstructed pie-esque treat. 

Best of all, they’re easy to make. It’s minimal effort with maximum flavor.

2. Apple Cinnamon Turnovers 

These apple cinnamon turnovers create a mind-blowing explosion in your mouth!

From the flaky crust to the crisp apple filling, to the caramelized sugar-cinnamon sauce to the vanilla glaze on top, this dessert is to die for.

The recipe calls for a homemade pie crust, but I’ve also tried making it with store-bought puff pastry, and they still turned out amazing. 

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Even the snobbiest pie purist won’t say no to these turnovers. Every bite is apple pie heaven!

Pro-tip: slice the apples into small pieces for easier consumption.

3. Caramel Apple Empanadas 

Your favorite fair food is turned into drool-worthy empanadas. These hand pies are the bomb!

This isn’t your average empanada, folks. There are not just one, but two fillings inside this hand pie!

Aside from the apples, it also contains a smooth and decadent cream cheese filling. My, oh my.

It doesn’t end there. Once baked, the empanadas are dipped in a caramel glaze made of caramel ice cream, milk, and powdered sugar.

What a beautiful work of art, am I right?

4. Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls 

Have you ever tried making cinnamon rolls out of leftover pie crust? I’ve honestly never thought of it.

I’m so happy I came upon this recipe because these rolls are a life-changer.

Leftover pie crust is rolled thin, slathered with butter and cinnamon sugar, rolled up, and baked. That’s all there is to it.

And the result? My goodness. The pie crust dough is soft and flaky, and the butter, cinnamon, and sugar take it to the next level. It’s crazy good!

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

5. Pumpkin Pie 

Thanksgiving desserts aren’t complete without pumpkin pie!

This pumpkin pie is holiday-worthy but so effortless you can make it any time of the year. Trust me, you’ll want to! 

Store-bought pie crust and a super-simple pumpkin pie filling make such a magical combo.

You really can’t go wrong with a buttery crust and a sweet and creamy filling. 

It’s so good no one will notice the crust is store-bought.

6. Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters 

If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’ll fall in love with these pie crust clusters.

Small chunks of pie crust, salted peanuts, and crunchy toffee bits are glued together with peanut butter and coated with white chocolate.

I can’t even begin to explain how insanely tasty they are. From the sweet and salty contrast to the different kinds of crunch, these morsels are to die for.

The best part? There’s no baking or cooking required! Even if you’re new in the kitchen, you’ll be able to pull this off.

7. Salted Caramel Pie 

I can’t get enough of sweet and salty combinations. Salted caramel, for instance, is both my strength and weakness. To me, it’s impossible to resist.

With this salted caramel pie, one slice isn’t enough. First of all, the pie crust is made of crushed Oreos. My cookie-loving heart is already leaping for joy.

And then there’s the pie filling. Made with decadent chocolate, buttery caramel, and sea salt, how on earth can one say no?!

Sure, it’s loaded with calories, but it’s 100% worth it.

8. Pop-Tarts 

While it’s a lot easier to buy Pop-Tarts, it’s much more fulfilling to make them your own.

This recipe is super-simple, but the result will make your heart sing.

With these copycat Pop-Tarts, breakfast has never been sweeter!

Another great thing about homemade Pop-Tarts is that you’ll get to pick the filling. Use all the jams and preserves you can think of!

You can make your own pie crust, but store-bought is perfectly fine as well. 

You can serve them as-is or dressed up with sprinkles for a colorful touch.

9. Cherry Pie  

A list of pies isn’t complete without cherry pie! This sweet and fruity treat is a summer necessity.

For this recipe, everything is made from scratch. But don’t be intimidated! It’s not that hard, and the payoff is worth it.

If you’ve never made pie crust before, you’ll have a wonderful time. Trust me, it’s fulfilling and will earn you mad bragging rights.

As for the filling, it’s very simple. Fresh cherries are sweetened with sugar and thickened with cornstarch.

Add a splash of lemon juice, vanilla, and almond extract for extra flavor.

10. Coconut Macaroon Pie 

Flaky pie crust is filled with sweet coconut custard and baked to golden perfection. One bite will take you to a tropical paradise.

The recipe makes use of store-bought pie crust, so all you’ll need to worry about is the filling.

The custard is made by combining sweetened condensed milk, eggs, butter, flour, and shredded coconut. 

After 45 minutes of baking, you’ll get a wonderfully sweet and coconut-y pie you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy it as-is or topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

10 Easy Pie Crust Dessert Collection


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a pie crust treat in 30 minutes or less!
Pie Crust Desserts

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