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Fun Easter Jello Recipes (Easy Dessert Ideas)

Easter foods celebrate the coming of spring with bright colors and fresh flavors. And these Easter Jello recipes are no exception. 

Fun Easter Jello Recipes featuring 3 Glasses Lime Jello With Orange Slices Topped With Whipped Cream, Candy, and Cookies
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Best Easter Jello Recipes

From Jello pie to Peep cupcakes, these recipes will put a smile on everyone’s face. Each one is simple and stunningly vibrant.  

Plus, they’re super fun and flavorful! And fun to make (#familyactivity). They definitely deserve a place on your Easter dinner table. 

Who knew how far an affordable packet of Jello could go?

It’s been a long, cold winter. And now it’s time to brighten things up with these delightful Easter Jello recipes!

1. Easter Jello Pie

Nothing says that spring has sprung more than this fantastic Easter Jello pie.

Don’t let the bakery-quality look of this dessert fool you. This pie is easy to make at home. 

With a few different flavors of Jello, you can create this stunning masterpiece fast. You only need 4 hours (including setting time!). 

It features a buttery graham cracker crust, airy filling, and yummy fruity flavors. Tell ya what, this is a great way to shake off the Winter Grumpiness. 

2. Easter Jello Whips

These Easter Jello whips taste like springtime lemonade in dessert form.

With bright flavors like lemon and grape Jello, they taste as fabulous as they look. 

And who doesn’t love individually-portioned glasses? 

They’re thick, custardy, and the perfect light dessert when you had too much for dinner. 

3. Easter Jello Parfait

These Easter Jello parfaits capture the essence of colorful Easter baskets. 

They taste like a Creamsicle. It’s made with layers of light and creamy Jello-infused Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk. 

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What I love most about these parfaits is you can get creative with the toppings. 

Garnish each cup with whipped cream or sprinkles. Or make it even more colorful with candy eggs. Or Jelly Beans! 

4. Easter Jello Shots

While the kids open their Easter baskets, the adults need some fun, too. So, grown-ups can celebrate the season with these tasty (and boozy) Jello shots. 

They incorporate vibrant Starburst Jello with vanilla vodka to create a fruity, creamy mini cocktail. It is almost too good. 

Seriously, be careful with these Jello shots! 

They’re so yummy that you may forget each serving packs a wallop of vodka. 

5. Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Step aside, Grandma. These Rainbow Jello Easter eggs are far from your grandma’s traditional Jello mold. 

Jello is light, refreshing, and fruity on its own. But it’s not a show-stopper. 

These rainbow Jello Easter eggs aim to change all that. 

They host a rainbow of colors in these dessert-sized eggs. And they are as fruity and delicious as they look. 

Plus, making them doesn’t require any advanced cooking skills. 

Can you make pre-packaged Jello? Then, you have all the skills needed for these delicious Jello eggs. 

6. Broken Glass Jello

Is it a Jello dessert or an art piece? Maybe it’s both!

These broken glass Jello squares will catch the eye of everyone at the dinner table. 

It features brightly colored, fruity Jello pieces suspended in sweetened condensed milk gelatin. The flavor is as out of this world as the dessert looks. Plus, the textures are so fun! 

7. Rainbow Jello Poke Cake

Who doesn’t love a good poke cake? It’s so simple to whip together and create a super moist cake with little effort. 

It pairs boxed white cake mix with strawberry, lime, lemon, and blue raspberry Jello. That’s it!

Poke holes in the top of the baked vanilla cake. Then, pour in your flavorful Jello and let it work its magic. 

It’s incredibly moist with a fruit punch. Garnish with whipped cream, and watch it disappear. 

8. Candied Grape Easter Eggs

Looking for a recipe that’s on the lighter side? These candied grapes are the perfect way to end a big meal. 

The grapes are light and tart, which pairs perfectly with the sweetness from Jello. 

Wanna know what’s great about this recipe? You can make all your favorite Jello flavors for a colorful and flavorful spread. 

They’re so good they may appear at your summer BBQs and fall holiday meals, too!

Pro Tip: Freeze them for a super refreshing summer treat!  

9. Easter Peeps Cupcakes

Love or hate them, there’s no denying that Peeps are 100 percent adorable. 

These Easter Peep cupcakes are creamy, fruity, and colorful. So much so that they demand an equally tasty topping: marshmallow Peeps. 

This recipe pairs a simple vanilla cupcake with sweet strawberry and blueberry Jello. Each cupcake has creamy buttercream frosting. 

And don’t forget the marshmallow Peep on top!

10. Orange Easter Jello Pastel Cookies

Christmas doesn’t have the market cornered on cookies. Easter’s got some skin in the game, too. Case in point, these Orange Easter Jello Pastel cookies. 

They are a must-try. 

Sometimes, the best recipes are the ones that use simple ingredients.

These delightfully sweet and tart Easter cookies incorporate orange Jello and simple cookie ingredients. You likely have most of them in your pantry already! 

They’re buttery and crumbly, with a subtle hint of orange flavor. They are over-the-top-tasty and far superior to Christmas sugar cookies. 

11. Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots

You know how the inside of chocolate Easter bunnies are hollow? Hear me out. What if you filled those hollow bunnies with a Jello shot? 

These chocolate Easter bunnies are the perfect treat for the adults at the table. Grown-ups rarely get a visit from the Easter Bunny. So, you can be your own Boozy Bunny instead!

The chocolate outsides taste fantastic with the fruity Jello infused with vodka. 

It’s like a boozy, chocolate-covered strawberry inside an adorable Easter bunny. What’s not to love?

12. Easter Jello Pie Jars

Make these delightful Jello pie jars before you use your mason jars for summery jams!

They layer bright strawberry, grape, lemon, and Berry-Blue Jello tiers with creamy Cool Whip. 

They’re quick and easy but sure to inspire everyone at the dinner table. 

And you can get creative with garnishes. Use whipped cream and sprinkles, or top with marshmallow Peeps. 

13. Swimming Peeps Jello Cups 

Is there anything more adorable than these swimming Peeps Jello cups? I don’t think so. They’re almost too cute to eat!

 But this Easter dessert’s sweet and fruity flavors are too good to pass up. 

It pairs blue Jello cups with whipped cream and a garnish of a delightful yellow Peep. 

Doesn’t that sound tasty? And you know the kids are gonna love this one!

Fun Easter Jello Recipes (Easy Dessert Ideas)

Celebrate spring with these Easter Jello recipes! They’re fun, colorful, delicious, and (mostly) kid-friendly. They are the perfect way to usher in the season.


  • Easter Jello Pie

  • Easter Jello Whips

  • Easter Jello Parfait

  • Easter Jello Shots

  • Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

  • Broken Glass Jello

  • Rainbow Jello Poke Cake

  • Candied Grape Easter Eggs

  • Easter Peeps Cupcakes

  • Orange Easter Jello Pastel Cookies

  • Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots

  • Easter Jello Pie Jars

  • Swimming Peeps Jello Cups


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Easter Jello recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Easter Jello Recipes

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