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17 Best Jello Mold Recipes and Ideas

Let’s take a step back into our childhoods and make these wiggly-jiggly jello mold recipes.

They’re colorful, tasty, and way more fun than boring old cake.

Jello Mold with fresh raspberries and mint
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Jello mold desserts (and appetizers) are mostly a thing of the past – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious!

Some are creamy, and some are layered with every color of the rainbow. And they’re all insanely scrumptious!

No matter the occasion, these jello mold recipes are sure to please kids and adults alike. 

How To Make a Layered Jello Mold

1. Jello Mold With Fruit Salad

First things first: these jello mold recipes can be made with any brand of jello you like.

So while some specify “Jell-o,” you can rest assured that gelatin is gelatin. And it all pretty much sets the same!

Now that’s out of the way; this retro jello recipe is fruity and absurdly tasty. It’s also perfect for potlucks and is sure to be the talk of the dessert table.

All you need to do is fill a mold with your choice of jello and canned fruit salad. How easy is that?

The jello flavor and type of canned fruit are all up to you. So go wild!

As for the topping? It’s the remaining half of the jello with whipped cream. It creates a creamy yet firm layer on top. 

2. Orange Creamsicle Jello Mold

This spectacular dish is delicious and easy to make.

I love how the cubes of jello look suspended in the white mold. Of course, you could use other flavors too, but it wouldn’t be creamsicle!

For a more real flavor, use unflavored gelatin mixed with orange juice. But either way, people will love it.

3. Strawberry Jell-O Salad Mold

Jell-O is a popular dessert among all age groups. And this particular recipe is ideal for all those summer BBQs!

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The top (or bottom, I guess) is fruity and filled with fresh strawberries. They’re suspended in strawberry jello for maximum juicy goodness.

Then the bottom layer (which would be the top when filling the mold) is a dreamy blend of jello and sweetened condensed milk. Yum!

4. Raspberry Jello Mold

This bright pink jello mold recipe is beautiful and unique.

It’s a creamy and fruity dessert that’s perfect for any holiday or gathering. But it’s got a secret in the mix.

Can you guess what it is?

Well, you’ll start by combining a can of crushed pineapple with a package of raspberry jello.

Then you’ll mix in buttermilk and Cool Whip for something slightly tart and tangy with a nice creamy finish.

This secret ingredient gives the dessert a little bit of a zesty flavor that’s just perfect!

5. Jello Ice Cream Mold

I love this super fun way to serve ice cream. It’s perfect for any summer party, BBQ, or just a Sunday when you’re feeling colorful. 

It’s also super versatile, so feel free to change the flavors and colors to fit the holiday or event.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need jello and vanilla ice cream. I suggest something top-quality since it’s one of the main elements.

This creamy treat is a fantastic way to cool down this summer. And it’s sure to make your Insta feed!

6. Creamy Lime Jello Salad

This retro lime jello salad is crazy fun!

The lime flavor is tart and fruity, while the pecans give this dessert a nice crunch. 

Believe it or not, the secret to the creaminess here is cream cheese and mayonnaise.

I know, it sounds outrageous. But these two ingredients give this lime jello salad a wonderful tangy flavor that I know you’ll swoon over.

That said, you can always add some extra cream cheese instead of mayo if you prefer.

7. Italian Christmas Jello Mold Ring

What better way to celebrate an Italian Christmas than this red, white, and green jello mold?

The bottom layer is lime jello filled with crushed pineapple, and the middle is zesty lemon jello with cream cheese.

Finally, the top layer is raspberry jelly with fresh berries mixed in. 

The flavors are delicious, and the colors are gorgeous! What more could you ask for?

8. Rainbow Jello Mold

The colors of this jello mold are fantastic! But be warned: it’s time-consuming to prep.

It’s not difficult, but you’ll have to let each layer set before adding the next. That said, I think it’s well worth the effort.

This retro rainbow dessert has six layers: cherry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue, and grape.

This would be so cute with a big scoop of ice cream at a kid’s birthday!

9. Jello Cream Cheese Mold

This easy, no-bake dessert is super pretty and as easy to eat as it is to make.

There’s one layer of creamy jello and one layer of bright, tart jello. The recipe calls for strawberry, but go ahead and use what you prefer.

Top this gorgeous mold with fresh fruit for a festive dessert, and you’re good to go.

10. Christmas Cherry Cream Cheese Jello Mold

How cute would this look as a single serving of cherry jello? It’s easy if you have ramekins!

Of course, it works just as well in a larger pan. And either way, you get some pretty unique flavors.

Between the cherry Jell-O, cream cheese, cold cola, cherries, and nuts, it’s pretty impressive.

11. Dole Whip Pineapple Jell-O Mold

If you love Disney’s pineapple Dole Whip, you’ll love this Jell-O mold dessert. It’s light, fluffy, sweet, and insanely delicious. 

From the pineapple Jell-O and pineapple juice to the crushed pineapple, there’s no shortage of tropical goodness in this recipe.

There’s also some mini marshmallows in there for fun pops of chewy texture. Wow!

12. Pineapple Lime Jello Mold

Here’s another terrific pineapple recipe that you really need to try.

It takes about 15 minutes (plus setting time) to make, and the pineapple and lime flavors are beyond divine. 

With only five ingredients, this recipe is lightning fast.

Citrusy and refreshing, the sour cream balances the sweet ingredients really well. 

Plus, it looks gorgeous on a plate!

13. Grandma’s Sunshine Salad

Full of bright flavors and colors, this sweet-sounding dessert is a bit funky and crazy tasty.

It starts with lemon jello plus crushed pineapple (are you sensing a theme in these recipes?).

To that, you’ll add lemon juice for a zesty kick and – get this – grated carrots! I know how it sounds, but don’t knock it til you try it.

This will be a hit at any party, and it comes with a serving of veggies. Talk about a win-win!

14. Creamy Orange and Pineapple Jello Mold

This recipe uses so many fresh flavors, starting with Cara Cara – blood oranges – my favorite!

You’ll also need pineapple chunks, orange juice, whipping cream, and unflavored gelatin.

Whipped cream and coconut would bring fun flavors if you’d like. But it’s super yummy as is.

This gelatin dessert is a little fancier than the rest, and it’s truly impressive. Serve it at your next summer bash, and it’ll disappear fast.

15. Cranberry Jello Salad

Try this cranberry jello recipe if you want something unique for the holidays.

You’ll use raspberry jello, cranberry sauce, pineapple, and some orange zest. It’s easy to make and super fruity and delicious. 

This would also be a fantastic way to use up any leftover cranberry sauce, too! 

16. Cherry Lemon Cream Jell-O Mold

This is another gorgeous recipe that’s perfect for the holidays. The colors are stunning, and the flavors are fantastic. 

The bottom layer is a bright red sweet cherry flavor. That’s topped with lemon Jell-O and tangy sour cream

If you think that’s not sweet enough, try strawberry jello instead.

Either way, this dessert is irresistibly tasty. 

17. Mardi Gras Layered Lemon-Lime Jell-O Mold

I know this colorful dish is made for Mardi Gras, but it would be just as welcome on an Easter table!

The purple grape, yellow lemon, and green lime layers are delicious and beautiful. 

Mix sour cream into each flavor to mellow it out and provide a nice tangy touch. Then layer each one into your mold. 

If you’re curious, each color has a special meaning for Mardi Gras. Purple is for justice, gold is for power, and green is for faith.

17 Best Jello Mold Recipe Collection

Let’s take a step back into our childhoods and make these wiggly-jiggly jello mold recipes. They’re colorful, tasty, and way more fun than boring old cake.


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Jell-O Mold Recipes

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