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13 Fun Easter Brownies (+ Easy Dessert Ideas)

Traditional brownies are awesome, but they’re nothing compared to these Easter brownies!

The kids are going to be exhausted from their Easter egg hunt, so you want to be sure there are a lot of snacks waiting for them afterward.

Brownies Topped with Mini Egg Candies
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When it comes to brownies, every kid has their own preference

Some like them chewy and ooey-gooey, others prefer them cake-like? 

Some want them plain, others like them with a cream cheese swirl or caramel in the center. 

Some also like chocolate chips and crushed candy on top.

Whatever their choice of brownie is, this list has everything for you. 

From all-time classics to brownies with Peeps on top, these Easter brownies will make your celebration even more egg-cellent. 

What are you waiting for? Preheat the oven and start scrolling!

1. Mini-Egg Brownies

The Easter brings an abundance of egg-shaped sweets and treats.

What better way to put those colorful Cadbury mini-egg candies than to put them in brownies?

Besides the pretty presentation from the crushed candies, these brownies are also wonderfully moist and fudgy and undeniably chocolatey.

With those crackly tops and crunchy candies, these brownies will greet your tastebuds not just with flavors, but fun textures as well.

2. Homemade Brownie Easter Bunnies

Easter isn’t complete without the Easter Bunny! Instead of brownie squares, how about ones shaped like the holiday’s official mascot?

There’s no denying that they’re absolutely adorable. If you’re having a party for kids, this is definitely the dessert to serve.

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Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated to make.

Brownie batter, pink gel icing, candy eyes, pink M&M’s and a bunny-shaped cookie cutter are all it takes to pull it off.

They’re not just all about the charm, though. These bunnies are pretty and delicious. 

3. Caramilk Brownies

If you’re more of a caramel than a brownie person, these Caramilk brownies have your name on them.

First off, let’s give it up to whoever came up with this name. I couldn’t help but drool at the thought of a brownie flavored with Caramilk!

In case you’re not familiar, Caramilk is a Cadbury product of caramelized white chocolate. 

Imagine extra fudgy caramelized white chocolate brownies loaded with chunks of this candy bar.

It made you smile, didn’t it?  

4. Chocolate Bark Easter Brownies

If you’re craving both a brownie and a chocolate bar, this recipe is the perfect solution.

Chocolate bark brownies, in case the name didn’t tip you off, are a hybrid of fudgy brownies and an indulgent chocolate bar.

Brownies at the bottom, chocolate bark on top: now, that’s the stuff.

The topping is a combination of melted cark and white chocolate swirled together and topped with Easer sprinkles and chocolate eggs.

Feel free to make them more egg-stravagant with mini-marshmallows, jelly beans, sour gummies, and any Easter candy you have on hand!

5. Easter Brownies with Cadbury Mini Eggs

If you consider a chocoholic, then these brownies are for you, my friend.

These guys are loaded with five kinds of chocolate.

It might seem too decadent, but nope, they’re perfectly perfect.

The decoration, which is a raspberry chocolate drizzle and some crushed candies, is pretty impressive too. Simple, yet elegant.

6. Chocolate Easter Egg Brownies 

These brownies are fudgy and chewy. With mini-chocolate chips and mini egg candies, they’re also ridiculously chocolatey.

With these brownies, you won’t need to pick among the edge, corner, or middle piece. Every slice brownie heaven.

The brownies themselves are already sensational, but the crunchy Easter egg candies take them to another level.

With this combination, the chewy brownies get a crunchy textural variety.

7. Easter Brownie Bites 

These mini-brownies are the ultimate bite-sized treats! 

They look like tiny chocolate cupcakes with a charming chocolate Easter egg on top. They’re very pretty indeed, so they’re for sure holiday-worthy.

They’re crispy around the edges and chewy and gooey in the middle. 

Besides the mini-egg on top, these brownie bites are also topped with a blob of chocolate ganache. No one’s stopping you from adding more, though.

8. Easter Egg Caramel Brownies 

As a certified caramel fanatic, these caramel brownies are approved!

If your tastebuds can handle dessert that’s wildly rich and decadent, these brownies are for you.

They’re seriously rich and fudgy, chewy and ooey-gooey, and just downright insanely delicious.

Topped with caramel sauce and mini chocolate eggs, they’re extra sweet and extra pretty.

Pro-tip: sprinkle them with coarse sea salt to make salted caramel brownies.

9. Best Vegan Easter Rocky-Road Brownie

These rocky road brownies are so scrumptious, you won’t even notice they’re vegan.

Things like flaxseed eggs and ground almonds make these brownies vegan-friendly. But like I said, they taste just as good as any traditional brownies.

The secret? Coffee! It amplifies the flavor of chocolate, giving the brownies an even deeper flavor.

Topped with vegan marshmallows, pretzels, almonds, and crushed biscuits are purely divine.

10. Chocolate Easter Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

These brownies are smothered with a decadent cream cheese chocolate frosting and topped with mini-Easter chocolate eggs.

If you’ve had chocolate cheesecake, you know how fantastic the combination of cream cheese and chocolate is.

That’s exactly the level of greatness you can look forward to in these brownies, and then some. 

11. Easter Oatmeal Brownies

I know the thought of oatmeal in brownies isn’t the most appealing, but hear me out.

These brownies are rich, fudgy, and oh-so delicious. But what makes them special is the topping.

A mix of oats, peanuts, and M&Ms stirred with melted butter and brown sugar, this topping is outrageously divine.

When baked, the oats become super crispy, giving the brownies a wonderful textural contrast.

12. Peeps in a Blanket Brownies

These brownies are topped with chocolate-covered Peeps! To say they’re perfect for Easter is an understatement.

They’re not just cute and tasty, but they also make for a fun Easter activity with the kids.

You be in charge of the brownies and let the kiddos take care of the Peeps.

It’s simple. Just have them dip the Easter-themed marshmallows in chocolate and decorate them with sprinkles!

13. Easter Creme Egg Brownies

These brownies are made up of 4 layers, each one as delicious as the last. 

Fudgy brownies are topped with 2 layers of white chocolate ganache, and finished with a layer of milk chocolate ganache.

They’re as pretty as they are delicious!

As this dessert has 4 layers, it’s admittedly not the simplest recipe. But it’s absolutely doable and worth the effort.

13 Fun Easter Brownies (+ Easy Dessert)


  • Mini -Egg Brownies

  • Homemade Brownie Easter Bunnies

  • Caramilk Brownies

  • Chocolate Bark Easter Brownies

  • Easter Brownies with Cadbury Mini Eggs

  • Chocolate Easter Egg Brownies

  • Easter Brownie Bites

  • Easter Egg Caramel Brownies

  • Best Vegan Easter Rocky-Road Brownie

  • Chocolate Easter Brownies

  • Easter Oatmeal Brownies

  • Peeps in a Blanket Brownies

  • Easter Creme Egg Brownies


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Easter brownie the whole family will love!
Easter Brownies

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