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10 Best Smoked Cocktails (Old-Fashioned, Margaritas, and More)

Do you consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur? Then you need to add smoked cocktails to your happy hour menu. 

Smoked cocktails have become trendy for a reason, they’re sensational!

Smoked Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
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These libations have quite the repertoire that includes revamped classics and contemporary masterpieces. 

Some are fruity, bold, or herbal. But all are deliciously smoky! 

Hone in on your mixology skills or want to try something new. These smoked cocktails will captivate you and your guests. 

Smoked Cocktail Ideas You’ll Love

1. Smoked Cherry Old-Fashioned Cocktail 

Some say not to mess with a good thing. But in the world of cocktails, that’s what you should do! 

This sophisticated classic gets revamped with a modern spin that takes time and dedication to craft.

Specifically, you’ll need to smoke some fresh cherries to make the simple syrup. 

Combine that with some bitters and campfire whiskey, and you have a tantalizing after-dinner sipper.

If you feel inspired, you can even experiment with different types of wood chips. They add more complexity to the simple syrup.

2. Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita

Celebrate the change of seasons with this festive libation. It tastes like summer and fall all in one old fashioned glass.

Mezcal adds a smoky element that melds harmoniously with the sweet orange liqueur and apple cider. There is also a kiss of maple syrup to seal the deal. 

The offerings don’t end there because the glass gets rimmed in cinnamon and sugar too. 

While the smoking cinnamon stick is optional, it’s that extra little something that will leave your guests speechless.

3. Smoked Bloody Mary with Smoked Bacon

Are you looking to make the ultimate bloody Mary unmatched by the competition? Look no further because this one is legendary. 

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It takes the concept of a bloody Mary and elevates it to the next level. How do you ask?

Well for starters, you’ll coat fresh tomatoes in Old Bay then smoke them with strips of thick cut bacon. And that’s only the beginning!

Call up your friends and tell them brunch is on this weekend. They won’t want to miss this!

4. Smoked Rosemary Bourbon Sour Cocktail

Lazy afternoons and warm summer nights are all about leisurely sipping on this smoky bourbon sour.

The contrast of sweet lemonade, smooth bourbon, and smoky rosemary is both refreshing and relaxing. 

When burning the rosemary, be careful not to overdo it. You want it to be smoky, not burned to a crisp.

To make this cocktail a little sweeter and fruitier, try it with pink lemonade. 

5. The Smoked Cherry – A Bourbon and Brandy Cocktail

Talk about an eye-catching presentation! This concoction is all about cocktails and a show. 

You use a cocktail smoker and some cherry wood to smoke this cocktail right in front of your guests. 

Bright, smoky, and sweet, this is one smooth libation if you ask me.

If you don’t have a cocktail smoker, you can still add a smoky element with a few drops of liquid smoke.

It won’t have the same effect, but it’s delicious, nonetheless. And it’s actually one of my favorite recipes that use liquid smoke

Trust me, this bar trick will be an especially alluring addition to your next Halloween bash.  

6. Smoke and Spice Old-Fashioned

Walk into any cocktail bar and you can order an old-fashioned cocktail. What I bet you can’t get is this incredible smoke and spice concoction.

But lucky for you, it takes one a few minutes to make at home.

Smoked chili bitters enhance the smoky notes that bourbon gets from aging in charred barrels. It also adds a nice balance of spice. 

What makes this boozy beverage even better is the demerara simple syrup. Unlike regular simple syrup, it adds a deeper flavor. 

Careful, this one features high-proof bourbon, so it’s best for sipping. 

7. Smoked Manhattan Cocktail

Out of all the flawless classic American cocktails, Manhattans are one of my all-time favorites.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I am about this smoky rendition.

It has the standard Manhattan ingredients including quality bourbon, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters.

What it does differently is that it adds more depth with some smoke. 

You don’t need a cocktail smoking gun for this, although you could certainly go that route.

Rather, you’ll use a glass to burn some citrus and herbs with a few wood chips.

It’s remarkably easy and it transforms this classic into a tantalizing contemporary libation.

8. Smoked Rose Cocktail 

Is scotch your brand of choice? Grab a bottle of your favorite whisky because you’ll want to try this bewitching drink. 

Like many smoked cocktails, it’s a balance of smoky and sweet.

What sets it apart is the herbal aroma and flavor of rosemary simple syrup and Green Chartreuse liqueur.

Green Chartreuse has a remarkable blend of herbs that is unlike any other. As for the simple syrup, it will take some time to make. 

The good news is you can make extra and store it in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

That way, you can imbibe with your friends tonight and save some for later. 

9. Bourbon Toscano

Kentucky meets Italy in this incredible creation. 

It features Kentucky straight bourbon and Aperol, which is an Italian bitters.

It’s bright orange both in flavor and color, adding a bittersweet component to this drink. 

These two ingredients alone have a range of notes making this drink complex. But why stop there? 

To round it all out, there are a couple of dashes of rosemary bitters as well as some fun garnishes. 

10. Smoked Margarita Sour (with Smoked Tequila)

Everyone knows I’m a big margarita fan, and this one is high up on my favorites list. But it’s not your average tequila drink.

It’s incredible how many layers there are to this margarita and how well they complement one another. 

You get smokiness from the cherry wood smoked tequila as well as the sour mix. Cointreau and agave sweeten it up while lime keeps it fresh. 

And the best part is the frothy texture of the aquafaba. 

This drink alone is reason enough to call up your pals for a cocktail hour tonight.

10 Best Smoked Cocktails Recipe Collection

Try these smoked cocktails for your next happy hour! From the old-fashioned to a margarita to a bloody Mary, you won’t want to miss these drinks.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
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  • Prep a smoked cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Smoked Cocktails

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