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13 Smoked Chicken Recipes We Can’t Resist

Do you love the enticing aroma of grilling and smoking meats? Then you have to try one of these smoked chicken recipes!

From classic BBQ to exotic spiced blends and saucy delights, these recipes are finger-lickin’ good. 

Smoked BBQ Chicken Legs with Sauce
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Each recipe brings a fantastic adventure where smoky flavors meet tender, juicy chicken. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pit master or a newbie, these recipes will level up your cooking game. 

Ready? Gather ’round the smoker, fire up the grill, and let the smoky aroma fill the air.

1. Smoked Whole Chicken

Looking for a way to make your dinner fancier and extra special?

Why not smoke a whole chicken for your guests to feast on?

This recipe makes for an irresistibly tender, juicy masterpiece infused with a sizzling medley of spices.

It’s slowly smoked until the skin crisps into an enticing golden crust.

Each bite promises an explosion of tender, smoky goodness with heat from the rich spices. It’s nothing short of culinary nirvana.

2. Applewood Smoked Chicken

Imagine sinking your teeth into tender, juicy chicken infused with smoky, savory flavors.

Sounds yummy, right? With this recipe, you can make that possible! 

It’s made with chicken seasoned to perfection with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices.

Then, it’s slow-smoked over applewood chips, infusing the meat with a rich, savory flavor.

Each bite is an absolute delight, from the caramelized, crispy skin to the succulent, fall-apart tender meat. 

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3. Smoked Chicken Breast

Looking for the perfect main dish to serve at your BBQ party?

You can’t go wrong with this smoked chicken breast recipe!

The tender chicken breast is flavored with a rich, zesty herb rub and smoked to perfection.

It packs a delicate balance of vibrant flavors, enticing you to take another bite.

4. Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

Get ready to experience the ultimate finger-licking satisfaction with these smoked chicken wings! 

The aroma wafting off these wings will leave you drooling before you even take a bite.

As you sink your teeth in, you experience a satisfying crunch giving way to tender, juicy meat. 

And the best part? You can toss the smoked wings in your favorite seasoning or dip them in a sauce.

5. Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Brace yourself for a flavor explosion with a big bite of these smoked chicken drumsticks!

They’re perfectly smoked to juicy, tender perfection with a crisp and flavorful exterior.

You’ll love how the flavors permeate every inch of these drumsticks.

With just one bite, it’s nearly impossible to resist the temptation of reaching for another piece.

6. Smoked Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas

Nothing beats the comforting feeling of biting into a cheesy, meaty quesadilla.

And if you want to elevate the classic deliciousness, infusing it with smoky flavors is the way!

This delectable delight is a playful fusion of smoked chicken, cheddar, and gouda.

Plus, it’s slathered with guacamole for the ultimate Mexican delight.

It’s brought to life by a lively medley of spices brimming with heat, zestiness, and warmth.

As you take your first bite, prepare for an explosion of flavors and textures.

The tender smoked chicken melts in your mouth while the gooey melted cheese hugs your palate.

7. Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Are you on the hunt for the perfect party treat to impress your guests?

Then, whip up a big bowl of this smoked buffalo chicken dip recipe!

The velvety creaminess envelopes your palate as you dive into this decadent dip.

Then, the bold, smoky buffalo chicken takes center stage with its fall-apart tenderness.

Serve it with crunchy, colorful dippers like celery sticks, carrot sticks, or crunchy tortilla chips.

Trust me, this dip will be a true showstopper that’ll elevate any gathering to new heights!

8. Smoked Pulled Chicken

Indulge in a mouthwatering feast with every bite of this smoked pulled chicken!

The tender, juicy chicken is slow-cooked over a fire until it’s falling apart.

The warm, smoky flavors from the grill are infused throughout the meat.

And the best part? It’s coated with a sweet, savory rub that brings a subtle hint of spice.

To top it all off, the pulled pork is drizzled with BBQ sauce for extra deliciousness.

Whether piled high on a soft bun or served with coleslaw, this dish will tantalize your senses.

9. Smoked Sweet & Tangy BBQ Chicken

Are you on the hunt for an eye-catching centerpiece for your backyard barbecue party?

This smoked, sweet, and tangy BBQ chicken is the recipe for you!

Made with chicken infused with sweet, spicy BBQ rub, the flavors are truly irresistible.

It’s smoked to perfection until it falls off the bone and oozes with juicy goodness.

Plus, the smoked chicken is slathered with savory BBQ sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

10. Smoked Chicken Thighs

Treat yourself to a drool-worthy meal with this smoky chicken thighs recipe.

These smoked chicken thighs are coated in a mouthwatering spice rub and slathered with a savory sauce.

And as you savor the delicious chicken, you’ll also enjoy the perfect balance of textures.

The crisp, golden-brown skin gives way to the tender, juicy meat.

So fire up the grill, grab some cold drinks, and fill your tummy with deliciousness.

11. California Smoked Chicken Panini

Are you ready to take your taste buds on a wild ride to the sunny state?

Get ready for a smokin’ hot adventure with our California smoked chicken panini!

Picture this: smoked, juicy chicken breast nestled between two slices of freshly baked bread.

It’s oozing with melted cheese, loaded with veggies, and layered with creamy avocado.

If that made your mouth water, then you need to make this flavorful treat.

12. Smoked Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is always a win over a crowd. But what if you can take it to the next level? With this recipe, you can!

It’s marinated in spices and herbs, fried to a crispy texture, and perfectly smoked. 

Trust me, every bite of this chicken boasts layers of flavors and textures.

The outer crust crackles under your teeth, giving way to the tender, juicy meat within.

13. Smoked Chicken Tenders

Fill your tummy and delight your senses with these lip-smacking, finger-licking smoked chicken tenders!

These chicken tenders are like a flavor-packed party in your mouth.

Tender and juicy inside, they have a smoky, crispy coating on the outside.

Each drumstick is massaged with a rich, flavorful spice blend mingling with the smoky essence.

These little golden nuggets of joy will level up your cooking game.

13 Smoked Chicken Recipes We Can’t Resist

These smoked chicken recipes will quickly become your new go-tos! From wings to quesadillas to dip, you’ll want to try them all.


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Smoked Chicken Recipes

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