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15 Easy Sauces for Chicken We Can’t Resist

Transform your weeknight dinners with these sauces for chicken

We’ve all dealt with those weeknight dinner dilemmas. What’s for dinner?

You might get some moans and groans after answering that question, but not anymore!

Homemade Chicken Marinated with Lemon and Orange Sauce
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This list of 15 different sauces for chicken will change the way you do dinner.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic dipping sauce or a rich and delectable sauce, this list has it all. 

I love these versatile sauces and I think you will, too. Just remember to come back whenever you need more exciting ideas.

1. Lemon Garlic Sauce 

This lemon, garlic, and creamy sauce might be your new favorite way to have chicken. The flavor is incredible and it’s easy to make. 

The recipe calls for simple ingredients like butter, lemon, and garlic. The red pepper flakes and parsley add just the right amount of spice flavor. 

The cream is what takes the sauce to the next level. There’s something about a creamy sauce on top of chicken that’s just so divine. 

2. Ginger Scallion Sauce

This sauce is a traditional Chinese recipe. It’s simple and you’ll only need a few ingredients. 

I think the real flavor kicker here is the ginger. It has a bright, yet spicy flavor that works perfectly with chicken.

The scallions add a nice onion flavor and some color to the dish. 

Serve this chicken on a bed of rice so you can soak up any of that extra sauce. You definitely won’t want it going to waste!

3. White Wine, Mushroom, and Caper Sauce

This French-inspired sauce is absolutely lovely. It’s rich, creamy, and full of delicious flavor. 

You’ll need to make a (sort of) beurre blanc for this recipe.

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To do this, cook shallots in white wine and vinegar until it reduces, and then stir in cold butter. The result is a velvety sauce with incredible flavor. 

Once you add mushrooms and capers, the sauce is transformed.

The mushrooms are rich and soak up all of the buttery flavor, and the capers are little pops of salty goodness. 

This is a fantastic chicken sauce for a dinner party or date night at home.

4. White Wine Sauce 

This is called white wine sauce but the true star is the 40 cloves of garlic. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but it is absolutely fantastic. 

Because of the way this garlic is cooked in white wine, it doesn’t have a strong garlic flavor. It’s more of a mellow and deep taste.

Trust me, you won’t smell like garlic after eating this chicken. You will, however, be left satisfied and stuffed after a delicious meal. 

5. Homemade Alfredo Sauce 

This is a classic Alfredo sauce that’s full of Parmesan cheese and wonderful flavor. 

I love how rich and creamy this homemade Alfredo sauce is. It’s so good that store-bought doesn’t stand a chance once you try this recipe. 

Alfredo sauce is usually served with pasta and chicken, but you can also just toss some chicken in this delicious sauce. 

6. Honey Garlic Sauce 

I love how easy this sauce is to make. You only need a few ingredients and you probably already have them in your pantry. 

This sauce is sweet, garlicky and so flavorful. The honey makes it more of a glaze and it gets syrupy and delectable. 

The salty soy sauce and the briny vinegar give this sauce a complex flavor profile. This sauce is also delicious with all kinds of other proteins.

7. Chick-fil-A Sauce 

This is the copycat recipe you’ve (probably) been waiting for. You can finally make this smoky and tangy sauce in your own kitchen. 

You only need four ingredients for this game-changer recipe. Plus, they’re pantry staples so you probably have them on hand.

All you need is mustard, honey, barbecue sauce, and mayo. Soon, you’ll have an irresistible sauce for all your dipping needs!

8. Honey Beer Sauce 

This sauce is both sweet and savory and it’s perfect on chicken. It’s made with simple ingredients and is absolutely delicious. 

This is a delicious blend of whole grain mustard, soy sauce, honey, garlic, and shallots. Then, it all comes together with beer. 

Honey beer sauce is perfectly seasoned and flavorful. It will turn any chicken dinner into a fantastic meal.

9. Orange Sauce 

Orange sauce is a fantastic sauce that’s both sweet and tangy. It’s perfect on chicken, tofu, or even veggies!

With this recipe, you can enjoy restaurant-inspired dishes at home. This orange sauce is just as delicious as takeout.

The ingredients in this sauce are pretty simple and a lot of them are sweet.

However, if you follow this recipe, you’ll have a sauce that’s identical to your favorite orange chicken dish. 

10. Chicken Cordon Bleu Sauce 

This chicken cordon bleu sauce is one of my favorites. It’s wonderfully creamy and absolutely delicious. 

Chicken cordon bleu would not be the same without this velvety sauce. It’s buttery and smooth with a pinch of pepper and basil.

This sauce will be perfect for any homemade dish or will take store-bought to the next level. 

11. Chick-fil-A Polynesian Sauce 

Another favorite Chick-fil-A sauce is the Polynesian sauce. It’s a fantastic dipping sauce that is sweet and tangy. 

Unlike the actual Chick-fil-A version, this sauce only requires three ingredients.

You only need French dressing, apple cider vinegar, and some honey. 

Just mix up this quick and delicious sauce and then you can dip your heart out!

12. Thai Dipping Sauce 

This sauce is jam-packed with Thai flavors. You can dip basically anything into this sauce and you won’t be disappointed. 

Thai nam jim is spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. It has so many flavorful ingredients including hot chilis, lime, garlic, and shallots. 

This versatile sauce can be used for so many things aside from dipping. From dressing a salad to coating some wings, this sauce can do it all!

13. 5-Minute Honey Mustard Sauce 

Honey mustard sauce is a classic. I love the tangy yet sweet flavor. It tastes amazing on so many things. 

This creamy dipping sauce is a favorite for chicken fingers and fries. But it can really be used for anything you like. 

This sauce would even be fantastic as a salad dressing. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to whip up. 

14.  Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce 

I hadn’t heard of mustard barbecue before this sauce. But it’s just incredible!

This version of barbeque sauce is extra tangy and super flavorful. If you’re not up for a chicken dish, this recipe tastes delicious with pork, too!

15. In-N-Out Sauce 

This burger sauce will completely transform your homemade burgers. Better yet, it tastes incredible on top of chicken or chicken sandwiches.

Although this sauce is most well-known for its burger-enhancing powers, it is really versatile.

It’s a tangy sauce that will add a ton of flavor to any chicken dish. 

It’s a rich, creamy, tangy, and savory sauce that will be a fan favorite no matter what meal you make.

15 Easy Sauces for Chicken We Can’t Resist

These incredible sauces for chicken make dinner even more delicious! From lemon garlic to white wine to honey mustard, jazz up your chicken meals with these sauces.


  • Lemon Garlic Sauce

  • Ginger Scallion Sauce

  • White Wine, Mushroom, and Caper Sauce

  • White Wine Sauce

  • Homemade Alfredo Sauce

  • Honey Garlic Sauce

  • Chick Fil A Sauce

  • Honey Beer Sauce

  • Orange Sauce

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Sauce

  • Chick Fil A Polynesian Sauce

  • Thai Dipping Sauce

  • 5 Minute Honey Mustard Sauce

  • Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

  • In N Out Sauce


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a chicken sauce in 30 minutes or less!
Sauces for Chicken

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