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10 Cucumber Vodka Drinks (+ Easy Cocktails)

Try these easy cucumber vodka drinks if you like cool, crisp cocktails!

They’re refreshing, not too sweet, and perfect for hot summer days by the pool.

Homemade Refreshing Cucumber Cocktail with Lemons and Mint - Easy Cucumber Vodka Drinks & Cocktail Recipes
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Cucumber Vodka Drinks & Cocktail Recipes

Cucumbers are a delicious addition to any bright and invigorating summer cocktail recipes.

But why just add cucumber slices when you can make one of these cucumber vodka drinks?

They’re mild, crisp, and the perfect partner for your day in the sun. Plus, they look incredible on your Instagram feed!

And from cucumber lemonade to cucumber mint vodka sodas, you really can’t go wrong.

1. Cucumber Melon Splash

Let’s kick things off with a super quick five-minute cucumber vodka cocktail.

Calling for just a handful of ingredients, this is the only summer drink you’ll need this year.

It starts with a quick cantaloupe puree, to which you’ll add cucumber vodka and a splash of sparkling water.

You’ll love the delicate orange hue of this drink. Plus, if the melon is ripe, it has a pleasantly sweet, mild flavor.

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, cucumber, cantaloupe, sparkling water, ice, lime wedge & mint sprig (for garnish)

2. Cucumber Vodka Gimlet

Forget the Cosmopolitan and put down that Negroni. Instead, quench your thirst with a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail!

The OG Gimlet recipe calls for gin, lime juice, and simple syrup. So it’s pretty boozy, zesty and has a delightful herbaceous punch, depending on the gin.

So if you like that blend, you’ll love this cucumber-forward version.

Instead of botanical gin, this recipe is much milder, with the crisp cucumber vodka taking center stage.

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To boost the herbal notes, try muddling some basil leaves in the glass.

Ingredients: cucumber slices, gin or cucumber vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, soda water, ice, lime wheel (for garnish)

3. Sunny Cilantro Cucumber Vodka

This is one of those vodka cocktails that might split the crowd. But if you’re a cilantro lover, I know you’ll go gaga for this drink.

Between the cucumber vodka and finely chopped cilantro, yes, it’s quite grassy and herbaceous.

But there’s also freshly squeezed orange as well as a hint of honey in the mix, making it wonderfully sweet and tart.

Though if you prefer things extra tart, you could make this with lemonade instead of orange juice.

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, orange juice or lemonade, lemon juice, honey, ice cubes, cilantro, soda water

4. Cucumber Vodka Elderflower Cocktail

Cucumber vodka is mellow and refreshing. In contrast, St Germain is lightly sweet and wonderfully floral.

Together, they’re a match made in cocktail heaven.

You’ll add lime juice for a bit of zest and simple syrup to round out the flavors. Meanwhile, club soda brings the bubbles.

(Use Champagne if you want it extra special!)

That said, you could skip those three and just use lemon-lime soda if you prefer. It’ll be just as sweet and citrussy with plenty of bubbles!

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, St Germain liqueur, club soda, lime juice, simple syrup, ice, lime wheel (for garnish)

5. The Phil Collins

I’m not sure who these infamous Collins men are, but Tom and Phil both have a knack for delicious drinks.

Tom calls for gin with lemon juice, sugar, and club soda. But Phil is all about vodka, cucumber, and lime. 

Just add cucumber vodka with a few other ingredients to a cocktail shaker, then serve in a tall glass with thin cucumber slices.

If you don’t have cucumber vodka, muddle cucumber slices and add vodka. Allow it to infuse for about 10 minutes or so, and you’re good to go.

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, Chartreuse liqueur, cranberry bitters, soda water

6. Watermelon Martini With Cucumber Vodka

Happy hour just got a whole lot prettier! If you’ve never had a watermelon martini, you have to try this easy recipe!

Start by blending fresh watermelon with agave nectar and water. Then, shake it in a cocktail shaker with ice and cucumber vodka until it’s icy cold.

Pour it into a chilled martini glass and garnish with fresh melon and cucumber. Sip responsibly, and enjoy!

Ingredients: watermelon, water, agave nectar, cucumber vodka, cucumber wheel & watermelon slice (for garnish)

7. Honey Lemon Vodka Cucumber Martini

Is it just me, or is the OG martini a little overpowering? I prefer sweet vodka drinks, and the typical martini is anything but!

But this honey, lemon, and cucumber martini is bright, fresh, and just the right balance of sweet and tart.

You only need five ingredients, which kick off with ice-cold cucumber vodka.

Muddle in some cucumbers for even more flavor, then add lemon juice and honey.

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, cucumbers, lemon juice, honey, club soda or soda water, cucumber slice (for garnish)

8. Strawberry Basil Vodka Cocktail

If you think cucumber vodka is too mild for your tastes, try it with sweet, juicy strawberries and herbs!

You’ll muddle fresh strawberries with basil and lemon juice before topping it with chilled cucumber vodka and simple syrup.

Since you’ll use real fruit, be sure it’s nice and ripe. Also, you don’t want frozen berries in here as the flavor is dulled.

Oh, and if you want a hint of fizz in your vodka cocktail recipe, add a splash of Champagne to the glass!

Ingredients: cucumber mint vodka, simple syrup, strawberries, basil leaves, lemon juice, ice, fresh strawberries & mint sprig (for garnish)

9. Cucumber Mojito With Fresh Mint

Mojitos are the epitome of summer. And while this classic mint cocktail usually features rum, I think you’ll love this cucumber vodka version.

It’s still crisp, fresh, and wonderfully minty. And there’s plenty of lime to add a citrus kick.

But that layer of cucumber cools it all off and balances it out nicely.

Make a pitcher of this, and your friends will go nuts!

Ingredients: mint leaves, lime wedges, cucumber slices, sugar, ice cubes, cucumber vodka, club soda, cucumber slice & lime slice (for garnish)

10. Cucumber Moscow Mule

I must admit: the main reason I love Moscow Mules is the copper mugs.

But luckily, this vodka, lime, and ginger beer classic tastes just as good in a glass.

It’s such a simple recipe, and this version has just one simple tweak – cucumber vodka instead of regular vodka.

Serve it over ice with plenty of fresh lime and cucumber slices, and you’re all set.

Ingredients: cucumber vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, lime wedge & cucumber wheel (for garnish)

10 Cucumber Vodka Drinks (+ Easy Cocktails)

Try these easy cucumber vodka drinks if you like cool, crisp cocktails! They’re refreshing, not too sweet, and perfect for hot summer days by the pool.


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Cucumber Vodka Drinks (+ Easy Cocktails)

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