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20 Best 2-Ingredient Vodka Drinks (What to Mix With Vodka)

As much as I love elaborate cocktails, you can’t beat these super simple 2-ingredient vodka drinks when you need something easy, refreshing, and boozy.

And they’re especially ideal if you don’t have a fully-stocked bar at home. 

Cold Boozy Orange Cocktail with Vodka
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I’m a huge cocktail lover, but when I’m tired and just need to unwind, I always turn to these 2-ingredient vodka drinks.

From the classic Screwdriver to the ever-popular vodka and soda, I’m here to help if you’re wondering what to mix with vodka.

So check out the recipes below. Odds are, you have most of the ingredients in your fridge already.

20 Easy 2-Ingredient Vodka Cocktails Anyone Can Make

1. Vodka and Orange Juice 

Vodka and orange juice cocktails are some of my favorite vodka drinks. And the classic Screwdriver is always top of the list.

The bright acidity of orange juice expertly masks potent vodka. And it’s surprisingly refreshing too.

Plus, who doesn’t have OJ in the fridge?

While this recipe uses neutral vodka, I highly recommend adding vanilla vodka. It tastes like a summery creamsicle!

Trust me, it’s a fun twist and such a tasty vanilla vodka recipe.

2. Greyhound Cocktail 

The Greyhound cocktail is one of those timeless drinks everyone should know how to make.

It earned its name in the mid-1940s because it was an in-demand cocktail at Greyhound bus terminals. 

It doesn’t sound too exciting, but the blend of grapefruit juice and vodka is so much tastier than it sounds.

It’s tart and sour, with just enough citrus to keep you coming back for more.

3. Vodka Tonic

I’m all about bubbles, so this simple vodka tonic is always a winner in my house.

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It’s effortless to whip up and only requires a dash of bright and bubbly tonic water to lift the neutral flavors of vodka. 

Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice for a bit of subtle flavor, and you’re all set.

4. Strawberry Vodka Lemonade 

Nothing screams summer like this bright and colorful strawberry vodka cocktail with lemonade. It’s the ultimate poolside sipper.

And yes, it only calls for two ingredients: strawberry lemonade and strawberry lemonade vodka.

Of course, if you don’t have strawberry lemonade vodka, go for traditional, citrus, or strawberry if you can find it.

5. Vodka and Coke

Jack Daniels isn’t the only booze that works with Coke, you know!

Dark soda and alcohol are a match made in heaven, and vodka Coke is the one to choose if you don’t like overly boozy drinks.

Keep in mind, you will taste the vodka if you add enough. But it won’t affect the flavor like bourbon or rum does.

Make it a 3-ingredient vodka drink with a squeeze of lime. Or keep it simple with flavored Coke!

I really enjoy Vanilla Coke, you can use whatever you like best.

6. Vodka and Dr. Pepper 

If you want something with a bit more oomph, try Dr. Pepper instead! The unique spicy-sweet flavors give the vodka a super pleasant flavor profile.

For an extra kick of flavor, garnish this simple cocktail with a splash of lime juice and toss in a maraschino cherry. 

7. Vodka And Sprite 

While we’re on the subject of soda, let’s talk about Sprite. 

Sprite and vodka pair so perfectly because they’re both light and clean-tasting. Plus, the bubbly citrus of the Sprite is ideal with neutral vodka.

And this makes a terrific base, too. Like a mimosa, you can add a splash of orange, pomegranate, or tropical mango juice for a whole new drink.

8. Homemade Sweet Tea Vodka 

Hard sweet tea often calls for bourbon because it’s deeply flavorful and lightly sweet with caramel notes.

But you can’t beat vodka if you want something a bit brighter.

Just pair cold-brew sweet tea with vodka and add some ice. How easy is that?

I think it’s more than sweet enough, but you can throw in some simple syrup if you like. Or try using lemon vodka for a nice citrusy twist.

9. Dill Pickle Martini 

Step aside, olives. This martini gets its zippy flavor kick from non-other than dill pickle juice!  

Hear me out – I realize that a dill pickle martini sounds like the brainchild of someone that’s had one too many dirty martinis.

But it’s seriously delicious!

Dirty martinis combine vodka and olive juice. So why not dill pickle juice? It’s just as salty and savory with an added kick from dill and garlic. 

And if you want to get fancy, garnish your glass with a slice of dill pickle and an olive. 

10. Black Russian Cocktail (Vodka + Coffee Liqueur) 

If anyone knows what to pair with vodka, it’s the Russians!

And while the white Russian is super popular, the lesser-known black Russian is just as worthy of a spot on this list.

Because (almost) everyone loves coffee, right? 

Featuring vodka with coffee liqueur, it’s insanely rich and flavorful with a little kick of caffeine.

It’s dark and robust, and the lovely flavors of coffee mask any bitterness from vodka. 

11. Peanut Butter Cup Martini 

Calling all peanut butter fanatics! This might just become your new obsession!

I mean, who wouldn’t love a decadent peanut butter martini with a chocolate syrup garnish? It’s like a boozy dessert, and I’m so here for it. 

Better yet, you don’t need a long list of ingredients to pull off this show-stopping cocktail.

It pairs vodka with International Delight Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Creamer – that’s it!

12. Peach Vodka & Iced Tea Summer Cocktail 

Looking for the ultimate summer cocktail? Try this gorgeous peach vodka and iced tea mix.

The vodka itself is insanely light and summery, but finding a good mixer is a real head-scratcher. 

Other than sweet tea, that is!

This drink tastes just like sweet peach tea, and it’s oh-so-smooth. 

To curb the excess sweetness, mix with equal parts sweet and unsweetened tea. Or, if you’re a sweet tea fanatic (like me), skip unsweetened tea and go all in!

13. Skittles Vodka 

You read that right: Skittles vodka!

How incredible do those bottles look! And all it takes is vodka and Skittles (separated by color).

Let it steep for a few days, and bam, it’s good to go.

The finished product is bright and colorful and tastes like Skittles. No mixer required!

14. Arctic Kiss Cocktail 

This Arctic Kiss cocktail is a wonderful option for a New Year’s Eve party or holiday gathering.

It’s simple and understated but demands a fancy glass. 

That said, it’s effortless to make at home. Just mix quality vodka (like Holy Grass) with Champagne.

 It’s light, bubbly, and incredibly boozy!

15. Raspberry Vodka Tonic 

Want to keep things simple?

Pair fruity raspberry vodka with tonic water and garnish it with a slice of lime for the ultimate light, refreshing, and summer-ready drink. 

Raspberry vodka is bright and flavorful on its own, so you don’t need a potent mixer.

Instead, blend with bubbly tonic water. And if you have them, throw in some fresh berries too! 

16. Vodka Martini 

There’s a reason the humble vodka martini stands the test of time: it’s crisp, boozy, and oh-so-simple.

Because this vodka cocktail doesn’t infuse flavorful mixers, high-quality vodka is a must. And the same goes for the Vermouth.

To brighten the flavors, garnish with lemons or olives and serve it ice cold. 

17. Vodka Cranberry 

Cranberry and vodka go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

The tart, acidic hit from cranberries marries so well with the flavors of vodka. Mix with ice, and it’s the perfect cocktail for a holiday party.

It’s light, bright, and unapologetically pink. I love it!

18. Vodka Gimlet 

I’d never heard of the Gimlet until Betty Draper ordered one on Mad Men. And there’s a reason it’s Betty Draper’s drink of choice. 

It’s refreshing and beyond easy to whip together. 

It blends vodka with sweetened lime juice that’s low in calories but doesn’t shy away from flavor. 

19. Vodka Soda 

I love any reason to load up on La Croix. And this super simple vodka cocktail allows you to get creative. 

It pairs vodka with your favorite flavor of La Croix – and I mean any flavor!

Add a splash of fresh lime juice for a kick of acidity, and serve. 

20. Vodka and Apple Juice 

Think of this vodka and apple juice cocktail as fall’s take on the Screwdriver.

Instead of orange juice, it pairs light and crisp apple juice for a refreshing and slightly tart cocktail. 

For added savory flavors, try infusing it with fresh herbs. Rosemary is always a winner!

20 Best 2-Ingredient Vodka Drinks (What to Mix With Vodka)

As much as I love elaborate cocktails, you can’t beat these super simple 2-ingredient vodka drinks when you need something easy, refreshing, and boozy.


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2-Ingredient Vodka Drinks (What to Mix With Vodka)

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