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10 Easy Lemonade Vodka Drinks for Summer

Beat the heat this summer with these cool, crisp, and refreshing lemonade vodka drinks.

They’re boozy, light, and lip-smackingly delicious!

ice Cold Basil Lemonade Vodka Cocktails in Glasses
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Vodka and lemonade are a match made in summer cocktail heaven.

But if you want to take your mixologist game to the next level, these recipes are a great way to infuse even more flavor. 

From blackberry and basil to color-changing lemonade slushies, you’ll want to make these refreshing cocktails year-round. 

So grab a bag of lemons, chill those cocktail glasses, and check out these lemonade vodka drinks!

10 Best Cocktails with Lemonade and Vodka

1. Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail  

It’s bubbly, refreshing, and the perfect pink cocktail for summer.

This pink lemonade drink earns its color not from pink lemonade but from a splash of cranberry juice!

It also incorporates lemon-lime soda (like Sprite) with vodka and freshly squeezed lime juice. 

The cranberry juice adds a boost of tartness that combats the sweetness from the Sprite.

If you want to keep the calories low, use diet Sprite. 

2. Color Changing Lemonade Slushie (Galaxy Lemonade Slushie) 

Want to bring a little magic to your next summer BBQ? These lemonade alcoholic slushies are bound to be a big hit!

Thanks to the addition of butterfly pea tea and with a little sciencey magic, they change color right in the glass.

The brilliant blue flower changes its hue with the pH levels. So, adding acidic components (like lemonade) changes the color. 

When you add butterfly pea crushed ice to this lemonade and vodka drink, it becomes magical once the ice melts. 

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And this cosmic cocktail tastes just as good as it looks. 

3. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail 

Simple, sweet, and stunning, this one tastes like a ray of sunshine in a glass. 

As you can imagine, this strawberry and lemonade cocktail pairs two of summer’s most spectacular ingredients: strawberries and lemons. 

Muddled strawberries add a kick of sweetness while a simple syrup and lemon mixture amp up the citrusy flavors. 

It’s a cocktail that won’t make your mouth pucker. Instead, you’ll get plenty of strawberry sweetness with just a hint of tart in the background.

It’s a sweet, delicate summer cocktail you can make in a pitcher for easier pouring.

4. Vodka Lemonade 

This vodka lemonade recipe is a must-have at your next pool party.

It’s a light and refreshing White Claw cocktail I know you’ll love. 

The great thing about adding White Claw is that you can quickly change the flavor. So it’s always bubbly but super versatile, depending on your mood.

Cool, huh?

5. Lavender Mint Vodka Lemonade 

Lavender, mint, and lemonade are three flavors that work together well.

So, this might just be the perfect cocktail for when the weather finally starts to get warm in the spring.

It’s sweet, floral, herbaceous, and a little sour. 

The trick to this impossibly smooth springtime cocktail is the infusion of lavender simple syrup.

It comes together in a jiffy and is a fabulous way to use that extra lavender in your garden. 

6. Blackberry Basil Vodka Lemonade 

If your garden is like mine, you always have an excess of basil.

But instead of making more homemade pasta sauce or pesto, why not whip up this tart blackberry, lemonade, and basil cocktail instead?

Featuring a dreamy simple syrup of tart blackberries and fresh basil, it’s super sweet with an herbal twist that pairs well with tart lemonade. 

You can opt for homemade lemonade or save time and use storebought. Either way, the blackberry and basil syrup take center stage.

7. Red, White, and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush 

If you’re on the hunt for summer vodka cocktails for your 4th of July party, look no further!

It doesn’t get much more patriotic or summery than this red, white, and blue vodka lemonade slush. 

It reminds me of those red, white, and blue popsicles I got from the ice cream truck when I was little. But this time around, it infuses vodka for an adult twist. 

It’s a little finicky preparing three different colors of crushed ice, but it’s worth the extra effort when you see how much your party guests love this patriotic cocktail!

Nothing excites me more than a boozy twist on a childhood classic. Just be sure to keep it away from little hands!

8. Cucumber Cocktail With Vodka 

If you don’t like sweet drinks, this lemonade and cucumber cocktail is a must-try this summer.

Cucumber water offers a very mild earthy flavor, and it’s flawlessly balanced with vodka and lemonade. 

Low in calories, this one can also be low in sugar in you make the lemonade yourself.  

The flavor of this cocktail is delicate enough to add any garnish for flair, whether it’s lemon peel, fresh mint, or lavender. 

9. Green Demon Drink 

Move over, Long Island Iced Tea; there’s a new potent cocktail in town.

I love the electric green color of this cocktail. And while it might not be natural, it’s pretty hard to resist. 

It’s an alcohol-forward cocktail (to put it politely) that combines vodka and white rum with Midori and lemonade. 

While it’s potent, it’s still light and ready for summer. And it goes down super easy.

Maybe a little too easy…so sip slowly.

10. Raspberry Vodka Lemonade 

Whether in a cake or a cocktail, raspberries and lemons are two of my favorite flavors.

And this vibrant red cocktail is sure to impress at your next garden party. 

It pairs a tart raspberry simple syrup with the juice of a lemon and some top-quality vodka. 

It’s so easy to prepare, and it’s the perfect summery cocktail to cool you off after a long day of yard work. 

10 Easy Lemonade Vodka Drinks for Summer

Beat the heat this summer with these cool, crisp, and refreshing lemonade vodka drinks. They’re boozy, light, and lip-smackingly delicious!


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious lemonade vodka drink in 30 minutes or less!
Lemonade Vodka Drinks

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