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10 Easy White Claw Cocktails for Summer

Jazz up your favorite hard seltzer with these easy and delicious White Claw cocktails

They’re low calorie, low sugar, and super refreshing. Plus, they’re nice and bubbly, making them easy to drink and less likely to give you a hangover. 

Boozy White Claw Hard Seltzer Cocktail with Raspberries and Lime
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People love the light fruity flavor in White Claws and that they’re gluten-free and under 100 calories a can.

But if you find them a little lackluster, you’re not alone. They say it has a “whisper” of fruit flavor, and they’re not kidding.

So why not take things up a notch?

From sour to sweet and everything in between, you’ll love these White Claw cocktails. 

10 Best Cocktails to Make with White Claw

1. Raspberry White Claw Cocktail 

Raspberry White Claw is sweet, light, and wonderfully bubbly. And this cocktail is brightly colored and oh-so-cheerful. 

You’ll muddle some fresh raspberries for a big kick of freshness, adding that to the glass first.

Then, pour over the White Claw with grenadine, lemon-lime soda, and lime juice. 

The fresh fruit is a must as it makes this cocktail a beautiful red color.

It’s perfect for sipping by the pool. That said, this bubbly hard seltzer cocktail is sure to bring joy to any gathering or celebration. 

2. Tipsy Mermaid White Claw cocktail 

The Tipsy Mermaid cocktail is the perfect drink for summer. It’s fruity, light, and just what you need to cool off on a hot day. 

Along with the already boozy White Claw seltzer, you’ll add rum for an extra kick.

The lime and pineapple are sour and fruity. Meanwhile, Blue Curacao offers notes of bitter orange that balance it out beautifully.

I adore the green hue of this drink, and I’m sure you will too. Just be sure to keep little hands away!

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3. White Claw Slushies 

Nothing hits the spot on a hot day quite like a frozen cocktail, amirite? And these White Claw slushies are no exception.

They’re super easy to make, and all you need is one can of hard seltzer, ice, and some frozen fruit.

These White Claw slushies went viral on TikTok, with black cherry being the most popular flavor.

But I think you should try them all – for science!

And if you want something extra boozy, feel free to add some vodka, rum, or gin.

4. Frozen Mango White Claw Margarita 

This is such a fun and easy way to make White Claw margaritas.

Perfect for any summer party, taco Tuesday, or a day at the beach, they’re low-cal and delish!

Just blend frozen mango and tequila with lime juice, honey, and of course, White Claw. Needless to say, lime works best!

If you love mango, you’ll love this cocktail! If not, switch it up and use a different fruit like strawberries or pineapple. 

5. Keto Hard Seltzer Strawberry Slushy 

Here’s another slushy that’s boozy, sugar-free, and loaded with sweet fruity flavors.

Again, lime White Claw is the best option as the zesty citrus pairs so well with strawberries.

But I’m sure you’ll find the perfect flavor combo with a bit of “hard” work.

Sugar-free ginger ale and some powdered monk fruit make this a touch spicy and just the right amount of sweet.

Go ahead and use honey if you’re not on keto!

6. Strawberry Lemonade White Claw Slushie 

This slushie cocktail is light and refreshing. And really, what’s better than a tall glass of iced lemonade after a long day? 

Since it’s in the title, you’ll want to use lemon-flavored White Claw for these slushies. That’ll give you the most authentic strawberry lemonade flavor.

But again, you can experiment to find your ideal drink.

Featuring vodka, lemon juice, frozen strawberries, and some honey for sweetness, this baby is too good to miss.

And if you really want to boost that flavor, use lemon vodka!

7. White Claw Lemonade  

This fruity cocktail is bright and bubbly. And like regular lemonade, it’s very light and refreshing, only with an adult twist. 

It might not be appropriate for your kid’s Lemonade Stand, but how cute would it be on a grown-up stand at your next party?

You’ll need lemon White Claw, lemonade, vodka, and simple syrup. So, pucker up because this drink is jam-packed with lemon flavor.

But don’t worry, the simple syrup gives it just the right amount of sweetness. 

8. Sour Blue Raspberry White Claw Cocktail with Rum 

Sour blue raspberry candy was huge back in the ’90s. Virtually every candy had a blue raspberry version, and it was always the favorite flavor. 

Now that everyone born in the ’90s is over 21, let’s make a blue raspberry cocktail!

You’ll need raspberry-flavored White Claw, lime juice, rum, and Blue Curacao. 

The lime juice adds just the right amount of sour flavor and tastes fantastic with the raspberry White Claw.

But if you prefer Warhead-level sour, add sour cocktail mix to really bump up the pucker meter. 

This drink is fun, flavorful, and perfectly bubbly. Add any fun garnish you want or top with a cocktail umbrella, and enjoy!

9. White Claw Cocktail (Gin & Seltzer with White Claw) 

This cucumber and lime cocktail is about as refreshing as it gets. If you love a Gin & Tonic, this one’s for you!

Start by muddling cucumber with lime juice until all those flavors are married. Then, stir in some gin and top with lime-flavored White Claw. 

Add some cucumbers and limes for garnish.

I like to use a peeler and make long, thin slices that settle around the glass. Very cute and Insta-worthy!

10. Strawberry Watermelon Rum White Claw Slushie 

Watermelon is one of those fruits that just screams summer.

It’s wonderfully sweet and refreshing and ideal for a day in the yard with the kids.

This slushie is made with watermelon White Claw plus watermelon rum, frozen watermelon, and strawberries.

Add a little agave nectar for sweetness and blend until icy and smooth. Yum!

10 Easy White Claw Cocktails for Summer

Jazz up your favorite hard seltzer with these easy and delicious White Claw cocktails. They’re low calorie, low sugar, and full of super refreshing flavor.


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White Claw Cocktails

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