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20 Easy Sour Cocktails To Tickle Your Tastebuds

If you like drinks that make your lips pucker, you have to try these sensational sour cocktails.

Sorry, Sweet Tooth, but these bright and tart recipes aren’t for you.

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Whiskey Sour Cocktail with Cherry

A basic Sour is made with liquor, citrus, and simple syrup, then shaken with egg whites to create a unique, velvety texture.

Some even add a few dashes of bitters for a spiced finish. Either way, they’re fresh, lively, and definitely not for those who prefer fruity drinks.

And if you’re worried about the egg whites in these sour cocktails, don’t be. It’s totally safe, and you can always use pasteurized if you prefer.

1. Amaretto Sour 

This simple, three-ingredient Amaretto sour goes down a little too easily.

The smooth almond liquor with sweet and sour mix is a classic I can’t get enough of! 

Amaretto brings a sweet and nutty flavor that’s rich and super tasty. Mix it with bright citrus flavors, and you have a delicious pick-me-up. 

The homemade sweet and sour mix guarantees a flavor that’s not too sweet. This is a perfectly balanced cocktail that you’ll come back to again and again. 

2. Whiskey Sour Cocktail 

Whiskey sours date back to the mid-1800s, but the flavors are still fresh!

You’ll take your favorite whiskey or bourbon and combine it with citrus and a touch of sugar. How easy is that?

But what really makes this drink special is the egg whites. That’s how you get the signature foamy top.

A few drops of bitters before serving makes this sour cocktail super sophisticated.

3. Classic Peruvian Pisco Sour Cocktail 

Pisco brandy is an essential ingredient in this Peruvian Pisco Sour cocktail.

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It’s the national cocktail in Peru and Chile, but there’s no need to hop on a plane to try this sour sipper. 

This drink has the spirit of a whiskey sour, but Pisco brandy takes it to a whole new level.

It’s both sweet and tart with a hint of spice. Talk about Peruvian Pisco perfection.

Try saying that three times fast after you’ve had one or two!

4. Sour Cherry Cocktail 

This is, essentially, an upgraded French 75.

It’s a sour cherry cocktail that’s full of festive gin and homemade cherry syrup. Cherry and lemon flavors keep the mood bright for any season.

Bubbly champagne tops it all off, making it a beautiful pink drink that looks as good as it tastes.

5. Clover Club Cocktail 

This drink stems from the pre-prohibition era and totally gives off those sultry nightclub vibes.

The juicy red raspberries and lemon juice are a beautiful compliment to the herbaceous gin. 

This cocktail also has a certain creaminess from the egg whites and muddled raspberries that is to die for.

It’s double strained and shaken twice, but the extra work is worth it. 

A chilled coupe glass is a must for this drink. The presentation of this Clover Club cocktail is simply gorgeous!

6. Classic Daiquiri 

Nope, this isn’t what you’re thinking it is – it’s so much better!

A classic daiquiri cocktail comes from Cuba and is shaken, not frozen! There are only three ingredients, so use top-shelf rum and fresh lime.

Since this sweet and sour cocktail is so simple, you can really taste each element. 

The flavor of the rum is enhanced with lime juice and oh-so-subtly sweetened. It’s delicious and timeless. 

7. Gimlet 

The Gimlet is a no-frills gin cocktail with lime and simple syrup.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not delish! And this is a fun recipe because it is pretty customizable to your taste.

That said, the lime has perfect puckering power while still maintaining the integrity of the gin.

Serve this drink on the rocks or straight up. Try switching out ingredients or garnishing with something light and fresh.

Either way, this Gin drink is refreshing and tasty. 

8. Classic Sidecar Cocktail 

The Sidecar cocktail is a boozy, citrusy, sour drink that’s way too easy to love.

It calls for Cognac – a French brandy made from distilled wine. So it packs quite a punch.

Cointreau is also a traditional ingredient that brings a lovely sweet and sour orange flavor.

The distinct light citrus from the orange is what makes this cocktail such a beloved classic. 

9. New York Sour Cocktail 

This version of a classic whiskey sour is stunning!

It has all of the customary ingredients – whiskey, citrus, sweetener, and egg whites – but it’s topped with a red wine float. 

Because of the sweetness of a whiskey sour, dry red wine will work best. It balances the whole thing to create a tantalizing twist. 

10. Gin Sour Cocktail 

The gin sour is another version of the standard sour cocktail that’s made with gin, lemon, and sugar.

This is a longstanding favorite because it’s simple and delicious. 

It’s like drinking spiked lemonade, which is just what you need on a hot day. Make a large batch for your next BBQ, or sip it solo by the pool. Yum!

11. Tommy’s Margarita – 3 Ingredient Cocktail 

If you love margaritas, you have to try this drink!

Instead of triple sec, this recipe calls for agave, which is a classic marg mixer. It adds a crisp and sweet flavor that really stands out.

Make it for your next taco night, or try it out on friends. I bet everyone will have more than one!

12. Ward Eight Cocktail 

If you like the typical whiskey sour, but prefer a slightly sweeter drink, try the Ward Eight.

It’s a regular whiskey sour, but it includes grenadine for a hint of fruity sweetness. 

This drink has all of the distinct flavors of a whiskey sour plus a little extra. And, of course, you can easily adjust the measurements to your taste.

Garnish this with sliced orange and a cherry for a built-in boozy dessert

13. Tequila Sour 

So, a margarita and a whiskey sour walk into a bar…

Okay, I don’t have a punch line, but I do have a delicious marriage of two classic drinks.

The lemon-lime flavors of a whiskey sour mixed with tequila and agave are top-notch. 

This margarita mix-up has a foamy top and a dash of spicy bitters, and it’s ideal for when you just can’t decide what to sip on.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

14. Charred Grapefruit & Mezcal Paloma Sour 

I like to think of Palomas as the drink Margaritas want to be when they grow up. 

Instead of cheap tequila and lime, this features bright grapefruit and smoky mezcal. So, it’s definitely not a Spring Break drink!

This recipe takes those grown-up flavors even further with charred grapefruit. It’s super unique and a wonderfully smoky cocktail, but it’s not overwhelming.

Top it off with club soda to make it sparkle on your lips. 

15. Gin Fizz Cocktail 

Gin and lemon coke together for a tart and refreshing cocktail. It’s fizzy from a splash of soda water and creamy from the shaken egg whites. 

Try using maple syrup instead of simple syrup for a hint of maple flavor. It’s a sophisticated drink that satisfies every time. 

16. Southside 

This beautiful beverage is a sour drink with a touch of mint.

Gin and mint are super tasty together, and for the citrus, you can use your choice of lemon or lime. 

This recipe is very easy to adapt and change to your liking. You can even add sparkling wine for a “Southside Royal Fizz” variation. 

17. Perfect Cosmopolitan Cocktail 

The Cosmopolitan. It’s the perfect drink for a night out with friends at a bar in New York City. 

This is a vodka martini made with cranberry juice and Cointreau. So it’s tart, full of sweet citrus, and plenty of good vodka. 

The orange twist makes this cocktail fragrant, fresh, and fabulous! No wonder this was Carrie Bradshaw’s signature drink. 

18. Lemon Drop Martini 

When life gives you lemons, you better make a cocktail!

The Lemon Drop martini is made with limoncello, which is kind of like liquid lemon candy. If liquid lemon candy was boozy, that is! 

Add a sugared rim to this sour cocktail, and you’ll be hooked! 

19. Pomegranate Martini 

This pomegranate martini is very similar to a Cosmopolitan.

Pomegranate juice has a slightly deeper flavor than cranberry but is still light and crisp. 

These sour martinis are fun for a night out or a perfect batch cocktail for parties.

Since it’s made with vodka, it’s loved by almost anybody, so it’s sure to be a hit!

20. White Lady Cocktail 

This drink is another classic sour made with gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Cointreau for a hint of orange. 

It’s pale and clean with a nice kick.

The ingredients are all shaken together with egg whites to give this cocktail its beautiful namesake appearance. 

20 Easy Sour Cocktails To Tickle Your Tastebuds

If you like drinks that make your lips pucker, you have to try these sour cocktails. Sorry, Sweet Tooth, but these bright and tart recipes aren’t for you.


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